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ListView Tutorial

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:57 am    Post subject: ListView Tutorial This post has 1 review(s) Reply with quote

I was using ListView for a project and decided to write a tutorial:

It covers the basics, using OwnerData for performance, and custom styles. The sample shows a view of a million-row lua table. Here's the complete code-behind:

-- items
list = list or {}
if #list == 0 then
  for i=1,1000000 do
    local item = {
      message = string.format('Message %d', i),
      data = math.sqrt(i)
    table.insert(list, item)

-- need to set the Items.Count property so that it knows how many rows there
-- are in total
UDF1.CEListView1.Items.Count = #list

-- definition created by double-clicking OnData event handler
function CEListView1Data(sender, listitem)
  -- use + 1 because listitem.Index is 0-based
  local d = list[listitem.Index + 1]
  if not d then return end
  listitem.Caption = d.message -- first column
  -- other columns have sqrt of data property and CURRENT clock
  -- when this event was called
  local others = {string.format('%0.3f', math.sqrt(, os.clock()}
  listitem.SubItems.text = table.concat(others, '\n')

function CEListView1CustomDrawSubItem(Sender, Item, SubItem, State)
  if (Item.Index % 2) == 1 then
    Sender.Canvas.Brush.Color = 0xffe0e0 -- odd rows blue bg (0-based)
    if SubItem == 1 then Sender.Canvas.Font.Color = 0x8f8f8f end -- gray middle column
    Sender.Canvas.Brush.Color = 0xffffff -- odd rows white bg (0-based)
    if SubItem == 2 then
      Sender.Canvas.Font.Color = 0xffff40 -- cyan right column
      Sender.Canvas.Font.Color = 0x2020ff -- red other columns
  return true -- return true for DefaultDraw

function CEListView1CustomDrawItem(Sender, Item, State)
  return CEListView1CustomDrawSubItem(Sender, Item, 0, State)

I'm going to handle selecting and handling user events later...

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