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mini AA Macro

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:02 pm    Post subject: mini AA Macro Reply with quote

This is a simple application of the lua function registerAssembler.

Also check this thread by mgr.inz.Player

- fix ; should not count empty line & label
- to abuse syntax highlight, require the command id follow by at least one space and an exclamation mark


-- load module
local minimacro = cerequire 'minimacro'

-- load saved macro from table file

-- define by string, can also be defined by function, but cannot save
  local reg,vtype,lbound,ubound,ret = inst:match('^ *(.-) *; *(.-) *; *(.-) *; *(.-) *$')
  if reg~=nil and reg:len()>0 and lbound:len()>0 and ubound:len()>0 then
    local jmpshort = targetIs64Bit() and 'short ' or ''
    lbound,ubound = vtype..lbound, vtype..ubound
    ret = string.format([[
    cmp  %s,%s
    jge  %[email protected]
    mov  %s,%s
    cmp  %s,%s
    jle  %[email protected]
    mov  %s,%s
  return ret~=nil and ret:gsub('&',hexaddr) or nil

-- minimacro.Save('filename') -- to save all string type macro definition into a file
   -- load the saved file into table file of the *.ct , like 'mymacro' , so that it can be reload

-- minimacro.List() -- to see what macro defined at this point

-- test


  Push ! rax;rbx;rcx;rdx;[&]
  Pop  ! rax;rbx;rcx;rdx;[&]
  // & is starting address of the current (custom or not) instruction, changed every lines
  Bound ! dword ptr[testpad+40];(float);0.1;100
  Bound ! eax;#;1;10000
  mul ! push symbol;pop rbp;jmp & //<-- relative jump, not right

since the assembling rely on rough simulation, which the generated bytes is ALWAYS located at 'scratchpad' symbol address, instead of the supplied actual starting address, the mini macro cannot work with relative address offset instruction (ie. e9 xx xx xx xx jjmp ; e8 xx xx xx xx call) that target outside the generated code block.

May be I'm ignorance, it seems ce has not a line assembler in Lua yet .... no, autoAssembler is! But currently the function will actually write the generated bytes to memory, so I'll suggest the autoAssemble function has a simulation mode, ie.

-- if second parameter is 'false', the script executed and if successes, instead of writing the generated bytes to memory, it is return as a table for further manipulation. for example, it return {{address1,bytesTable1},{address2,bytesTable2},...}



 Filename:  miniMacro.CT
 Filesize:  7.72 KB
 Downloaded:  1560 Time(s)

- Retarded.
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