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List view to list view

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:03 pm    Post subject: List view to list view Reply with quote

   self.listview2 = createListView(self.form)--Level and Exp
   setProperty(self.listview2, 'ViewStyle', 'vsReport')
   setProperty(self.listview2, 'RowSelect', 'True')
   setProperty(self.listview2, 'ReadOnly', 'True')
   setProperty(self.listview2, 'HideSelection', 'False') = 190;
   self.listview2.width = 140;
   self.listview2.left = 260;
   self.listview2.height = 250;
   self.listview2_colum1 = self.listview2.getColumns().add()
   self.listview2_colum1.Width = 40;
   self.listview2_colum1.Caption = 'Lvl';
   self.listview2_colum2 = self.listview2.getColumns().add()
   self.listview2_colum2.Width = 90;
   self.listview2_colum2.Caption = 'Exp';

      i = 1
      for _,__table in pairs(self.Data.Stats[i]) do
         local entry = self.listview2.getItems().add();
         entry.Caption = __table[1];
         local subentry = entry.getSubItems().add(__table[2]);
   self.listview2.onClick = function (sender)
                              local row_1 = sender.getItems().getItem(sender.getItemIndex()); -- Level
                              local row_2 = strings_getString(row_1.getSubItems(),0) + 0; -- Exp
                              if (heroname and row_1 and row_2) then
                                 local address_1 = addresslist_getMemoryRecordByDescription(getAddressList(), heroname .. ' Exp (+h2E)');
                                 if address_1 then--(address_1 and address_2) then
                                    memoryrecord_setValue(address_1, row_2)
                                 heroname = nil
                                 row_1 = nil
                                 row_2 = nil
                                 address_1 = nil
                                 trainer.hero_selected_panel5.visible = false;
                                 trainer.hero_selected_panel5.Caption = " ";
                                 trainer.listview.visible = true;
                                 i = nil
   self.listview = createListView(self.form)--Character Names
   setProperty(self.listview, 'ViewStyle', 'vsReport')
   setProperty(self.listview, 'RowSelect', 'True')
   setProperty(self.listview, 'ReadOnly', 'True')
   setProperty(self.listview, 'HideSelection', 'False') = 190;
   self.listview.width = 140;
   self.listview.left = 110;
   self.listview.height = 250;
   self.listview_colum1 = self.listview.getColumns().add()
   self.listview_colum2 = self.listview.getColumns().add()
   self.listview_colum1.Width = 0;
   self.listview_colum2.Width = 110;
   self.listview_colum1.Caption = 'Index';
   self.listview_colum2.Caption = 'Character';
                       for _, name in pairs(self.Data.Characters) do
                         local entry = self.listview.getItems().add()
                           entry.Caption = name
                            for _, color in pairs(self.Data.Characters) do
                              local subentry = entry.getSubItems().add(name)
   self.listview.onClick = function(sender)
                              whichRec = nil
                              whichHero = nil
                              local AL = getAddressList()
                              local i = sender.ItemIndex
                              heroname = trainer.Data.Characters[i]
                              print("The Hero selected is " .. heroname .. " index " .. i)
                              for x = 0 , AL.Count - 1 do
                                 if AL.MemoryRecord[x].Description == heroname then
                                    whichHero = AL.MemoryRecord[x]
                                    mrLvlAddr = string.format("%x",tonumber(whichHero.Address,16) + 0x32)
                                    mrLvl = readBytes(mrLvlAddr)
                                    trainer.listview.visible = false;
                                    trainer.hero_selected_panel5.visible = true;
                                    trainer.hero_selected_panel5.Caption = whichHero.Description .. " Level is " .. mrLvl
                                 end;--if AL.MemoryRecord[x].Description == heroname then
                              end;--for x = 0 , AL.Count - 1 do
                              --whichRec = nil
                              --whichHero = nil

I've got two list views populated by data at the beginning of the code. Both load and display the correct data, see top image.
After selecting a name the listview is invisible and the panel is displayed with correct caption is displayed. See bottom image. The intent was to alter the exp. level of the selected hero at the current level to a new exp. level(contained in the right list view).
This worked before using a radio graph(selecting hero) and a list view(like the right one, also using the "old" code. Now the exp. value is not adjusted. Any suggestions to make this work?

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