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Problem with value after offsets

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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:42 pm    Post subject: Problem with value after offsets Reply with quote

Quick overview. I have been through all the forums I have managed to write this code that is getting the base module address (Copied that function and cleaned it up) and I have processed all the offsets to get the pointer address that CE shows. The final address is the same as CE shows for the actual value.

I tested this by statically typing the address in read and it gets the correct value, I then also statically type the address in the read after all the offset adding. The weird thing is I am getting a different value after all that. Can someone point me in the right direction?

To reiterate after the processing of offsets I get 26CBAD796E8 as the final address which matches CE. I thought something was wrong with that, but after statically typing it in afterwords, I realized something else is happening.

Here is my code: EDITED** Cleaned up for readability / comments and removed the awful 5 if block deep statements.


#include "stdafx.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <psapi.h>

// Forward declarations
void Exception(const char* message);
UINT64 GetModuleBase(const HANDLE& handle);

// 64-Bit memory read
int main()
   // Set the defaults
   UINT64 offsets[] = { 0x2C8, 0x740, 0x160, 0x100, 0x28 };
   HANDLE handle = NULL;
   try {

      // Find the window
      HWND myapp= FindWindow(NULL, L"My App");
      if ( ! myapp) {
         Exception("Failed to find the window.");

      // Get the Process ID
      DWORD pid = NULL;
      GetWindowThreadProcessId(myapp, &pid);
      if ( ! pid) {
         Exception("Failed getting the process ID.");

      // Get the process handle
      handle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, pid);
      if ( ! handle) {
         Exception("Failed to get the process handle.");

      // Before reading stuff from memory
      INT64 before = 0;
      ReadProcessMemory(handle, (LPCVOID)0x28e839e26e8, &before, 4, NULL); // <--- Value is read as 1040 (which is correct)
      std::cout << "Before Reading and combining offsets: " << before << std::endl;

      // Combine the Module address and the base offset, then read the value of the combined
      UINT64 baseOffset = 0x01092710;
      UINT64 moduleAddress = GetModuleBase(handle);
      UINT64 combinedAddress = (UINT64)moduleAddress + baseOffset;
      ReadProcessMemory(handle, (LPCVOID)combinedAddress, &combinedAddress, sizeof(combinedAddress), NULL);

      // Iterate through the offsets and add them to the combinedAddress (moduleAddress + baseOffset)
      std::cout << "myapp.exe(" << std::hex << moduleAddress << ") + " << std::hex << baseOffset << " = " << std::hex << combinedAddress << std::endl;
      int offsetCount = sizeof(offsets) / sizeof(UINT64);
      for (int index = 0; index < offsetCount; index++) {
         std::cout << "[" << std::hex << combinedAddress << "+" << std::hex << offsets[index] << "] -> ";
         // Add the offset to the combinedAddress
         combinedAddress = combinedAddress + offsets[index];

         // If it isn't the last offset read the value from the combinedAddress otherwise the value of the last offset is the final address
         if ((index + 1) != offsetCount) {
            ReadProcessMemory(handle, (LPCVOID)combinedAddress, &combinedAddress, sizeof(combinedAddress), NULL);
         std::cout << std::hex << combinedAddress << std::endl;

      // Read the final address value
      INT64 value = 0;
      ReadProcessMemory(handle, (LPCVOID)0x28e839e26e8, &value, 4, NULL); // <--- Value is read as 410 (which is wrong, from the example first read at this address)
      std::cout << std::hex << combinedAddress << " = " << value << std::endl;

   catch (const std::exception& ex) {
      // Output the exception message that is thrown
      std::cout << "Exception Caught!" << ex.what() << std::endl;
   return 0;

// Helper method to throw an exception to save contant retyping std:: etc...
void Exception(const char* message)
   throw std::exception(message);

// Helper method to get the 64-Bit module address using the handle
UINT64 GetModuleBase(const HANDLE& handle)
   DWORD bytesRequired = NULL;
   if ( ! EnumProcessModules(handle, NULL, 0, &bytesRequired)) {
      Exception("Failed Enum Process Modules, 1st iteration.");
   if ( ! bytesRequired) {
      Exception("Failed to get bytesRequired.");
   LPBYTE moduleArrayBytes = (LPBYTE)LocalAlloc(LPTR, bytesRequired);
   if ( ! moduleArrayBytes) {
      Exception("Failed to get moduleArrayBytes.");
   unsigned int moduleCount;
   moduleCount = bytesRequired / sizeof(HMODULE);
   HMODULE *moduleArray = (HMODULE *)moduleArrayBytes;

   if ( ! EnumProcessModules(handle, moduleArray, bytesRequired, &bytesRequired)) {
      Exception("Failed Enum Process Modules, 2nd iteration.");
   UINT64 baseAddress = (DWORD_PTR)moduleArray[0];
   return baseAddress;

My output in console looks like this:

Before Reading and combining offsets: 1040
myapp.exe(7ff693a60000) + 1092710 = 26c945113a0
[26c945113a0+2c8] -> 26c94511650
[26c94511650+740] -> 26cbaabc000
[26cbaabc000+160] -> 26cb8f36400
[26cb8f36400+100] -> 26cbad796c0
[26cbad796c0+28] -> 26cbad796e8
26cbad796e8 = 410
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How do I cheat?
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Joined: 04 Jan 2011
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:20 pm    Post subject: Found the issue Reply with quote

After doing some debugging I found out that all the std::cout I had were messing it up in the end. After commenting them all out except the last one where I am outputting the final value of the final combinedAddress I was getting the correct value that I was expecting from the beginning.

If anyone is knowledgeable to this issue, I would love an explanation to what exactly was happening. Thanks anyways.
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