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CRDR-Image Processor (Including Rotating Image on CE Form)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:48 am    Post subject: CRDR-Image Processor (Including Rotating Image on CE Form) Reply with quote

Some CEF members ask how to rotate an image on CEImage inside a CE Form, using CE Lua scripting. To rotate an image using Lua scripting for example below is Lua function to rotate an image, but you need to translate the script syntax to CE Lua:

-- Rotates a picture
-- BackColor is Optional
function Rotate(img,angle,backColor)
local angRad = angle*math.pi/180
local cosine = math.cos(angRad)
local sine = math.sin(angRad)

local width_out = math.ceil(img:width()*math.abs(cosine)+img:height()*math.abs(sine))
local height_out = math.ceil(img:width()*math.abs(sine)+img:height()*math.abs(cosine))
local out = img.createEmpty(width_out,height_out)
out:clear(backColor or,255,255))

local x_center_image = img:width()/2
local y_center_image = img:height()/2
local x_center_outImage = out:width()/2
local y_center_outImage = out:height()/2

   for y=0,height_out-1 do
      for x = 0,width_out-1 do
      local outX = math.ceil(cosine*(x-x_center_outImage)+sine*(y-y_center_outImage)+x_center_image)
      local outY = math.ceil(-sine*(x-x_center_outImage)+cosine*(y-y_center_outImage)+y_center_image)
         if outX >= 0 and outX < img:width() and outY >=0 and outY < img:height() then

   return out

I don't want to translate/adapted that script to CE Lua script because (maybe) I don't know how to do that since I am not a programmer and I have nothing about scripting. I hope there are CEF members able to do that and make it work for CE Lua scripting.

Anyhow, I made a small VB Net app. and combine that app to CE Form environments which able to handle/processing a CE Image on a CE Form.
You can use this app as a standalone executable file or as table file on CE Form/CETrainer.

Project Detail
Project name: CRDR-ImageProcessor
Author/Creator: Corroder a.k.a VCL-Bro
Release date: 21-06-2019

A VB Net app connect to CE Form, use for handling CEImage, including:
- Load/Save Image
- Transform image: Grayscale, negative, monochrome. sepia, red, green, blue and image brightness
- Handling image: Rotate, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical
- Including a snipping tool/screenshot which allows the user to capture particularly screen area
- Handle image raw format type: JPEG, PNG, BMP and ICON
- Send the image to CE Form
- Receive an image from CEImage on CEForm

- CE 6.8.3
- Lua 5..3
- Net. 4.5

Term To Use
This app are 100% free

File attached on the download link
- CRDR-ImageProcessor (executable file)
- Change Image CT from VB.CT (a sample CT file about how to use it)

Demo Video

Download link

(VB Net solution/code not include)

Enjoy... Laughing

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