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Bernie sells out to big corporations and endorses Hillary
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:41 pm    Post subject: This post has 1 review(s) Reply with quote

Channel GannoK wrote:
The political revolution never was about him in the first place, it was about addressing the problems and providing solid ideas. I still respect Bernie Sanders more than any other politician running right now, I just don't agree with his decision here and I don't have to. I have a brain and I use it. This is a mistake especially since the State Department is doing their own investigation of Hillary right now. He should have at least waited until their conclusion on this email scandal and the convention to formally endorse her. I don't understand the exact logic of doing this, and the media and republican voters are having a heyday, parading around like they won a war. It's pathetic, shows no humility and are proving they have a lack of understanding how politics should work if you want your candidate to win.

That being said, it's clear that he's fighting against a rigged system and it's not nor ever was going to be up to him or his voters who gets to be the nominee. He sees the failures of the government in their lack luster efforts to indict her (even if she was to be indicted, Obama would have just pardoned her), so he's just plugging his nose and trying to keep Trump from winning. There has been so much evidence of voter fraud and suppression during the democratic primary, but nothing has been done by our government to help.

I don't care if he endorses Hillary, I'm not voting for her. I'm voting my conscience, and Jill Stein followed by Gary Johnson are the next best options if there is 100% certainty that he is not going to be on a ticket in the General Election.

Now, I know all the Republicans here are gonna ignore everything I just said, and basically just spout the horse shit they(being the media and republican politicians) have been saying all election. I don't expect actual dialogue with you fucking knuckle draggers. You don't know anything about what you are talking about, and you continue to show your cognitive dissonance in your support for a fascist demagogue.


Republicans in office( THE FUCK TARDS YOU RETARDS VOTE FOR TO REPRESENT YOU IN LEGISLATION) still are fighting gay rights, which is in direct opposition to ME and my friends. They are so fucking backwards and they don't understand what the people want.

I can tell you one thing is that some neocons don't even a flying fuck about gay marriage. Personally, if you love someone (LGBTQ or the latter) go the fuck ahead. I have no right to stop you. Do I think that the PDA they sometimes do is over the top? Yes, it's overly obnoxious and I personally don't want to see a dude give another a hand job in the park. Do I think Marijuana is a gateway drug? No, it's not solely the herb's fault that you decided to inject heroin and contribute to the current society's epidemic. Do I think Mexicans are the problem? No, but immigration screenings do need to be stricter in order to protect the livelihood of our current population. Is the 2nd Amendment too loose? Yes, there needs to be a thorough background screening, but don't take away my fucking Glock 17 and my Remington 700 because criminals (who don't listen to the law anyway) are using these guns to cause harm (oh, and Liberals: AN AR-15 ISN'T AN AUTOMATIC RIFLE). Is Wall Street bad? Yes, but it's too late. Breaking up investing groups such as AIG, JPM&C, WF, BoA, etc. will lead to even more credit-default swaps and only flood the country with toxic assets that can potentially cause a second 2009 crisis. Should college be free? Well, say goodbye to leading R&D Scholls such as Purdue, Michigan State, and the whole California system. You keep looking at this as if politics is so black and white. Look harder into the middle and you will see (with the exception of the wall, gay marriage, and some of Sanders' quassi-socialistic platforms) that Trump and Sanders have similar ideologies in terms of the TPP, NAFTA, and war.

im surprised i remembered the log in for this account.

i go by "node" now. i play tekken and guilty gear.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Idk why ur arguing with a guy who doesn't know shit about anything

Btw he's never been right about any of his political predictions/assumptions/fantasies. Just so you know. All of it has been wrong to this point. His last clinging desperate delusional words is that Bernie technically hasn't conceded yet. What a joke lol


tough guy talix wrote:
i've had it with your shit. fuck outta here
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