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Need Help with this ASM. Thanks

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:34 pm    Post subject: Need Help with this ASM. Thanks Reply with quote

Well here is what i want to achieve. I want to use writeprocessmemory in c# to call the w2_32.send function.
I know the parameters are
1. socket number handle.
2. packets
3. length of the packet
4. flag = 0

well my first problem was to get the socket handle.. which i read from somewhere it needs to do an injection to get. My asm is very lacking, but I did see in the w2_32.send() function stacktrace.. the first one is the socket handle equal to the one i see from WPE.

Unfortunately, the socket handle only show for a brief milli second during the function call to w2_32.send().. in esp.

my plan was to write an injection to grab the esp right before the w2_32.send() and store it in a symbol.


define(bytes,E8 60 DD FF FF)






  push eax
  mov eax,[esp]
  mov [SocketAddress],eax
  jmp return


  jmp newmem


  db bytes
  // call loginp.exe+BE878



"loginp.exe"+C0AF8: 80 78 08 00           -  cmp byte ptr [eax+08],00
"loginp.exe"+C0AFC: 75 0A                 -  jne loginp.exe+C0B08
"loginp.exe"+C0AFE: E8 E5 3D F4 FF        -  call loginp.exe+48E8
"loginp.exe"+C0B03: E9 BC 00 00 00        -  jmp loginp.exe+C0BC4
"loginp.exe"+C0B08: 6A 00                 -  push 00
"loginp.exe"+C0B0A: 56                    -  push esi
"loginp.exe"+C0B0B: 53                    -  push ebx
"loginp.exe"+C0B0C: 8B 45 FC              -  mov eax,[ebp-04]
"loginp.exe"+C0B0F: 8B 40 04              -  mov eax,[eax+04]
"loginp.exe"+C0B12: 50                    -  push eax
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"loginp.exe"+C0B13: E8 60 DD FF FF        -  call loginp.exe+BE878
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"loginp.exe"+C0B18: 89 45 F8              -  mov [ebp-08],eax
"loginp.exe"+C0B1B: 83 7D F8 FF           -  cmp dword ptr [ebp-08],-01
"loginp.exe"+C0B1F: 0F 85 82 00 00 00     -  jne loginp.exe+C0BA7
"loginp.exe"+C0B25: E8 9E DD FF FF        -  call loginp.exe+BE8C8
"loginp.exe"+C0B2A: 89 45 F4              -  mov [ebp-0C],eax
"loginp.exe"+C0B2D: 81 7D F4 33 27 00 00  -  cmp [ebp-0C],00002733
"loginp.exe"+C0B34: 74 71                 -  je loginp.exe+C0BA7
"loginp.exe"+C0B36: 8D 45 F4              -  lea eax,[ebp-0C]
"loginp.exe"+C0B39: 50                    -  push eax
"loginp.exe"+C0B3A: B1 01                 -  mov cl,01


well somehow this script after being checked stops all packet send afterward even after disable..


2nd question. How do i use c# to find the registersymbol address? since allocation of the memory is different everytime. (At this point, i was going to use aobscan to find that address.)

Thanks.. If there is a easiler way to do so, Please direct me.
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