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The Guild 3 Money, XP and free XP cheat method

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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:17 am    Post subject: The Guild 3 Money, XP and free XP cheat method Reply with quote

Alright, since that The guild 3 came out many people asked for a trainer or another method to cheat in the game for fun, testing and/or debugging purposes.

To cheat yourself some money you have to scan with:


then put in the value of the amount of money you currently poses, then buy, sell or earn some money, and in the next scan put in that value.

The remaining address(es) should be the only one(s) left for the money.
If you have 2 or more, repeat the procedure if you are not sure which one to pick, and if you want to try, then you can select both the addresses and change the value to your desirable amount.

The XP and FREE XP are a bit trickier.

they follow the same procedure, but both are for different things.
XP is for your career (or standing if you call it that) in the game, and FREE XP is for your skills, abilities etc.

To start it would be best if you already earned some XP or FREE XP, so that you have a value that is not 0 (since that may crash the game because there are more than 1 Million entries).

To start select:

then enter a value that is less than the value you currently have, and a value that is bigger than the value you currently have.

for example:

FREE XP I currently have is 50, so the values I should put in would be 48 and 52 (not 49 and 51 because I want to be sure I have the right value)

and then I select the VALUE type FLOAT and begin the scan.

After the first scan earn some FREE XP, and then put in the 2 values that encase the amount you have after earning some.

Then you should have about 1 to 3 entries left depending on the situation.
Change it to your desirable amount and VIOLA! you have some hard coded free XP to spend!

If your free xp is at 0 the entire time, then select a skill, ability etc. that you already have researched, so that the free xp won't go automatically into a skill that you have yet to unlock.

The same is searching method is with the XP, only there the values never go to zero, it just adds up, so you do not have to do the select already researched skill stuff.

NOTE 1: O and I apologize for the caps, I did it with the intention that some people that want to skim for the more important info would get to the point more quickly, and that people that do not read the explanations would actually read before screwing up their games.

NOTE 2: Please save the game before messing around, in case you get the wrong address and CTD the game...

I hope this helps, and have a nice day,

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