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Conan Exiles - Cheat Engine - cheat through game memory edit

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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:28 am    Post subject: Conan Exiles - Cheat Engine - cheat through game memory edit Reply with quote

Hi guys,
I am always trying to get an upper edge on the other players by searching exploits, glitches, bugs or unknown cheats to the mass pool of players of a specific game.

Currently I am mostly having fun with Conan Exiles, especially since it is due an official launch in a few weeks and I am pretty sure a few glitches or exploits will be available out there.

I have seen other posts on other forums trying to open up a discussion on this game, but there was not much interest it seems.

Anyway, I wanted to add my experience by using the Cheat Engine app to modify the game process memory addresses values.

I stumbled upon this video in my searches which got me to Cheat Engine and how to use it.

url youtube watch?v=NBYROGGS_kU

It seems though that it is working only if the game is loaded without Battleye, so you can read the process memory.
If you start the game with Battleye, you will not be able to access the game process memory, I keep getting an error for : Access violation.

Basically what I did as in the video below, was to search in the game memory for the addresses with the attribute points number at that specific moment.
Then modify the number ingame and look again in the result list for the modified number, thus identifying the precise memory address.
Then change that to a big number, for example 999999 and then get back in the game, close the menu interface, move a little in game and reopen the menu for the attribute points distribution and the new number is available.

I will provide later some screenshots with the successful attempt.

The points remain saved in the local database of the game and basically the character is pretty much unstoppable, especially strength, vitality and agility wise, after you get them to above 130ish points each, even more if you like.

I still have to try this in online mode for servers that don't have Battleye enabled. Will update the thread accordingly once I get the time to do that.

Also, I had a big problem after using cheat engine, the game would not start due to the battle eye protection and identifying cheat engine running or some module loaded from it. Just go into Cheat Engine settings - Extra and disable all the options on that page. You dont need to have these options enabled to use the above method. They are only needed for debugging purposes to explore in debug mode the memory. There is no need to uninstall cheat engine, just use the unload cheat engine kernel option from the windows installation menu of the program after you disable those options.
Game will start without a problem afterwards. Battleye detects the windows registry loaded kernel user by cheat engine to debug, not the actual installation of cheat engine on the disk. I have seen many other forum posts on seevral sites indicating misleading information. Only the above setup worked.

screenshot settings extra example:
forum. cheatengine. org/files/2...06__1__729.png

Anyway, other glitches I have found right now on live is the one where you can teleport to an enemy base through the ceiling IF there is enough of a big distance between the actual ceiling and the below floor or terrain, at least a couple of foundations, otherwise it will not work. All you have to do is climb a building and remain hanging UNDER a ceiling. Log off to main menu. log back in and you are in the next level, inside the building where the ceiling is.

It does not work though on the new patch in testlive as of now, already tested it.

I got this from a chinese youtuber, video:
url youtube watch?v=paXfL18w3pg&t=4s

I am still more interested in using cheat engine since I just found out about it, the problem right now is accessing the game memory if the process of the game has been started with the Battleye option. I kept reading on forums that chinese players where able to bypass it and use speed hacks and damage hacks by stopping the battle eye process and service (they are 2 separate things fyi), but since funcom launched the battleye update a few days ago I was not able to reproduce that. If you stop the battle eye process, nothing happens and you can keep playing normally, but if you stop the battleye service it instantly logs you off from the actual logged on server. Even with both the battleye process and service stopped, game memory is still not accessible, gives access violation error.

If any1 else has other suggestions, please provide hints.

Anyway, these are my 2 cents on this particular game cheats that I currently have been able to find and use.

Looking forward to replies if others are interested.

Thanx for reading this.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Game shutdown when cheat engine running
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:25 pm    Post subject: Re: Conan Exiles - Cheat Engine - cheat through game memory Reply with quote

Andronykus wrote:

I am always trying to get an upper edge on the other players

We do not support online / multiplayer hacking on these forums.

- Retired.
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