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HowTo: Multiple CE Instances/Versions/Profiles

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 4:48 pm    Post subject: HowTo: Multiple CE Instances/Versions/Profiles Reply with quote

HowTo: Multiple CE Instances/Versions/Profiles

Description: Explains how to setup multiple profiles for individual versions of CE.

Why?: Some scan settings are way faster then others. I don't like to run in any form of 'stealth' mode if I don't have to, and it was a pain, having to reset all the different features, especially when toggling between two entirely different, configured instances.

== Initial Setup ==
- I highly recommend starting with organising/consolodating your different CE folders.
- I run CE from J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-XX_Y
- Where XX is the version number (51 for 5.1.1 and 52, for 5.2)
- Where Y is the 'instance' number I've given it (As you shouldn't run multiple instances from the same folder. Why? The temp files CE creates are assigned a single name, so using 2 CE's from the same location, results in one or both of their scans getting 'quite h0zed'.
- Here is a list of my folder setup.
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-44_1
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-50_1
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-50_2
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-51_1
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-51_2
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_1
J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_2

== LaunchCE.bat (Attached as LaunchCE.ct) ==
- I place this in the J:\Games\Cheat Engine\ folder. It can be stored anywhere really. You only need 1 copy of it to command your different CE versions/settings.

== Setup LaunchCE.bat defaults ==
- There are 7 User Options, right at the top of the .bat file. Simply configure their default settings for your system. There is a long description of each, before the following set lines. I have cut out *only* the set lines, for this description here:
- These settings can be over-ridden by command line arguments. The beauty however, is that we really don't need them much. More on this later.

set CE_Reg_Normal="CE_Normal.reg" - Registry file, containing the individual folders'/instances' Normal settings. (more on .reg's later)
set CE_Reg_Stealth="CE_Stealth.reg" - Registry file, containing the individual folders'/instances' Stealth settings.
set CE_Reg=%CE_Reg_Normal% - Defines the default .reg to use, if none specified. At it's current value, it 'copies' CE_Reg_Normal
set No_Reg_Warning=False - Determines if an error will display, if the registry file is not found. Can be toggled to true, to skip the warning, but I suggest leaving it at false, so you know it's loading the settings file before launching CE.
set CE_Username= - Only useful, if you are using the XP Terminal Services hack, with 2 PC's. Can be set to the console users ID.
set CE_Path="%CD%" - Default CE Path. Can be changed to the location of your 'Main' CE folder. I.e. set CE_Path="J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_1"
set CE_EXE="Cheat Engine.exe" - This should not change, unless future releases use a different EXE name.

== Simple Shortcuts ==
Creating your main shortcut:
- Create a new shortcut, where ever you have your current CE shortcut(s)
- Set "Target", to CE.bat. In my case, it's "J:\Games\Cheat Engine\CE.bat"
- Set "Start in", to the CE folder you want this shortcut to run from. My first shortcut is pointing to "J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_1" (Which means: Cheat Engine 5.2 - Instance 1)
- Click "Change Icon", then navigate to any of your Cheat Engine.exe's. Select it and it will let you use that icon (or pick any you choose, from elsewhere).
- Click "Ok".
- Name it something like: 5.2 - Instance 1 - Normal
- As long as we didn't change the set line above that looks like this...
- set CE_Path="%CD%"
- Then LaunchCE.bat will operate from whatever the "Start In" location is, for any shortcut.

Creating your stealth shortcut:
- For this one, we are going to do the same thing, but using a different "Start In" folder.
- If you have not already, make a copy of the version of CE you use most.
- Create a new shortcut and set it's "Target" to CE.bat like before.
- Set it's "Start In", to the newly created CE folder.
- In my case, it's "J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_2" (Which means: Cheat Engine 5.2 - Instance 2)
- The only thing we have to do different here, is add the word stealth, after the target.
- In my case, mine ends up looking like this:
- Target : "J:\Games\Cheat Engine\CE.bat" Stealth
- Start In: "J:\Games\Cheat Engine\Versions\CE-52_2"
- Named : 5.2 - Instance 2 - Stealth

== HowTo save your registry settings ==
- First: Load up the "Normal" shortcut you created.
- Click settings and set this up pretty much as you would, for any 'normal' situation.
- When finished, close CE entirely.
- Click "Start" > "Run" > type in regedit <Press enter>
- Navigate to ... HKey_Current_User\Software\Cheat Engine
- Right-click the Cheat Engine folder and click "Export"
- Navigate to your first CE folder, and name the file "CE_Normal.reg"

- Now go back and do the same thing for a maximum stealth situation, or any other situation you'd like.
- When you export, Put the file in your 1st CE folder (where you put the previous one), Name the file "CE_Stealth.reg"
- Copy both .reg files, to your 2nd CE folder (so they both have the ability to run as either normal or stealth)

**Note** If you plan on using this for multiple versions, I highly suggest deleting the Cheat Engine registry folder, before you start the *next* version of CE. This will clear the settings completely, as some settings between versions can interfeer.
**Note** Before I edit my registry in any way, I always make a full backup - You know, Just incase I hit delete or change the wrong thing Smile Much easier to do this, then to go through a system restore.

== Command Line Arguments ==
- These are not needed , as the shortcut setup will usually determine what CE path it will use.
- The most commonly used command line option is the choice between Normal and Stealth settings.
- These settings *do* over-ride any pre-set settings in the .bat file.

LaunchCE.bat "[(N)ormal or (S)tealth]" "[Username]" "[.Reg file to use]" "[Cheat Engine's Path]" "[Cheat Engine's EXE]"
- Examples:
StartCE - Using CE_Normal.reg settings
LaunchCE.bat n
LaunchCE.bat Normal

Start CE - Using Stealth
LaunchCE.bat s
LaunchCE.bat Stealth

Start CE - Using Stealth, using directory J:\Games\Cheat Engine
LaunchCE.bat s "" "" "J:\Games\Cheat Engine"
Start CE - Using Stealth - As User Zhoul - In J:\Games\Cheat Engine
LaunchCE.bat Stealth Zhoul "" "J:\Games\Cheat Engine" "Cheat Engine.exe"
Start CE, Ignoring Stealth/Normal Option - As User Zhoul - Using reg file CE_Special_Situation.reg
LaunchCE.bat "" "Zhoul" "CE_Special_Situation.reg"
or even...
LaunchCE.bat "Stealth" "Zhoul" "CE_Special_Situation.reg"
The "Stealth" setting above, is ignored, because a .reg was specified.

As for making your own combo's:
- Just keep in mind, that these are 'simple' options. If you 'skip' an option, simply put 2 double quotes where it would show up.
LaunchCE.bat can be looked at like this: LauncCE.bat "" "" "" "" ""
If I wanted to specify a username, I'd write: LaunchCE.Bat "" "Username"

The last recommendation I have:
- Create a shortcut to the main/root CE folder, in all your other CE copies. This gives a quick-click way, to get to a single location to store all your .ct files, etc.

- Zhoul


I noticed that the first version could only support .reg files that were contained in the folder that CE was being run from. This has been fixed and a new .rar uploaded in place of the old one.

Now supports even file names like this..
That would be 1 directory back, from where CE is currently being launched.

The Extension 'rar' was deactivated by an board admin, therefore this Attachment is not displayed.

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