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Mirc yesterday, with sunbeam!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:45 pm    Post subject: Mirc yesterday, with sunbeam! Reply with quote

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 14:56:46 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[14:56] * Now talking in #cef
03[14:56] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[14:56] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
06[14:57] * avatar2300 slaps avatar2300 around a bit with a large trout
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 14:57:11 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 15:04:50 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[15:04] * Now talking in #cef
03[15:04] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[15:04] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
01[15:06] <BurnZeZ> #maplestory
03[15:06] * S3NSA ([email protected]A.A) has joined #cef
03[15:06] * Retrieving #cef modes...
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 15:07:01 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 15:07:34 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[15:07] * Now talking in #cef
03[15:07] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[15:07] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:31
03[15:08] * Retrieving #cef modes...
02[15:08] * /channel: you are not on that channel
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 15:11:23 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 15:14:42 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[15:14] * Now talking in #cef
03[15:14] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[15:14] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
03[15:15] * Retrieving #cef modes...
01[15:16] <BurnZeZ> so quiet...
02[15:16] * BurnZeZ: you're not channel operator
06[15:21] * BurnZeZ is about to die from internal bleeding caused by boredom.
[15:24] <S3NSA> can anyone find me the fucku.dll source
[15:24] <S3NSA> I cant find it
01[15:26] <BurnZeZ> the source?
[15:26] <S3NSA> yeh
01[15:26] <BurnZeZ> i haven't seen it sry
[15:26] <S3NSA> kk
[15:29] <|504Dice> hmm
[15:29] <|504Dice> not dll but source....hmmm
[15:30] <|504Dice> Just convert the dll to sourcE?
01[15:30] |504Dice is [email protected] * NoneYaBiz
01[15:30] |504Dice on #cef
01[15:30] |504Dice using * Where are you?
01[15:30] |504Dice End of /WHOIS list.
[15:30] <|504Dice> you couldn't do that?
01[15:31] <BurnZeZ> yo dice, what character is that before the 5 in your name?
[15:31] <|504Dice> |
[15:31] <|504Dice> not an i or l but the one under backspace Wink
[15:31] <+Jani> A pipe.
01[15:31] <BurnZeZ> Oh
[15:31] <|504Dice> yup
01[15:31] <BurnZeZ> lol
[15:32] <|504Dice> G-Bot was good while it lasted , the focus stays in maplestory while you do other things on your pc...
[15:32] <|504Dice> its not over tho
[15:32] <|504Dice> just a rev update
[15:34] <|504Dice> Yo S3NSA
[15:34] <S3NSA> hmmm
[15:34] <S3NSA> i got the source dont worry
[15:34] <S3NSA> =]
[15:34] <|504Dice> You Know how to convert the DLL find to Static library? Then you can work from there with the source.
[15:35] <|504Dice> Alright Smile
[15:35] <S3NSA> thanks anyway
[15:35] <|504Dice> np
[15:37] <S3NSA> Its nice leanring how to
[15:37] <S3NSA> update virus
[15:37] <S3NSA> =]
[15:38] <S3NSA> Im not very good and am pretty much slated on CEF but im trying
[15:38] <S3NSA> Smile
01[15:38] <BurnZeZ> anyone remember the uber ban me?
01[15:38] <BurnZeZ> from a while ago
[15:38] <|504Dice> lol
01[15:38] <BurnZeZ> the one that was an updated maplestory.exe?
[15:41] <|504Dice> hmmm
03[15:43] * +Poent ([email protected]) has left #cef
[15:46] <|504Dice> rofl posts get funny when ppl cant hack at cef
06[15:47] * BurnZeZ slaps BurnZeZ around a bit with a large trout
01[15:48] <BurnZeZ> I've got issues
06[15:48] * BurnZeZ slaps BurnZeZ around a bit with a large trout
06[15:48] * |504Dice is on his way to completing the installvirus Smile
06[15:48] * BurnZeZ starts hacking |504Dice's Computer...
06[15:48] * BurnZeZ is 50% done hacking his computer...
06[15:49] * +Jani does a counter attack. "101% done" hacking BurnZeZ's comp
06[15:51] * BurnZeZ screams as his computer explodes due to Jani's l33t haxing skills.
03[15:52] * blankrider ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[15:52] <blankrider> hi
06[15:52] * BurnZeZ is laughing mockingly at Jani as he shows through his webcam his warehouse's full of computers.
[15:52] <blankrider> i'm stuck on a piece of crap :[
[15:52] <blankrider> 128 mb ram
[15:52] <+Jani> ...
01[15:52] <BurnZeZ> LOL
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> what kind of comp
[15:53] <blankrider> intel crap processor
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> 98?
[15:53] <blankrider> a 98 comp
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> 2000?
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> i knew it!
[15:53] <blankrider> with xp
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> o
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> ummm
01[15:53] <BurnZeZ> try making your pageing file bigger
[15:54] <blankrider> its my processor
[15:54] <|504Dice> ROFL windows 98?
[15:54] <blankrider> my ram is fne
[15:54] <blankrider> my comps from 98
[15:54] <blankrider> im on xp pro
[15:55] <blankrider> i have a 478k paging file
[15:55] <blankrider> i onjly use 200k of it
[15:55] <blankrider> since i dont game
01[15:55] <BurnZeZ> k
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> you're at a game hacking website's irc and you don't game?
[15:56] <blankrider> i program
[15:56] <blankrider> i used to play maple
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> ah i c
[15:56] <blankrider> till my laptop
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> died
[15:56] <blankrider> hdd died
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> was it toshiba?
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> or dell?
[15:56] <blankrider> yup
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> i knew it
[15:56] <blankrider> xP
[15:56] <blankrider> tosh
01[15:56] <BurnZeZ> im on toshiba
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> and it's like almost dead
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> 1500 dollar labtop
[15:57] <blankrider> it will die
[15:57] <blankrider> don't worry
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> been dropped out of a moving vehicle
[15:57] <blankrider> why dont you use your warehouse of comps
[15:57] <blankrider> xP
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> gotten soaked in water
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> lolz
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> XD
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> yep
01[15:57] <BurnZeZ> its a sad computer
01[15:58] <BurnZeZ> aye
[15:58] <blankrider> i
03[15:59] * blankrider ([email protected]) has left #cef
[16:01] <|504Dice> cef getting so sad where u just wan leave the forums
[16:01] <|504Dice> look at the ridiculous shit getting posted
03[16:04] * Poent_ ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[16:07] * appalsap ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[16:07] * [^_^] sets mode: +ao appalsap appalsap
[16:07] <|504Dice> I need my delphi now

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 16:28:43 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[16:28] * Now talking in #cef
03[16:28] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[16:28] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
01[16:28] <BurnZeZ> did i miss anything?
[16:29] <S3NSA> me
[16:29] <S3NSA> eating
[16:31] <+blowie> you missed my hardon
06[16:31] * BurnZeZ sit's there, staring at S3NSA.
[16:31] <S3NSA> perv
06[16:31] * BurnZeZ sit's there, staring at blowie with f6 eyes.
[16:31] <+blowie> lol
[16:31] <+blowie> you maple addict -_-
01[16:31] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:32] <BurnZeZ> you're one too
[16:32] <+blowie> i use to be yes lol
01[16:32] <BurnZeZ> or you wouldn't understand what i just said
01[16:32] <BurnZeZ> lol
[16:32] <+blowie> i played maple for a long time
[16:32] <+blowie> lol
01[16:32] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> i've been playing maple since b4 patch .18
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> like
03[16:33] * x0r ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[16:33] * [^_^] sets mode: +ao x0r x0r
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> i think since like .15
[16:33] <+blowie> lol
[16:33] <+blowie> -_-
[16:33] <+blowie> well
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> and i've nvr reached lvl 70
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> lol
[16:33] <+blowie> wtf
[16:33] <+blowie> rofl -_-
[16:33] <|504Dice> u got banned before lvl 70 huh?
[16:33] <+blowie> i reached 100 in a day ;p
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> WTF
01[16:33] <BurnZeZ> lool
01[16:34] <BurnZeZ> double exp day?
[16:34] <+blowie> 1hit-ko day
01[16:34] <BurnZeZ> LOOOOOOOOOOOOOl
01[16:34] <BurnZeZ> i want 1 hit
[16:34] <+blowie> but maplesea didnt like it, cause if you level more then 10
01[16:34] <BurnZeZ> lolz
[16:34] <+blowie> u need to verify your passport ID at the SG center
01[16:34] <BurnZeZ> times a day
[16:34] <+blowie> 1hit is patched anyways
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> i know
[16:35] <+blowie> was actually called True IKO lol
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> ya
[16:35] <+blowie> <3 mspi
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> cause there was so much chaos when people started making all those fake ones
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> OMG
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> appalsap
[16:35] <+blowie> i had the real ;p
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> sweet
01[16:35] <BurnZeZ> hi
01[16:36] <BurnZeZ> luky
[16:36] <+blowie> the real mspi doesnt exist now
[16:36] <+blowie> brians mspi
[16:36] <+blowie> not sure
[16:36] <+blowie> was a rip from the real one
[16:36] <+blowie> idea stolen
01[16:36] <BurnZeZ> hmmm
01[16:36] <BurnZeZ> does anyone remember super gm hack?
[16:36] <+blowie> -_-
01[16:36] <BurnZeZ> what
01[16:36] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> do you remember it?
[16:37] <+blowie> i remember a real gm hack
[16:37] <+blowie> lol
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> lol
[16:37] <+blowie> none of this fake stuff
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> super gm hack
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> was made by my frnd
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> on a diff site
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> except the site is all but dead now
01[16:37] <BurnZeZ> hey dice how you doin on updating virus install?
03[16:38] * z3L ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[16:38] <z3L> Hello.
01[16:38] <BurnZeZ> Loha.
[16:38] <+blowie> ice isnt here -.-
01[16:38] <BurnZeZ> Dice
01[16:38] <BurnZeZ> not ice
01[16:38] <BurnZeZ> |504Dice
[16:38] <+blowie> oh lol
01[16:38] <BurnZeZ> lol
[16:38] <z3L> Does anyone knows some good compilator for asm?
[16:38] <+blowie> my eyes are fucked
01[16:39] <BurnZeZ> nope
01[16:39] <BurnZeZ> i've been looking for one
[16:39] <z3L> ;/
01[16:39] <BurnZeZ> but cant find anything good
[16:39] <+blowie> depends what form of asm you want to compile
[16:39] <z3L> asm->dll
[16:39] <z3L> I dont want com
[16:39] <+blowie> GoASM, FASM etc
01[16:39] <BurnZeZ> God
01[16:39] <BurnZeZ> i used to be an ok hacker
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> ...
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> now im back to square one
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> leecher....
[16:40] <+blowie> learn to code
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> i need to
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> lol
02[16:40] * |504Dice ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[16:40] <+blowie> thats why CE is open source, for learning purposes ;d
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> DICE NOOOOOOOO
01[16:40] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:41] <BurnZeZ> hmm
01[16:41] <BurnZeZ> everyon here is afk
[16:41] <+blowie> my nipples are hard
03[16:41] * S3NSA ([email protected]A.A) has left #cef
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> S3NSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> jeez
[16:42] <&x0r> fghfghfhfg
[16:42] <+blowie> gday x0r ;D
[16:42] <&x0r> hi
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> sup xor
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> x0r
[16:42] <&x0r> Nothing much
[16:42] <+blowie> your awake early
[16:42] <&x0r> I was awake at 5
[16:42] <&x0r> Razz
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> early?
[16:42] <&x0r> Was playing warcraft though.
[16:42] <+blowie> i crashed at 10
[16:42] <+blowie> woke up 6:30
03[16:42] * LawliPop|Len| ([email protected]) has joined #cef
01[16:42] <BurnZeZ> it's 4:42 pm here
[16:42] <+blowie> my sleeping patterns are well on track again ;D
01[16:43] <BurnZeZ> hey whatever happened to sunbeam?
01[16:43] <BurnZeZ> i just noticed that i havent seen him post in like a few months
[16:43] <+blowie> who cares
[16:43] <+blowie> lol
03[16:43] * |504Dice ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[16:43] <|504Dice> damn lag
01[16:44] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:44] <BurnZeZ> sup dice
[16:44] <|504Dice> s3sa left? aw
01[16:44] <BurnZeZ> ya i know
[16:44] <|504Dice> lol
01[16:44] <BurnZeZ> hey x0r
[16:44] <|504Dice> working on this file brb
01[16:44] <BurnZeZ> did you help make the exe ban me?
[16:45] <LawliPop|Len|> Bleh
[16:45] <LawliPop|Len|> Game sites take longer to load than teh child pr0ns
[16:45] <|504Dice> why so you worried about that ban me? lol
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> cause
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> my cuzing
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> cuzin
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> is retarded
[16:45] <&x0r> EXE ban me?
[16:45] <LawliPop|Len|> Cause you have to get through the FBI's, teh popo..
[16:45] <&x0r> ME?
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> yea?
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> why?
01[16:45] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:46] <BurnZeZ> i lost the notepad that had the credits
[16:46] <LawliPop|Len|> And on dial-up
[16:46] <LawliPop|Len|> it's hell -.-
01[16:46] <BurnZeZ> and was wondering if you helped make it
01[16:46] <BurnZeZ> ouch dialup
[16:46] <+blowie> dialup rofl
[16:46] <|504Dice> They changed the login system completly after pin skippper
[16:46] <LawliPop|Len|> you knew i had dial-up;
01[16:46] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[16:46] <BurnZeZ> ban me was a while after the exe ban me
[16:47] <+blowie> why isnt torrentleech working -_-
[16:47] <LawliPop|Len|> WarezBB are teh futures
[16:47] <+blowie> fucking americans and there baseball
[16:47] <LawliPop|Len|> ProjectW are past teh futures
[16:47] <+blowie> have made australia catch up with prison break
[16:47] <LawliPop|Len|> lolol
[16:48] <LawliPop|Len|> I hated that there was no shows last weeks
[16:48] <LawliPop|Len|> this wed. there is another part of the game
[16:48] <+blowie> its stupid, no point for me downloading it anymore lol
[16:48] <LawliPop|Len|> I'm just glad it wasn't on Nbc
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 16:49:38 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 16:49:38 2007
Session Ident: #cef
02[16:49] * Disconnected
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 16:50:20 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 16:53:17 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[16:53] * Now talking in #cef
03[16:53] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[16:53] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:00:02
[16:53] <|504Dice> rofl
01[16:53] <BurnZeZ> dang you
01[16:53] <BurnZeZ> lol
[16:53] <|504Dice> <x0r> Are you calling blowie a liar?
[16:53] <|504Dice> What you mean?
[16:53] <&x0r> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[16:53] <&x0r> BurnZeZ: hahahahahahahahaha
[16:53] <&x0r> ahahahahahahahaha
[16:53] <+blowie> LOL
[16:54] <+blowie> wb
[16:54] <|504Dice> ...
01[16:54] <BurnZeZ> <&appalsap> What is this nonsense! you are all banned!
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:14 AM) [c=1]Nate-- <3 AppalJoose =] Made From <100%> Real Appalz[/c=13]: i see.... It seems your TOTALLY not the person people say you are
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:28 AM) Irwin/x0r: No, I'm really a cold-hearted asshole.
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:40 AM) [c=1]Nate-- <3 AppalJoose =] Made From <100%> Real Appalz[/c=13]: Yeah, but your a cool cold hearted asshole
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:46 AM) [c=1]Nate-- <3 AppalJoose =] Made From <100%> Real Appalz[/c=13]: that Sould be the new hitler
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:53 AM) Irwin/x0r: ...
[16:55] <&x0r> (6:54:59 AM) Irwin/x0r: Sarcasm motherfucker...
[16:55] <|504Dice> ...
[16:55] <|504Dice> oook..
01[16:55] <BurnZeZ> ahem
[16:55] <&appalsap> Hitler was just misunderstood.
[16:56] <&x0r> Of course, it's not like he tried to commit genocide.
01[16:56] <BurnZeZ> yo blowie
01[16:56] <BurnZeZ> leave my channel for a minute
[16:56] <&x0r> DON'T
[16:56] <&x0r> HE WANTS OP
[16:56] <&x0r> DON'T
01[16:56] <BurnZeZ> and you too lawlipop
[16:56] <&x0r> DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM
[16:56] <&x0r> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[16:56] <&x0r> DON'T.
[16:56] <+blowie> im not going to fall for that trick Very Happy
[16:56] <&x0r> I'm idling there too.
[16:57] <+blowie> lol
[16:57] <|504Dice> ffs just register with the channel instead of making ppl leabe
[16:57] <|504Dice> leave*
[16:57] <&x0r> bwahahahaha
[16:57] <&x0r> We stole the room.
[16:57] <&x0r> ahahahahaha
[16:57] <&x0r> ahahahahahaha
[16:57] <&x0r> hahahahahaha
[16:57] <&appalsap> what room is this?
[16:57] <&x0r> #BurnZeZ'sMaplestoryChannel
[16:58] <LawliPop|Len|> I don't get it O.o
[16:58] <LawliPop|Len|> bleh
[16:58] <LawliPop|Len|> I meant the msn thing
[16:58] <LawliPop|Len|> "Superhuman" lag
[16:58] <&x0r> I was being sarcastic when I said I'ma cold-hearted ass-hole.
[16:58] <&x0r> Then he took me seriously.
[16:59] <LawliPop|Len|> What ever happened to DB?
[16:59] <&appalsap> broke his back
[16:59] <LawliPop|Len|> oh XD
01[16:59] <BurnZeZ> DarkByte?
[16:59] <&x0r> He has AIDs.
[16:59] <LawliPop|Len|> Hard to tell your sarcasm
[16:59] <LawliPop|Len|> it's like a 1 out of 10
[16:59] <&x0r> I'm serious.
01[16:59] <BurnZeZ> he got busy with a monkey
[16:59] <&x0r> He has AIDs.
[17:00] <|504Dice> ...
[17:00] <|504Dice> Say that to him
01[17:00] <BurnZeZ> then the gorilla came home and raped him and he got hiv
[17:00] <&x0r> He accidentally slipped at a pool and somehow got bloods from a HIV positive person on him.
[17:00] <LawliPop|Len|> Dice: I doubt he would car
[17:00] <LawliPop|Len|> Care*
[17:00] <LawliPop|Len|> Hypothermia?
[17:00] <LawliPop|Len|> "When your balls get small"
[17:00] <|504Dice> Hey x0r
02[17:01] * BurnZeZ: you're not channel operator
[17:01] <|504Dice> If I'm trying to open fku.dpr source file uhm why is it giving me a window saying windows cannot find it?
[17:01] <&x0r> BLAH BLAH BLAH
[17:01] <&x0r> DELPHI BLAH BLAH BLAH
[17:01] <LawliPop|Len|> own't.
01[17:01] <BurnZeZ> who's on dialup again?
[17:01] <&appalsap> tomnelson
[17:02] <LawliPop|Len|> Since when are we dsicriminated on connection?
[17:02] <LawliPop|Len|> Who's Tom nelson
[17:02] <LawliPop|Len|> Google -.-
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> no i just wanna ping them till they dc
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> jk
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> wait a minute
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> tom nelson...
[17:02] <|504Dice> lol internet bully LOL
01[17:02] <BurnZeZ> i know that name
[17:02] <+blowie> probably cause it cant find fku.dpr -_-
[17:02] <LawliPop|Len|> I wouldn't Dc from massive pings.
[17:02] <LawliPop|Len|> Dial-up isn't that ass sucking.
01[17:03] <BurnZeZ> lol
[17:03] <+blowie> dialup is probably a lot stabler than faster connections
01[17:03] <BurnZeZ> H
[17:03] <LawliPop|Len|> <= That guy?
01[17:03] <BurnZeZ> HA
[17:03] <|504Dice> Got it now
[17:04] <|504Dice> ty x0r that helped alot
[17:04] <LawliPop|Len|> Burn: If Dial-up is so stable, why does is disconnect so much?
[17:05] <+blowie> people calling
[17:05] <LawliPop|Len|> it
[17:05] <&x0r> Oh God..
[17:05] <&x0r> I lost the book I would give to all the C/C++ newbie.
[17:05] <LawliPop|Len|> What if it's a phone line no one knows about? (My case)
[17:05] <&x0r> newbies*
[17:05] <LawliPop|Len|> Uhh
[17:05] <LawliPop|Len|> Forgot the name of it -.-
[17:05] <+blowie> then your ISP could disconnect after so many hours online
[17:05] <+blowie> usually 4-5hrs
[17:06] <&x0r> Who wants to do me a service?
[17:06] <LawliPop|Len|> Never happened with clearnet
[17:06] <LawliPop|Len|> Stupid Netzero -.-
01[17:06] <BurnZeZ> what service?
[17:06] <LawliPop|Len|> IOTG
[17:06] <&x0r> Get me an e-book
01[17:06] <BurnZeZ> sure
[17:06] <&x0r> "SAMS C Primer"
01[17:06] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[17:06] <BurnZeZ> hold on
[17:06] <LawliPop|Len|> IOTG
[17:07] <LawliPop|Len|> Name?
[17:07] <LawliPop|Len|> oh
[17:08] <LawliPop|Len|> I'll be the slowest XD
01[17:08] <BurnZeZ> AHHH
01[17:08] <BurnZeZ> too much advertising lolz
01[17:08] <BurnZeZ> still looking
01[17:08] <BurnZeZ> ill check a couple warez sites
01[17:09] <BurnZeZ> c primer plus 5th edition?
[17:09] <LawliPop|Len|> teh adverts are teh killing meh
[17:09] <+blowie>
[17:09] <+blowie> wtf -_-
[17:09] <+blowie> WTF
[17:09] <&x0r> BurnZeZ: yep
[17:09] <+blowie> my board is disabled
[17:09] <+blowie> gosh
[17:09] <+blowie> who is this cunt
01[17:10] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[17:10] <BurnZeZ> hold on
03[17:11] * blankrider ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[17:11] <LawliPop|Len|> uhh
[17:11] <LawliPop|Len|> it's in a torrent
[17:11] <LawliPop|Len|> that ok?
[17:11] <&x0r> Get me a direct link.
[17:11] <blankrider> hi
[17:12] <&x0r> Download torrent, then host the e-book for me.
[17:12] <&x0r> Doing me this favor will be good for you.
[17:12] <LawliPop|Len|> SAMS C++ Primer, but it's got a bunch of other C+ crap
[17:12] <&x0r> No.
[17:12] <&x0r> SAMS C Primer.
[17:13] <blankrider> i hate ebooks
[17:13] <blankrider> i can't take them to school
[17:13] <LawliPop|Len|> Meh, I give up
[17:13] <LawliPop|Len|> Can'
[17:13] <LawliPop|Len|> Can't find C
[17:13] <blankrider> x0r what do you need?
[17:13] <LawliPop|Len|> Just C+/C++
[17:13] <blankrider> lol
[17:13] <blankrider> C+ is c++
[17:14] <&x0r> SAMS C Primer 5th edition
[17:14] <blankrider> ill look and host
[17:14] <LawliPop|Len|> ok found another one
[17:14] <LawliPop|Len|> exactly what you said
[17:15] <LawliPop|Len|> but can't find direct download thing
[17:15] <LawliPop|Len|> so..
[17:15] <LawliPop|Len|>
[17:15] <blankrider> i found about a 100 book torrent on dx programming
[17:15] <blankrider> yesterday
[17:15] <|504Dice> Sams teaching c++ that one and riley
[17:15] <|504Dice> i had
[17:16] <blankrider> i found a way to get a c++ program to 480 bytes in msvc++
[17:16] <blankrider> you can get it down to 300
[17:16] <blankrider> no packing
[17:17] <&x0r>
[17:17] <&x0r> That has it.
[17:17] <&x0r> Whoever gets me it gets a prize.
01[17:17] <BurnZeZ> got it
[17:17] <|504Dice> ..
01[17:17] <BurnZeZ> and its not a torrent
01[17:17] <BurnZeZ>
[17:17] <LawliPop|Len|> uhh lol
[17:17] <|504Dice> over internet
01[17:17] <BurnZeZ> taduh
06[17:17] * LawliPop|Len| claps
[17:18] <blankrider> whats the prize
[17:18] <&x0r> BurnZeZ: What do you want?
[17:18] <|504Dice> LOL
01[17:18] <BurnZeZ> ban me
01[17:18] <BurnZeZ> lol jkin
01[17:18] <BurnZeZ> hmmmm
[17:18] <blankrider> 1 post in maplestory with no warnings
[17:18] <|504Dice> LOLLOL
[17:18] <blankrider> and no lock/deletion
[17:18] <blankrider> xP
01[17:18] <BurnZeZ> LOOOOOL
02[17:18] * z3L ([email protected]) Quit
[17:18] <blankrider> but CEF is down
[17:18] <|504Dice> FFFs
01[17:18] <BurnZeZ> it is?
[17:18] <|504Dice> Burn
[17:18] <|504Dice> Tell him what u want sucka
[17:18] <blankrider> i think
[17:18] <|504Dice> quit playing
[17:18] <|504Dice> say a lvl 100 char in ms
[17:18] <|504Dice> LOL
[17:19] <blankrider> oh its back up
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> a lvl 100 char
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> in ms
[17:19] <|504Dice> lol
[17:19] <&x0r> Server?
[17:19] <blankrider> there was a mysql error for like 2 minutes
[17:19] <|504Dice> OMG
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> broa
[17:19] <|504Dice> HES SERIOUS?
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> OMGOD
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> are you serious?
[17:19] <|504Dice> omg...i woulda got that torrent
[17:19] <|504Dice> if he serious ima kill u Burn
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[17:19] <BurnZeZ> if he serious im gonna go nuts!!!!
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> cause im too lazy to bot,,,
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> lolz
[17:20] <blankrider> heres the info to my free 111 dk
[17:20] <|504Dice> lol i hardly got pass 70 on my accs Sad
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> i just help my cuzin
[17:20] <blankrider> bello
[17:20] <&x0r> What class?
[17:20] <blankrider> stevesader
[17:20] <|504Dice> OMg
[17:20] <blankrider> cats123
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> i nvr got passed 70
[17:20] <blankrider> someone hacked me
[17:20] <blankrider> xP
[17:20] <blankrider> idk the pin
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> ll
[17:20] <|504Dice> better say cb or dk lol *cough*
01[17:20] <BurnZeZ> lol
[17:20] <|504Dice> omg answer him
[17:20] <|504Dice> lol
[17:20] <blankrider> go with hermit
[17:20] <|504Dice> this is insane omg
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> sweet
[17:21] <|504Dice> x0r I got more torrents
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> if i get the time
02[17:21] * zapu ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:21] <|504Dice> u never answered him yet burn?>
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> ill throw together a ban meing script
[17:21] <|504Dice> rofl
[17:21] <|504Dice> sure @ that
[17:21] <blankrider> i can't play maple
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> im serious
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> lol
[17:21] <blankrider> i can't even play a fucking video
[17:21] <|504Dice> OMg
[17:21] <&x0r> No ban meing faggotry here.
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> my frnd gave me a script
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> a messed up one
[17:21] <|504Dice> burn u must dont want the fken account?
[17:21] <LawliPop|Len|> i got tons of torrents
[17:21] <|504Dice> answer him with class?
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> but its mostly fixed
[17:21] <|504Dice> answer him with class?
01[17:21] <BurnZeZ> o
[17:21] <LawliPop|Len|> but since he already has it
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> i choose class?
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> cool
[17:22] <LawliPop|Len|> it are okay XD
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> hmm
[17:22] <|504Dice> omg rofl
[17:22] <|504Dice> ur slow
[17:22] <LawliPop|Len|> i had it way before you put up Rs link
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> priest
[17:22] <|504Dice> WTF?
[17:22] <|504Dice> rofl
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> what
[17:22] <|504Dice> ur gonna be support Sad
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> i love mystic door
01[17:22] <BurnZeZ> XD
[17:22] <|504Dice> okie then... lol
01[17:23] <BurnZeZ> or cb
[17:23] <|504Dice> i got more books *cough*
01[17:23] <BurnZeZ> lolz
[17:23] <blankrider> x0r burnZeZ wants you to send me your old comp for his prize
[17:23] <|504Dice> Whats the program you use for updating addresses with the client I forgot the name
[17:23] <|504Dice> you know burn?
[17:23] <LawliPop|Len|> "We are against piracy, please don't attack ships"
[17:23] <LawliPop|Len|> LOL
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> LOL
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> love that
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> ummm
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> i forgot the name
[17:24] <LawliPop|Len|> all the torrents are in person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin language O.o
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> but i know what you're talking about
[17:24] <|504Dice> <LawliPop|Len|> all the torrents are in person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin language O.o
[17:24] <|504Dice> That's called for?
[17:24] <blankrider> lawllll
01[17:24] <BurnZeZ> lol
[17:24] <|504Dice> Ya Why be racist on the computer?
[17:24] <LawliPop|Len|> "Yo, I gots tat tornt thingy u tawked bout"
[17:24] <LawliPop|Len|> XD
[17:24] <LawliPop|Len|> wait
[17:24] <|504Dice> If your going to be racist go to a person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin' as you say and tell him to his face
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> the i isn't capital
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> i did that for your safety
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> so you wouldn't get a seizure as soon as you saw that
[17:25] <|504Dice> And I will laugh while you get your ass jump by a bunch of "afro american humans" as you say
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> Bleh.
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> I've been over this with everyone before.
[17:25] <|504Dice> w/e
01[17:25] <BurnZeZ> OMGOD
[17:25] <|504Dice> what burn?>
[17:25] <LawliPop|Len|> The afro american humans I met aren't "Hard" at all.
01[17:25] <BurnZeZ> ARE YOU THE ONE WHO MADE N1*** ENGINE?!
[17:26] <LawliPop|Len|> It failz.
01[17:26] <BurnZeZ> Only cause you're the one who made it
[17:26] <LawliPop|Len|> Yet I didn't make
[17:26] <|504Dice> cause u didnt meet no real one's
01[17:26] <BurnZeZ> you're in denial
[17:26] <LawliPop|Len|> Which makes me have brocolli for feet
[17:26] <LawliPop|Len|> which in turn gives me hitler's power.
02[17:26] * blankrider ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
01[17:26] <BurnZeZ> aww
[17:27] <|504Dice> lol
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> Dice: I have, and they stepped down.
[17:27] <|504Dice> EVERYONE is at Cef I cant even get on
[17:27] <|504Dice> sure lawli
01[17:27] <BurnZeZ> you cant get on cef?
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> PhpBB error.
03[17:27] * Dark_Byte ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[17:27] * [^_^] sets mode: +qo Dark_Byte Dark_Byte
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> DB!
[17:27] <&x0r> Hey DB.
01[17:27] <BurnZeZ> oh crap
[17:27] <&x0r> How's the AIDs?
[17:27] <|504Dice> HOLD ON
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> The power of teh "superhumans"
01[17:27] <BurnZeZ> cef aint working now
[17:27] <|504Dice> NOw whats the shet yall were talking about DB
[17:27] <|504Dice> lol
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> summoned you
[17:27] <|504Dice> Smile
[17:27] <LawliPop|Len|> x0r said you had Aids.
06[17:28] * LawliPop|Len| hides
[17:28] <&x0r> |504Dice: Did you not read what I just said?
[17:28] <&x0r> <x0r> Hey DB.
[17:28] <&x0r> <BurnZeZ> oh crap
[17:28] <&x0r> <x0r> How's the AIDs?
[17:28] <LawliPop|Len|> lolo
[17:28] <|504Dice> I know I did read
[17:28] <|504Dice> just saying
[17:28] <~Dark_Byte> let me guess, a update or something ?
[17:28] <|504Dice> LOL
[17:28] <&x0r> Yeah.
[17:28] <|504Dice> ya
[17:28] <&x0r> GameGuard.
[17:28] <|504Dice> Thats why things going crazy
[17:28] <|504Dice> message_Die() errors with the phpbb forums
[17:28] <LawliPop|Len|> In that pic thread where you post your pic from irl on cef
[17:29] <|504Dice> PHPBB isn't stable anymore Sad((((
[17:29] <&x0r> phpBB3 is nearly final.
[17:29] <&x0r> RC7
[17:29] <LawliPop|Len|> DB should put:
[17:29] <LawliPop|Len|> Whcih in turn is instant lulz
[17:30] <LawliPop|Len|> Which*
[17:30] <|504Dice> Ya, Nuke-Evolution is taking over PHPBB
[17:30] <|504Dice> Smile
[17:30] <~Dark_Byte> phpBB3 will run a lot slower
[17:30] <LawliPop|Len|> what about proboards?
[17:30] <|504Dice> hell no
[17:30] <|504Dice> but uhm
[17:30] <LawliPop|Len|> XD
[17:31] <|504Dice> wait
[17:31] <|504Dice> IPB is ok
[17:31] <LawliPop|Len|> IPB?
[17:31] <|504Dice> invision
[17:31] <LawliPop|Len|> Too many acronyms if you google.
[17:31] <~Dark_Byte> apache is down for a minute to let thwe cpuload drop under 30
[17:31] <LawliPop|Len|> that's what i said
[17:31] <LawliPop|Len|> pro boards..
[17:31] <|504Dice> u said pro
[17:31] <LawliPop|Len|> invision pro boards O.o
[17:31] <|504Dice> its Invision Power Board
01[17:31] <BurnZeZ> aw crap
[17:32] <|504Dice> I've worked with it several times over the last few years. It runs nicely Smile
01[17:32] <BurnZeZ> cef isn't the only site down
[17:32] <LawliPop|Len|> ProjectW is alive Very Happy
[17:32] <|504Dice> Is CEF running out of space or something?
01[17:32] <BurnZeZ> projectw?
[17:32] <|504Dice> Its a warez Site Burn
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> <= IT are direct downloads
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> warez is old news
01[17:33] <BurnZeZ>
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> fail =[
01[17:33] <BurnZeZ> my favorite
06[17:33] * BurnZeZ slaps LawliPop|Len| around a bit with a large trout
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|>
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> I meant I fail
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> Now you really do fail -.-
[17:33] <~Dark_Byte> ce is running on a Genuine Intel(R) CPU 3.40GHz @2807.489 MHz
[17:33] <~Dark_Byte> and 1GB ram
[17:33] <LawliPop|Len|> I'm confused
[17:34] <LawliPop|Len|> Cef runs on a comp?
03[17:34] * blankrider ([email protected]) has joined #cef
01[17:34] <BurnZeZ> O.o
[17:34] <~Dark_Byte> everything runs on a comp. But no, cef isn't a comp like you're used to. It's in a rack of other comps
[17:34] <LawliPop|Len|> oh
01[17:34] <BurnZeZ> a server right?
[17:34] <~Dark_Byte> with only network plug sin it
[17:35] <|504Dice> nice
[17:35] <|504Dice> no Server from theplanet tho
[17:35] <|504Dice> lol
01[17:36] <BurnZeZ> hey db what's your favorite game
[17:36] <LawliPop|Len|> <Dark_Byte> everything runs on a comp. But no, cef isn't a comp like you're used to. It's in a rack of other comps
[17:36] <&x0r> Dark_Byte is a rotten liar.
[17:36] <&x0r> It also has a power plug.
01[17:38] <BurnZeZ> does windowed mode a/b now?
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> uhh
[17:38] <&x0r> No.
[17:38] <&x0r> unpossible.
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> terminology update plocks?
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> a/b?
[17:38] <&x0r> a/b = autoban
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> why a slash..?
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> You knoqw what
[17:38] <~Dark_Byte> site is up for a few seconds
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> never mind
[17:38] <LawliPop|Len|> still down from me
[17:39] <LawliPop|Len|> weird
[17:39] <blankrider> i didn't use any hacks
[17:39] <blankrider> and used .dll windowed
[17:39] <LawliPop|Len|> if a banlist is missing, the whole site shuts down?
[17:39] <blankrider> and i was banned
[17:39] <blankrider> not auto
[17:39] <blankrider> but banned
[17:39] <LawliPop|Len|> Maybe they examine the .dll that were connected to the window?
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> if they could do thatg
[17:40] <blankrider> maybe
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> but that would make them hackers O.o
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> mgod
03[17:40] * fr0st- ([email protected]) has joined #cef
02[17:40] * fr0st ([email protected]) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:40] <blankrider> GG is a rootkit oO
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> oh my god
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> Duh
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> Xd
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> x0r really gave me it
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> thx dude
[17:40] <~Dark_Byte> heh, we're currently at sql query 59735708, I wonder how often it has already rolled over
[17:40] <blankrider> =O
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> XD
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> Gave you what?
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> the account
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> lvl 100?
01[17:40] <BurnZeZ> my first 3rd job account XD
[17:40] <blankrider> nice
[17:40] <LawliPop|Len|> Sad O.o
[17:41] <blankrider> x0r, if i do you a favor will you send me a new comp
[17:41] <LawliPop|Len|> But new topic
[17:41] <&x0r> Hahaha
[17:41] <blankrider> xP i dont need a moniter
[17:41] <LawliPop|Len|> i need a monitor
[17:41] <blankrider> im at the point of dealing drugs or robbing a bank
[17:41] <&x0r> blankrider: Maybe if I find a new media PC.
[17:41] <blankrider> i can't even go on with my dx9 programming aspiration
[17:41] <LawliPop|Len|> How much would a 24" touchscreen cost?
[17:41] <blankrider> because i can't render 3d objects effeciently on this processor
[17:41] <LawliPop|Len|> Becxause i know the 11" is already like 500
[17:41] <~Dark_Byte> try to remind me that I currently removed the adding of searchterms when posting a new post, so that when I enebale searches again, the adding of search entries is also added back
[17:42] <LawliPop|Len|> I'll just quote you when you say something
[17:42] <|504Dice> Ok
[17:42] <LawliPop|Len|> And you can remind yourself ^^
[17:42] <LawliPop|Len|> CEf is up Very Happy
[17:43] <LawliPop|Len|> ; echo '
[17:43] <LawliPop|Len|> '; echo '
[17:43] <LawliPop|Len|> What's that about?
[17:44] <LawliPop|Len|> At the top left
[17:44] <~Dark_Byte> onyl you see it
[17:44] <~Dark_Byte> means the generation of the page took to long and was cut off and probably now inside your cache
[17:46] <LawliPop|Len|> Hmm, ok.
[17:46] <blankrider> how much does a gaming comp cost if i make it myself?
[17:46] <LawliPop|Len|> I see it on every browser
[17:46] <blankrider> 2gb ram
[17:47] <blankrider> and core 2 duo
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> About 1k
[17:47] <blankrider> o.o
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> Wait, make everything?
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> Including make the parts?
[17:47] <blankrider> i can get one from circuit city thats better for 800
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> or buying them?
[17:47] <blankrider> buy
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> lol
[17:47] <LawliPop|Len|> i can't really
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> tell
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> cause there's a lot of stuff to "compute"
[17:48] <blankrider> i figured x0r knows
[17:48] <&x0r> what?
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> like, your hard driv
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> Cd rom slots, dvd
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> Floppy, ect
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> Also motherboard
[17:48] <blankrider> how much a homemad gaming comp costs
[17:48] <LawliPop|Len|> A ton of shit -.-
[17:48] <~Dark_Byte> I'd day $2000
[17:48] <blankrider> who wants floppy
[17:48] <~Dark_Byte> me
[17:49] <blankrider> o.o
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> it are teh futures
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> teh disk can be brokens by the childs
[17:49] <~Dark_Byte> floppy is a lot faster that cd or flash
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> teh floppy slides for dmg
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> tha too
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> just small space
[17:49] <blankrider> Promotion
[17:49] <&x0r> My computer cost too much.
[17:49] <blankrider>
[17:49] <blankrider> HP Pavilion a6120n Desktop Computer (A6120N)
[17:49] <blankrider> •Intel Core 2 Duo E4400
[17:49] <blankrider> •320GB hard drive
[17:49] <blankrider> •LightScribe-enabled
[17:49] <blankrider>
[17:49] <~Dark_Byte> x0r, go sell it on ebay then
[17:49] <blankrider> •2GB of DDR2 memory
[17:49] <blankrider> •Burns DVDs and CDs
[17:49] <&x0r> I'm too lazy and not knowledgeable with hardware.
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> Mine was about 2k when i bought it years ago
[17:49] <blankrider> •Windows Vista Home Premium
[17:49] <blankrider> i want that comp
[17:49] <LawliPop|Len|> 254 ram was considered rare
[17:50] <LawliPop|Len|> =.=
[17:50] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: No thanks Smile
[17:50] <&x0r> I'm satisfied with it.
[17:50] <blankrider> $779.98
[17:50] <blankrider> god i want that comp
[17:50] <~Dark_Byte> 4400? those are slow
[17:51] <blankrider> whats good for gaming
[17:51] <blankrider> thats not more than 700
[17:51] <blankrider> it should be good enough to run maplestory and guild wars
[17:51] <blankrider> i couldn't get into zakum when i played maple
[17:51] <blankrider> >.<
[17:51] <~Dark_Byte> E6600 and higher (2.6GHz)
[17:51] <&x0r> Q6700
[17:52] <LawliPop|Len|> Why the fucking hell would you want vista -.-
[17:52] <LawliPop|Len|> I just don't get it
[17:52] <&x0r> I use Vista on my laptop.
[17:52] <blankrider> i have a xp disk
[17:52] <blankrider> its what circuit city sells
[17:52] <LawliPop|Len|> Didn't you read teh legendary Dark_Byte post?
[17:52] <blankrider> >.<
[17:53] <LawliPop|Len|> thread*
[17:53] <blankrider> besides i think vistas cool
[17:53] <blankrider> except for drivers
[17:53] <LawliPop|Len|> BLASPHEMER
[17:53] <~Dark_Byte> including ce drivers
[17:53] <blankrider> buy the rights to use it on vista
[17:53] <&x0r> You can load drivers on x64.
[17:54] <&x0r> There's actually a debug mode.
[17:54] <~Dark_Byte> microsoft revokes my license
[17:54] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: Debug mode.
[17:54] <&x0r> Allows you to load unsigned drivers.
[17:54] <LawliPop|Len|> lol
[17:54] <~Dark_Byte> and disables a few small features
[17:54] <&x0r> I remember there was a boot.ini snippet that allowed you to always boot in that mode.
[17:54] <LawliPop|Len|> "small"?
[17:54] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: Elaborate?
[17:55] <blankrider> darkbyte would a 4400 processor run guild wars / maplestory well
[17:55] <~Dark_Byte> disables drm, and software can detect that mode
[17:55] <&x0r> blankrider: yes.
[17:55] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: Enable it?
[17:55] <blankrider> ok
[17:55] <blankrider> when i played GW on my laptop i had 10 minute lag
[17:55] <blankrider> there went 50$
[17:55] <&x0r> Sounds easier to enable DRM than enable unsigned drivers.
[17:55] <blankrider> anyone wanna buy a GW account
[17:55] <LawliPop|Len|> blankrider: Look at the games requirements (Reccomended) Then double it(than?)
[17:55] <blankrider> with serial codes
[17:55] <LawliPop|Len|> Works for any game
[17:55] <LawliPop|Len|> just double the requirements
[17:56] <blankrider> well 2gb ram is good for anything
[17:56] <blankrider> im bad with processors
[17:56] <blankrider> i know shit
[17:56] <LawliPop|Len|> Get it premade
[17:56] <LawliPop|Len|> With a shitload of Ram slots Very Happy
[17:56] <blankrider> thats what im gonna do
[17:56] <~Dark_Byte> this will happen to ce if I made a driver with signature:
[17:56] <blankrider> from CC
[17:56] <LawliPop|Len|> And put in 512 each
[17:56] <blankrider> the one i want has 2gb ram
[17:58] <blankrider> if i got a new comp
[17:58] <blankrider> i'd prolly play legit
[17:58] <blankrider> xP
[17:58] <LawliPop|Len|> Why?
[17:58] <blankrider> i prolly won't even play maplestory
[17:58] <blankrider> maple fucked me up so much
[17:58] <blankrider> the happiest day i've had is when my comp brok
[17:58] <LawliPop|Len|> Unless they hardware block you, you can always come back.
[17:58] <blankrider> looking back
[17:58] <blankrider> its a personal thing
[17:59] <blankrider> not a ban
[17:59] <LawliPop|Len|> That'd be my saddest day
[17:59] <blankrider> i just got hooked in
[17:59] <LawliPop|Len|> I doubt my parents would let me buy a new one
[17:59] <LawliPop|Len|> You mean like..
[17:59] <LawliPop|Len|> Hacking ruins the game?
[17:59] <blankrider> i was addicted
[17:59] <blankrider> nooo
[17:59] <blankrider> hacking made it GOOD
[17:59] <LawliPop|Len|> "Hacking"
[17:59] <blankrider> it was so good that i played it too much
[18:00] <blankrider> and i don't want to go back to that level
[18:01] <blankrider> bye guys
02[18:01] * blankrider ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
[18:02] <LawliPop|Len|> "hacking"
02[18:02] * atlantisx ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: I'm too lame to use a real IRC client!)
[18:03] <LawliPop|Len|>
[18:03] <LawliPop|Len|> "Pacman game with no pacman" sounds fun
[18:03] <~Dark_Byte> they finally changed pacman with a genuine drug adict this time ?
[18:04] <LawliPop|Len|> pacman disproves all gaming addiction theories
[18:05] <~Dark_Byte> actually, since pacman came out the number of drug users has grown a lot
[18:06] <~Dark_Byte> and the number of actual ghost sightings have gone down (probably eaten by those big pill users)
[18:06] <LawliPop|Len|> Whether or not the theories are true doesn't matter, as people get affected by it anyways.
[18:06] <LawliPop|Len|> lol
[18:08] <LawliPop|Len|> The theory; Gaming doesn't affect our daily lives, if it did, we'd all be inside a box eating dots while putting on yellow costumes, listening to horrible music.
[18:08] <~Dark_Byte> and the guy that killed JFK probably played the game JFK reloaded too often... (going back in the past to kill him and one of the time police kills him before eh could tell the people)
[18:08] <LawliPop|Len|> People get affected by that
[18:08] <LawliPop|Len|> LOL
06[18:09] * LawliPop|Len| googles "JFK Reloaded"
[18:09] <LawliPop|Len|> !google JFK reloaded
[18:09] <LawliPop|Len|> Teh bot is gone
[18:09] <LawliPop|Len|> =[
[18:09] <LawliPop|Len|> x0r
[18:09] <LawliPop|Len|> What happened to the google bot?
[18:10] <~Dark_Byte> it wasn't a bot, it was a junky that just googled stuff for you
[18:10] <~Dark_Byte> he od'd
[18:10] <LawliPop|Len|> =[
[18:11] <LawliPop|Len|> I told him to put it in an external channel (#google)
[18:11] <LawliPop|Len|> Knew it would ruin #cef
[18:13] <LawliPop|Len|> The theory is disproved by this..
[18:14] <LawliPop|Len|> <= Warning: Youtube link (oh noes)
03[18:16] * S3NSA ([email protected]A.A) has joined #cef
[18:16] <&x0r> wtf
[18:16] <&x0r> S3NSA: Change that vhost.
[18:16] <S3NSA> why/
[18:16] <S3NSA> oh and
[18:16] <&x0r> It makes me want to falcon punch you.
[18:16] <S3NSA> unless you want a flmaing bitching spam thread
[18:16] <S3NSA> no u
[18:17] <&x0r> no me?
[18:17] <&x0r> Oh that's it.
[18:17] <S3NSA> ;/
[18:17] <&x0r> Anyway, what do you expect me to do?
[18:17] <&x0r> It's not like I'm a moderator.
[18:18] <S3NSA> 0.o
[18:18] <S3NSA> what
[18:18] <S3NSA> yeh you are
[18:18] <S3NSA> -.-
[18:18] <LawliPop|Len|> no he isn't.
[18:18] <LawliPop|Len|> you're seeing things -.-
[18:18] <S3NSA> oh gawd
[18:18] <~Dark_Byte> t=146794, luckely I can see who votes for what and ben those that didn't bote for ce
[18:18] <~Dark_Byte> *ban
[18:19] <&x0r> Too late.
[18:19] <&x0r> Some dumb moderator deleted the thread.
[18:19] <&x0r> My insider tells me it's appalsap.
[18:19] <&x0r> demod her
[18:19] <S3NSA> lol DB
[18:19] <S3NSA> i got flamed on the second page already
[18:19] <S3NSA> :<
[18:20] <S3NSA> i shouldnt be a mo
[18:20] <S3NSA> d
[18:20] <S3NSA> 1. I didnt ban alex
[18:20] <S3NSA> 2. he posted pin scripts
[18:20] <S3NSA> 3. hes a cunt
01[18:20] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[18:20] <BurnZeZ> back x0r
01[18:20] <BurnZeZ> nd anything else
01[18:20] <BurnZeZ> O.o
01[18:20] <BurnZeZ> lol
[18:21] <LawliPop|Len|> "3" is not a valid reason.
[18:21] <&x0r> no
02[18:21] * BurnZeZ: you're not channel operator
[18:21] <LawliPop|Len|> 100011000
01[18:21] <BurnZeZ> grrr
[18:21] <LawliPop|Len|> 118 O.o
01[18:21] <BurnZeZ> im gonna hack mirc
[18:21] <&appalsap> what
01[18:21] <BurnZeZ> and make myself op of this channel
01[18:21] <BurnZeZ> XD
[18:21] <&appalsap> what is going on in this channel :<
[18:21] <~Dark_Byte> to bad mirc is a client, so you'll only be hacking clientside
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> no idea
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> just turned on
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> hehehe shows what you know
[18:22] <S3NSA> x0r
[18:22] <&x0r> There's this fucking moth in my house.
[18:22] <&x0r> i've been trying to kill it all day.
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> lol
[18:22] <LawliPop|Len|> Someone hates someone, someone is flaming, someone is doing something, something someone needs to "get a life"
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> get some moth balls
01[18:22] <BurnZeZ> lol
[18:22] <LawliPop|Len|> Clear?
[18:22] <LawliPop|Len|> use teh poisonz
[18:22] <&x0r> My neighbors would probably think I'm trying to murder someone if they knew I didn't live alone.
[18:23] <&x0r> Running around with my pillow, trying to pummel it into the ground.
[18:23] <S3NSA> does have your permission?
01[18:23] <BurnZeZ> hack its antenna with your wireless card and make it fly into a mouse trap
[18:23] <&x0r> To be honest I don't give a shit.
[18:23] <LawliPop|Len|> LOL
[18:23] <&x0r> The moth keeps on fucking attacking me.
[18:23] <LawliPop|Len|> Guess what?
[18:23] <&x0r> And it buzz's so much.
[18:24] <LawliPop|Len|> Another spider landed right in front of me 2 days ago.
[18:24] <LawliPop|Len|> WHILE I WAS ON vacation (cheat ; Caps)
01[18:24] <BurnZeZ> why not kill it when it attacks you
[18:24] <&x0r> Really, what kind of douchebag codes in Delphi?
[18:24] <&x0r> I try.
[18:24] <+blowie> killer moths?
[18:24] <&x0r> I only hit myself accidentally.
01[18:24] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[18:24] <+blowie> those cunts are annoying
[18:24] <&x0r> It comes at my face, I come to hit it and hit myself.
[18:24] <LawliPop|Len|> X0r: Moth attack, you dodge, you use water gun
[18:24] <LawliPop|Len|> dead
[18:24] <LawliPop|Len|> or summon your mudkipz
01[18:24] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[18:24] <BurnZeZ> someones been playing their ds a wee bit too much
[18:24] <~Dark_Byte> database optimisation question: adding stuff to tables takes quite a lot of time, any way to optimize that?
[18:24] <&x0r> Good idea.
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> ^^
[18:25] <&x0r> I have a water sprayer.
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> Actually, I can't get it to play on my Ds.
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> The battery thing is frozen
[18:25] <S3NSA> ZELDA
[18:25] <&x0r> Too bad the water spray is very concentrated.
[18:25] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: You actually expect help here?
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> DOO DA DOO~
[18:25] <&x0r> hahahahahahahahahaha
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> couldn't resist Very Happy
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> x0r O.o
[18:25] <LawliPop|Len|> You used to care =[
[18:26] <LawliPop|Len|> What happened
[18:26] <LawliPop|Len|> mai boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[18:27] <LawliPop|Len|> I should take advantage of that zelda thing
[18:27] <&x0r> That's my line.
[18:27] <LawliPop|Len|> parody it as much as i can
[18:28] <LawliPop|Len|> Nin Ten Do Wii Nin= Nincada Ten= Tentacool Do=Machop Wii= A wingull
[18:28] <LawliPop|Len|> SUMMON YOUR POKEMANS
[18:28] <LawliPop|Len|> I play too much pokemans
[18:28] <LawliPop|Len|> can't get it out of my head =[
[18:29] <~Dark_Byte> bbl
[18:30] <LawliPop|Len|> kkkz
02[18:30] * ~Dark_Byte ([email protected]) Quit
[18:30] <|504Dice> ya x0r
[18:30] <S3NSA> x0r cant beat a moth IRL
[18:30] <|504Dice> i was afk when he said that
[18:31] <|504Dice> i know about mysql
[18:33] <LawliPop|Len|> sensa: yes he can
[18:33] <LawliPop|Len|> you're seeing things
01[18:34] <BurnZeZ> how do i send files over mirc
[18:34] <&x0r> /server send <nick>
[18:34] <&x0r> Then a file prompt should come up.
01[18:34] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[18:34] <BurnZeZ> one sec
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 18:34:45 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 18:34:45 2007
Session Ident: #cef
02[18:34] * Disconnected
02[18:35] * Attempting to rejoin channel #cef
03[18:35] * Rejoined channel #cef
03[18:35] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[18:35] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
[18:35] <&x0r> hahahahahahaha
01[18:35] <BurnZeZ> hahaha
[18:35] <&x0r> ahahahahahahahahaha
01[18:35] <BurnZeZ> so funny
[18:35] <&x0r> I know.
[18:35] <+blowie> another channel = owned ;P
01[18:36] <BurnZeZ> WHAT
[18:36] <&x0r> HAHAHAHAHAHA
01[18:36] <BurnZeZ> lol

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 18:41:46 2007
Session Ident: #cef
03[18:41] * Now talking in #cef
03[18:41] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[18:41] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:03:11
[18:41] <S3NSA> blowie
[18:42] <S3NSA> 4chan
[18:42] <+blowie> yeah?
[18:42] <S3NSA> owned that kid
[18:42] <+blowie> 4chan sucks
[18:42] <&appalsap> .k blowie
03[18:42] * blowie was kicked by [^_^] (Requested)
03[18:42] * blowie ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[18:42] * [^_^] sets mode: +v blowie
[18:42] <+blowie> it does.
[18:42] <&appalsap> .k blowie
03[18:42] * blowie was kicked by [^_^] (Requested)
03[18:42] * blowie ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[18:42] * [^_^] sets mode: +v blowie
[18:42] <+blowie> ahuh.
[18:42] <LawliPop|Len|> Why would you kick him/her / him+her?
[18:43] <&appalsap> <blowie> 4chan sucks
[18:43] <+blowie> cause someone didnt like my opinion
[18:43] <&appalsap> and that's how we handle opinions
01[18:43] <BurnZeZ> mesa back
[18:43] <LawliPop|Len|> And you don't think so?
[18:43] <LawliPop|Len|> Oh.
[18:44] <+blowie> well good for you
01[18:44] <BurnZeZ> #CheatEngineForums everyone come
[18:44] <+blowie> i dont like people or websites that rip others ideas
[18:44] <+blowie> same as bill gates
03[18:49] * Lawlipop ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[18:50] <Lawlipop> "We don't give a flying fuck about your opinion" <= Should be CEF's new slogan.
03[18:50] * shadowclaw3 ([email protected]) has joined #cef
01[18:51] <BurnZeZ> everyone go to #cheatengineforums whhhhhheeeeee
02[18:51] * LawliPop|Len| ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:51] <shadowclaw3> hey anyone know where to dl something with can compile and read the source?
[18:52] <&appalsap> microsoft word
[18:52] <&appalsap> get that
[18:52] <shadowclaw3> have
[18:52] <shadowclaw3> but how to compile
[18:52] <&appalsap> then use it to compile
[18:52] <shadowclaw3> oh really
[18:52] <shadowclaw3> it can?
[18:52] <&appalsap> read the helpfile
[18:52] <&appalsap> yes
[18:52] <shadowclaw3> k ty
[18:52] <&appalsap> np
[18:53] <Lawlipop> "We don't give a flying fuck about your opinion" <= Should be CEF's new slogan.
[18:54] <Lawlipop> appalsap: You are a god
[18:54] <Lawlipop> appalsap: You are a god-ess
[18:54] <Lawlipop> hehe -.-
[18:54] <Lawlipop> What you just did
[18:54] <shadowclaw3> eveyrone says use masm, where can i dl tht?
[18:54] <Lawlipop> Google
[18:55] <+blowie> i doubt you are even illiterate enough to use masm
[18:55] <+blowie> well
[18:55] <+blowie> literate too
[18:55] <Lawlipop> You mean literate?
[18:55] <Lawlipop> yeah -.-
[18:55] <Lawlipop> Worst mistake
[18:55] <Lawlipop> EVAR
[18:55] <Lawlipop> MOAR
[18:55] <+blowie> LOL
[18:56] <Lawlipop> You make it sound like most of masm's population is retards/idiots.
[18:56] <Lawlipop> "We don't give a flying fuck about your opinion" <= Should be CEF's new slogan.
[18:56] <Lawlipop> I wish say that until someone acknowledges it
[18:56] <Lawlipop> will
[18:57] <+blowie> usually people who cant handle an opinion know its true
[18:57] <+blowie> so they use that quote as an easy way out
[18:57] <Lawlipop> It should stil be teh slogan.
[18:58] <Lawlipop> Time to type below 2nd grade english.
[18:58] <Lawlipop> Because anything above that makes you a fag
[18:58] <Lawlipop> Y NAUT
[18:58] <Lawlipop> cn u herp mi plz?
01[19:00] <BurnZeZ> help you with what?
[19:01] <Lawlipop> blah blah blah chclati yum yum br blah blah blah
[19:01] <Lawlipop> plz herp
02[19:01] * S3NSA ([email protected]A.A) Quit
[19:02] <Lawlipop> Ok enough of that
01[19:04] <BurnZeZ> anyone here need help with something?
[19:06] <Poent_> never
03[19:07] * blankrider ([email protected]) has joined #cef
02[19:10] * blankrider ([email protected]) Quit
[19:13] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> I'd like a game that is small in size but still fun to play.
[19:13] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> Uhh, good luck.
[19:13] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> Anything around 200mb or less would be good.
[19:19] <Lawlipop> Come to think of it
[19:19] <Lawlipop> i do need help
[19:19] <Lawlipop> i can't believe I forgot this but
[19:19] <Lawlipop> What's the name of the manga/ anime that has a guy named luffy in it?
[19:19] <Lawlipop> pirate king didn't do anything..
[19:20] <Lawlipop> so i have no idea O.o
[19:21] <|504Dice> damit
[19:21] <|504Dice> cant find that post
01[19:21] <BurnZeZ> luffy?
03[19:21] * Poent ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[19:21] * [^_^] sets mode: +v Poent
02[19:21] * Poent_ ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
01[19:21] <BurnZeZ> ...
[19:22] <Lawlipop> U*hh
[19:22] <Lawlipop> Never Mind
[19:22] <Lawlipop> I used common sense
[19:22] <Lawlipop> Google
[19:22] <Lawlipop> One piece
[19:22] <Lawlipop> is the name of it
03[19:23] * fr0st ([email protected]) has joined #cef
02[19:26] * fr0st- ([email protected]) Quit (*.net *.split)
02[19:26] * Bryceh ([email protected]) Quit (*.net *.split)
01[19:27] <BurnZeZ> anyone here know armon300
01[19:29] <BurnZeZ> anyone here?
01[19:30] <BurnZeZ> my evil hax0rs AWAKEN!
06[19:30] * BurnZeZ slaps BurnZeZ around a bit with a large trout
02[19:30] * BurnZeZ: you're not channel operator
02[19:30] * Timer 1 activated
02[19:30] * Timer 1 halted
02[19:30] * BurnZeZ: you're not channel operator
02[19:31] * shadowclaw3 ([email protected]) Quit
03[19:31] * Looking up BurnZeZ user info...
[19:32] <|504Dice> RAWR
06[19:32] * |504Dice slaps BurnZeZ around a bit with a large trout
03[19:32] * Xanatoz ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[19:32] <Xanatoz> HAI GUYZ
[19:32] <|504Dice> lol wazzam
[19:33] <Xanatoz> Where is everyone??
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 19:34:59 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 19:34:59 2007
Session Ident: #cef
02[19:34] * Disconnected
02[19:35] * Attempting to rejoin channel #cef
03[19:35] * Rejoined channel #cef
03[19:35] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[19:35] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:03:11
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> OMG
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> look what i found on another forum
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 12:37 pm
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: V .35 patch
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> I recommend making a sticky stating the following to end

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who cares?
look left >>>>>>>>>>this is right you dumbfk

yule wrote:
Well for starters... I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE.
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stewie wrote:
who cares?

Did you read it all?


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

didnt even start Wink
look left >>>>>>>>>>this is right you dumbfk

yule wrote:
Well for starters... I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

the apparently endless flow of repeated questions about the patcher, and the useless flaming that results from people arguing that the manual patcher fixes it.
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> "The manual patch download comes from the same source as the automatic patch, the only difference is you start the patch by double clicking the patcher.exe, so any difficulties experienced while downloading will most likely not disapear if you use the manual patcher, due to the fact they come from the same source. "
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> You can quote me on it if you like in case you find my opinion in any way incorrect, just a suggestion.
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> - This came from the time of the super spam where the auto patcher wasn't working and people felt they had to repeat themselves, more than 20x. Turns out, I was right.
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 12:38 pm
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: Re: V .35 patch Quote message
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> You're wrong
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:08 pm
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: Re: V .35 patch
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Oh? How so? The only other reasonable explanation is that there is a problem with the new patcher? If I am wrong give me a reasonable explanation as to why I am wrong, because I rarely overlook things. Wink
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> I don't have much of a reputation here but you'll find anyone who knows me well enough respects my opinions. Smile
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:10 pm
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: Re: V .35 patch Quote message
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Well for one the real-time patcher downloads files using the old ws16 retrieve method which usually renders files corrupt. The manual patcher has all the contents & it has a CRC32 just to make sure it isn't corrupted. Oh & I know you're not well known, I do know you're full of shit though. A replica of CE in C++!?!?!
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> - This is when it gets GOOD
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> No, actually I'm not full of shit. hence the 80% completion, because C++ can't handle memory quite like Dephi, but still well enough to where its more useful than an UCE or bypass that needs to be updated constantly. Believe it or not, if your fluent in C++ and Delphi its very possible to do what I did, it just takes time. Rolling Eyes I'm not the only 15 year old with a paid internship to a software development company for nothing you know. Idea If you would like to get into an argument about programming logistics and theory I would love to converse.
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:09 pm
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: Re: V .35 patch Quote message
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> I'm considered to have been one of the best programmers of the .2x era Smile There's a very good that SunBeam chose me to be his apprentice. So lets continue this conversation on how you managed to make a memory editor with such a high level of DKOM on MSN, I'm sure I'd love to hear how you pulled that off. Oh wait, name one DDK that would work Smile
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> From: Doowstados
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> To: x0r
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:56 am
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> Subject: Re: V .35 patch
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> You don't use any ready made available Windows DDK, you use a customized cross compiler, because anything windows makes is lacking in that area. I actually borrowed my employers because thats what we deal in is conversions and debugging. And as far as DKOM goes, its basically the same, C++ handles the kernel in a way very similar to Delphi, the only difference being that pascal and C++ handle memory dependencies differently, and they have statements relatively similar to each other in most cases. You just need to be careful while converting the programs to ensure you don't accidentally get caught up in what your doing and try to add features such as .dll injection etc, which due to many unavailable features in C++ is unable to function properly while modifying active memory regions and gives you a beautiful BSOD (I learned this the hard way, 3 days of work led to failure.). The only thing I have really gotten working is Unlim
01[19:36] <BurnZeZ> And as far as you being "One of the best programmers in the .2x era" your forum mates sure don't support you very much, mine have all seen what I can do, (Go talk to Pyr0xmage about it, I don't feel like explaining anything else.) Anyway, I hope this little rant answered a few of your questions. Shoot some more my way if you need.
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 19:36:27 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 19:36:27 2007
Session Ident: #cef
02[19:36] * Disconnected
02[19:36] * Attempting to rejoin channel #cef
03[19:36] * Rejoined channel #cef
03[19:36] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[19:36] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
[19:37] <Lawlipop> SO FAZT
01[19:37] <BurnZeZ> intrawebs?
[19:37] <Lawlipop> wait..
[19:37] <Lawlipop> 1 mb per sec?
[19:37] <Lawlipop> how is that possible?
[19:37] <Lawlipop> thats be like 100mps
01[19:37] <BurnZeZ> that's 1000 kbps
[19:38] <Lawlipop> that too
01[19:38] <BurnZeZ> not 100mps
[19:38] <Lawlipop> but no one sells that O.o
[19:38] <Xanatoz> 1/mb I totally am
[19:38] <Lawlipop> thats like 10 mins for a gig
[19:38] <Xanatoz> 1mb/s*
[19:38] <Lawlipop> 250gig of pr0n anyone?
01[19:38] <BurnZeZ> lols
[19:38] <Xanatoz> 1,200 k a sec = 1.2m/s
01[19:39] <BurnZeZ> thats pretty fast
01[19:39] <BurnZeZ> what provider you got
[19:39] <Xanatoz> College Very Happy
[19:39] <Lawlipop> LOL
[19:39] <+blowie> 1mb/s is possible -_-
01[19:39] <BurnZeZ> satellite
[19:39] <Xanatoz> I just finished 200mbs in like 5 minutes
01[19:39] <BurnZeZ> probably
[19:39] <Xanatoz> Very Happy
[19:39] <Lawlipop> They do download at 1mb/s
[19:39] <Lawlipop> i tried it today
[19:39] <+blowie> malaysian residential users get 3-4mb/s
[19:39] <Lawlipop> sick Very Happy
01[19:39] <BurnZeZ> holy crap
01[19:40] -> *lawlipop* you suck
[19:40] <+blowie> australia has 30mbit lol
[19:40] <+blowie> but iuno if you can reach it -_-
[19:40] <Lawlipop> wait a min
[19:40] <Lawlipop> is one piece still going?
01[19:40] -> *lawlipop* just joking, was testing out prompts
01[19:40] <BurnZeZ> Hallo everyones!
03[19:41] * +Poent ([email protected]) has left #cef
[19:41] <Lawlipop> LOLOLOL
[19:42] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> could've caused a massive flare war <= Best typo ever!
[19:42] <Lawlipop> flare > Flame
[19:42] <Lawlipop> Win. :d
[19:42] <Lawlipop> Wait
[19:43] <Lawlipop> Flame = Flare?
[19:43] <Lawlipop> OMG
[19:43] <Lawlipop> GROSS
[19:43] <Lawlipop> NLEH
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 19:44:09 2007

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 19:44:09 2007
Session Ident: #cef
02[19:44] * Disconnected
02[19:44] * Attempting to rejoin channel #cef
03[19:44] * Rejoined channel #cef
03[19:44] * Topic is 'Please identify with your CEF username (if you have one) || If CEF goes down at 12:30/1:30 AM EST FREAK THE FUCK OUT'
03[19:44] * Set by [email protected] on Fri Oct 19 14:01:30
01[19:44] <BurnZeZ> im back
[19:44] <Lawlipop> good news
[19:45] <Lawlipop> i saved a bunch---
[19:45] <Lawlipop> beh, that's not funny anymore..
[19:45] <Lawlipop> uhh
[19:45] <Lawlipop> the piece of shit" on my hand was chocolate Very Happy
[19:45] <Lawlipop> don't ask me how i know >:S
[19:46] <|504Dice> ...
[19:47] <Lawlipop> Type Ctrl+V
[19:47] <|504Dice> paste for what?
[19:47] <Lawlipop> Hah, you clicked ctrl didn't you?
[19:47] <Lawlipop> works every time -.-
[19:47] <|504Dice> guy is nub as fuck
[19:47] <Lawlipop> say..
06[19:47] * BurnZeZ slaps |504Dice around a bit with a large trout
[19:47] <Lawlipop> "I ess pank mice elf
01[19:48] -> *|504dice* you suck
01[19:48] -> *|504dice* noob
[19:48] <Lawlipop> Dice, I'm noob?
[19:48] <Lawlipop> You're a person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin Very Happy
[19:48] <Lawlipop> That makes you more noob than nox
03[19:49] * Huked ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[19:49] <Huked> *waits for the ban*
02[19:49] * Xanatoz ([email protected]) Quit
[19:49] <Huked> *afk*
[19:49] <Lawlipop> What ban?
01[19:49] <BurnZeZ> is x0r or appalsap here?
[19:49] <Lawlipop> Racism is what founded CEf O.o
[19:49] <Lawlipop> Teh blacks took mah kfc = gold
[19:49] <|504Dice> im a person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin?
[19:49] <Lawlipop> Because you act like one.
[19:49] <Huked> <Lawlipop> What ban? x0r hates me
[19:49] <Huked> so I'm waiting for the ban
[19:49] <|504Dice> uhm....
[19:49] <Huked> :]
[19:50] <|504Dice> how ? because i was fussing with you earlier?
[19:50] <Lawlipop> If he really even gave a flying fuck about you..
[19:50] <+blowie> x0r hates everyone
01[19:50] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Cacausians Eating Frenchies
[19:50] <Lawlipop> Then he'd put you on a-kick list.
[19:50] <Lawlipop> or a-ban
01[19:50] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Cacausians Eating Frenchies
[19:50] <Huked> he did for about a good week
[19:50] <Huked> dunno who removed me
[19:50] <|504Dice> ....How u say that I dont even talk to you alot
[19:50] <+blowie> im caucasian
[19:50] <Lawlipop> CEF = Cool eternal Fire
[19:50] <|504Dice> ....ok
01[19:50] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Cacausians Eating Frenchies
[19:50] <&x0r> Well I especially despise Huked.
[19:50] <Huked> *afks again*
01[19:50] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Cacausians Eating FrenchFries
[19:50] <&x0r> Since he's an idiot who gets away with being stupid.
[19:50] <Huked> aww there's the good old x0r
[19:50] <Huked> :]
[19:51] <|504Dice> LOL
[19:51] <|504Dice> He lives in Boston
[19:51] <|504Dice> ROFL
[19:51] <Lawlipop> Huked
[19:51] <Lawlipop> 2+2
[19:51] <Lawlipop> quick
[19:51] <Lawlipop> quick
[19:51] <+blowie> LOL
[19:51] <Huked> 78494
[19:51] <Huked> right?
[19:51] <Lawlipop> it are taking you long -.-
[19:51] <Huked> I tabbed to mpc Razz
[19:51] <Lawlipop> nice exuse -.-
[19:51] <Lawlipop> excuse*
[19:51] <Huked> don't have to believe me
[19:51] <Huked> never said you did
[19:51] <Huked> believe what you want
[19:52] <Huked> you have your opinion
[19:52] <|504Dice> haha prolly a hom
[19:52] <Lawlipop> I believe that mpc is full of fags
[19:52] <Lawlipop> Excluding Cef.
[19:52] <Huked> that's nice?
[19:52] <Lawlipop> Members
[19:52] <+blowie> opinions dont count so ive learnt
01[19:52] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Chopping European FruitSacks
[19:52] <Lawlipop> Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaancake
[19:52] <Huked> I personally don't care as its your opinion.
[19:52] <+blowie> you have an opinion = banned
[19:52] <Lawlipop> Blowie: Good point.
01[19:52] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Gey
[19:52] <Lawlipop> Then why no banHammer?
[19:52] <Lawlipop> HWERE ARE TEH BANHAMMER
[19:52] <+blowie> should set an aban on the word "opinion"
[19:52] <+blowie> lol
01[19:52] <BurnZeZ> GEY= Great Electronic Friends
[19:53] <Lawlipop> can you do that?
[19:53] <+blowie> with a script ofcourse
[19:53] <Lawlipop> ahh triggers Very Happy
[19:53] <+blowie> -_-
01[19:53] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Chunky European Fattys
[19:53] <Lawlipop> Not here -.-
[19:53] <+blowie> on 1:TEXT:#:*:{ if (opinion isin $1-) { do ban that cunt } }
[19:53] <Lawlipop> XD
[19:54] <+blowie> something like that
[19:54] <Lawlipop> "do ban that cunt" xD
[19:54] <+blowie> lol
06[19:54] * Lawlipop summons Cookmaster
[19:54] <Lawlipop> NOU
[19:54] <Lawlipop> i mispelled cookiemaster
[19:54] <Lawlipop> there is no reason to live anymore
[19:56] <Lawlipop> Dice: I'll smash your balls in so hard they'll be reversed into your asshole, making a perma- manpon.
[19:56] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> Dice: I'll smash your balls in so hard they'll be reversed into your asshole, making a perma- manpon.
[19:56] <|504Dice> i cant wait to see the day
[19:57] <Lawlipop> Yeah, this is why I hate afro american humans.
[19:57] <|504Dice> Why would u even wanna touch another male balls....See u homo
[19:57] <|504Dice> lol
[19:57] <Lawlipop> Another reason.
[19:57] <Lawlipop> I said smash
[19:57] <Lawlipop> As in Hammer
[19:57] <Lawlipop> Not hands.
[19:57] <|504Dice> nah shutup
[19:58] <Lawlipop> OO great comeback.
[19:58] <Lawlipop> i are so amazed
[19:58] <|504Dice> afk
[19:58] <Lawlipop> yeah sure you are
[19:58] <Lawlipop> FAG
[19:58] <Lawlipop> xD
[19:58] <Lawlipop> Fag backwards = German American Faggot
[19:59] <Lawlipop> Yet Germans are cool.
[19:59] <Lawlipop> Because hitler founded them
[20:00] <Lawlipop> *cricket*
01[20:01] <BurnZeZ> Fights on the internet are just like the special olympics
01[20:01] <BurnZeZ> even if you win, you're still retarded
[20:02] <Lawlipop> I saw a picture on that.
[20:02] <+blowie>
[20:02] <+blowie> this will soon be happening to us.
[20:02] <+blowie> the need of fuel
01[20:03] <BurnZeZ> u suck
01[20:03] <BurnZeZ> blowie
[20:03] <+blowie> i wont suck
[20:03] <+blowie> when you dont have power
[20:03] <+blowie> to turn your computer on
[20:03] <+blowie> lol
01[20:03] <BurnZeZ> <blowie> does suck, he blows
01[20:03] <BurnZeZ> <blowie> doesnt suck, he blows
[20:03] <+blowie> mrsblowie sucks
[20:03] <+blowie> i do the licking
[20:03] <Lawlipop> i thought she blows O.o
01[20:03] <BurnZeZ> OMGOD
[20:03] <+blowie> sucking and blowing ;p
[20:03] <+blowie> all the same
[20:03] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> OMIGOD
[20:04] <Lawlipop> Best comeback?
01[20:04] <BurnZeZ> Thisis getting kinda gay
[20:04] <Huked> x0r attack:
[20:04] <Lawlipop> "Your mom is like the wind, she keeps blowing on me"
[20:04] <Lawlipop> XD
[20:04] <Lawlipop> Burn: Because you're here?
[20:04] <Lawlipop> <= LOL
01[20:04] <BurnZeZ> HE'S AFK
01[20:04] <BurnZeZ> NOOOOOOO
[20:05] <+blowie> does ban meing still exist?
[20:05] <Lawlipop> Yes.
[20:05] <Lawlipop> But through very advanced forms.
[20:05] <+blowie> probably some retarded method i bet
[20:05] <+blowie> lol
[20:05] <Lawlipop> I can't bold very advanced enough.
[20:05] <Lawlipop> two bold
[20:05] <Lawlipop> O.o
[20:06] <+blowie> how can u possibly crack a pin, if its checked on the server?
[20:06] <Lawlipop> ctrl+B ctrl+B (text) ctrl+B ctrl+B
[20:06] <Lawlipop> it are not bold O.o
01[20:06] <BurnZeZ> 
[20:06] <Lawlipop> Which is why I said very advanced.
[20:06] <+blowie> i doubt it
01[20:06] <BurnZeZ> e> i like cerial
01[20:06] <BurnZeZ> bold
[20:06] <Lawlipop> 00ownt
01[20:06] <BurnZeZ> i like bold text lol
[20:07] <Lawlipop> Wow you can press butehns
01[20:07] <BurnZeZ> got anything else
[20:07] <Lawlipop> horrays?
[20:07] <Lawlipop> 0invisibleh spam
[20:08] <+blowie> unless the server is comprimised
[20:08] <+blowie> or its bruteforced
06[20:08] * Lawlipop claps
[20:08] <+blowie> compromised too
[20:08] <Lawlipop> you're on the right track
[20:09] <+blowie> but im sure if you send millions of pin combinations to the server
[20:09] <+blowie> it'll reject or kick you the fark off
[20:09] <Lawlipop> Which is why you said what you said.
[20:09] <+blowie> and if it was compromised why would people be wasting time on ban meing
[20:09] <+blowie> and not other shit lol
01[20:10] <BurnZeZ> i can make an empty space
01[20:10] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:10] <BurnZeZ> taduh
[20:10] <Lawlipop> 00But mine has text
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> 
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> haha
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> .
[20:11] <Lawlipop> <Lawlipop> But mine has text <
[20:11] <Lawlipop> highlight it..
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> AHHHH
01[20:11] <BurnZeZ> how you do that!!!
[20:12] <|504Dice> back
01[20:12] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Cacausians Eating Frenchies
01[20:12] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Chopping European FruitSacks
[20:12] <|504Dice> god ur racist against everyone now ur on germans....childesh
01[20:12] <BurnZeZ> CEF= Gey
01[20:12] <BurnZeZ> GEY= Great Electronic Friends
01[20:13] <BurnZeZ> Great Electronic Friends= No Life
[20:13] <+blowie> Centralised Electronic Fucktard
[20:13] <+blowie> k
[20:13] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> CEF=/= Gey <=Fix'.ddos
[20:13] <+blowie> study bbl
[20:13] <Lawlipop> kk
01[20:19] <BurnZeZ> you guys there
01[20:21] <BurnZeZ> blowie?
01[20:21] <BurnZeZ> lawlipop?
02[20:21] * +blowie ([email protected]) Quit
01[20:21] <BurnZeZ> anyone...
[20:24] <Lawlipop> uhh
[20:24] <Lawlipop> yeah
[20:24] <Lawlipop> i fell asleep because of sheer boredom
[20:24] <Lawlipop> again
[20:24] <Lawlipop> i had it ignored
01[20:25] <BurnZeZ> lawlipop accept
[20:26] <Lawlipop> nice try -.-
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> it's nothing like what you think
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> i want you
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> to crack it
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> and find the hidden message for you
[20:26] <Lawlipop> Unfortunately, even if I was that dumb, i don't accept anything with faggotry in it (Maplestory, name).
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:26] <BurnZeZ> one sec
01[20:27] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:27] <BurnZeZ> sending
[20:28] <Lawlipop> First, show me proof it's not a trojan, virus, ect.
01[20:28] <BurnZeZ> dude i dont do viruses
01[20:28] <BurnZeZ> hmmm
[20:29] <|504Dice> sad day for maplers
[20:29] <|504Dice> lol
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> scan it once you get it
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> im too lazy
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> dont have any antivirus
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> and aint downloading
[20:29] <Lawlipop> So am I then.
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> only have like 200 mgs of free space
[20:29] <Lawlipop>
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> o
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> ok
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> one sc
[20:29] <Lawlipop> gib me pix
01[20:29] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:31] <BurnZeZ> takes forever lolz
01[20:33] <BurnZeZ>
01[20:34] <BurnZeZ> k you there
01[20:34] <BurnZeZ> or did you fall asleep again!
01[20:35] <BurnZeZ>
01[20:35] <BurnZeZ> ok
01[20:35] <BurnZeZ> now download it
01[20:36] <BurnZeZ> and crack the message
01[20:36] <BurnZeZ> or if you wanna try x0r ill send it to you
[20:36] <Lawlipop> uhh, i di--- moving on
[20:36] <Lawlipop> send again plocks
01[20:37] <BurnZeZ> sending
[20:37] <Lawlipop> bleh i need ollydbg for this
01[20:37] <BurnZeZ> no you dont
[20:37] <Lawlipop> too lazy to download it .-
01[20:37] <BurnZeZ> not if you're smart
[20:37] <Lawlipop> i don't?
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> it's a very simple one
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> you just need brains
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> XD
[20:38] <Lawlipop> DCC Get of Find_the_hidden_message.exe from BurnZeZ incomplete (unable to connect)
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> one sec
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:38] <BurnZeZ> now try
01[20:39] <BurnZeZ> grr
01[20:39] <BurnZeZ> one more try
01[20:40] <BurnZeZ> k there lawli?
[20:40] <Lawlipop> DCC Get of Find_the_hidden_message.exe from BurnZeZ incomplete (unable to connect)
[20:41] <Lawlipop> ;;.;;
01[20:42] <BurnZeZ> sending once more, if it doesnt work ill upload to rapidshare
01[20:43] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[20:43] <BurnZeZ> here you go
01[20:43] <BurnZeZ>
01[20:44] <BurnZeZ> k you got it now
01[20:44] <BurnZeZ> what time is it where you live
01[20:44] <BurnZeZ> its 844pm for me
[20:47] <|504Dice> nice news update x0r
[20:47] <|504Dice> ty
01[20:47] <BurnZeZ> news update?
[20:48] <&x0r> BurnZeZ: That EXE is dead
[20:48] <&x0r> Doesn't do shit.
[20:48] <&x0r> IT IS FUCKED.
[20:49] <|504Dice> ya burn
[20:49] <|504Dice>
03[20:50] * blankrider ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[20:50] <blankrider> can someone help me
[20:50] <|504Dice> ??
[20:51] <blankrider> i need the source code to the book "programming role-playing games with directx"
[20:51] <blankrider> i have the ebook
[20:51] <blankrider> but no source
[20:51] <blankrider> alot of people on CEF are good at finding files
01[20:51] <BurnZeZ> thats because you didnt crack it x0r
01[20:51] <BurnZeZ> well
[20:51] <&x0r> No
01[20:51] <BurnZeZ> not neccessarily a crack
01[20:51] <BurnZeZ> just hidden
[20:51] <&x0r> It's because it's fucked up you douche.
01[20:52] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:52] <BurnZeZ> still havent figured it out
01[20:52] <BurnZeZ> so simple
[20:52] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> lawli?
[20:52] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> you guys dont talk much
[20:52] <Lawlipop> ^ that is so misguided
[20:52] <Lawlipop> i think I talk the most O.o
01[20:52] <BurnZeZ> lol
[20:52] <Lawlipop> Not including spam.
01[20:53] <BurnZeZ> noone found the hidden message?
[20:53] <Lawlipop> I'm just occupied.
[20:53] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> lawli?
[20:53] <Lawlipop> <BurnZeZ> you guys dont talk much
[20:53] <Lawlipop> bleh
01[20:53] <BurnZeZ> ...
[20:53] <Lawlipop> wrong ctrl+v
[20:53] <Lawlipop> -BurnZeZ- DCC Send Find the hidden message.exe (
[20:53] <Lawlipop> ^
01[20:53] <BurnZeZ>
[20:55] <Lawlipop> wow
[20:55] <Lawlipop> easy
[20:55] <Lawlipop> prntscrn on right time -.-
[20:55] <Lawlipop> change it to .txt?
[20:55] <Lawlipop> XD
06[20:56] * BurnZeZ sits there laughing that lawlipop figured it out b4 x0r
[20:56] <Lawlipop> I don't think x0r gives a flying fuck.
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> lol
[20:56] <Lawlipop> I went for common sense
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> i know
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> thats whats funnyu
[20:56] <Lawlipop> Because I'ved eont his before.
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> funny
[20:56] <Lawlipop> done*
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> i love doing stuff like this
01[20:56] <BurnZeZ> to like pro hackers
01[20:57] <BurnZeZ> and they try to figure it out the most complicated way
[20:57] <&x0r> Sigh.
[20:57] <&x0r> It's not a real EXE.
[20:57] <Lawlipop> If you're Reading this, Then it means you suck!!!!!!
[20:57] <Lawlipop> Btw.
[20:57] <Lawlipop> it was a .bat most.
01[20:57] <BurnZeZ> just to find out... it was right in front of them the whole time
[20:57] <Lawlipop> I knew it from the first second it was on Dos.
01[20:57] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:57] <BurnZeZ> finally
06[20:58] * BurnZeZ slaps x0r around a bit with a large trout
06[20:58] * BurnZeZ then screams at x0r to learn some common sense from Lawlipop
[20:58] <blankrider> lol we got my mom a birthday card
[20:58] <Lawlipop> x0r wins though.
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> lol
[20:58] <Lawlipop> It's not a real exe.
[20:58] <blankrider> How does a french cow wish you happy birthday?
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> thats true
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> but
[20:58] <Lawlipop> I don't have any common sense -.-
[20:58] <blankrider> then you open it and a tongue pops out of a cow
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> the challenge was to find the mesage
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> and you found it out
01[20:58] <BurnZeZ> b4 him
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> so taduh
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> lol
[20:59] <Lawlipop> I don't feel special.
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> you shouldnt
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> because the message was for you
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> you suck
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> jk
[20:59] <Lawlipop> suck what?
[20:59] <Lawlipop> potatoes?
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> no
01[20:59] <BurnZeZ> lawlipops
06[20:59] * Lawlipop turns head
03[21:00] * BurnZeZ is now known as Wieners
06[21:00] * Wieners are falling everywhere!!!
03[21:00] * Wieners is now known as BurnZeZ
03[21:00] * BurnZeZ is now known as Lawlipops
06[21:00] * Lawlipops are attacking Lawlipop
03[21:01] * Lawlipops is now known as BurnZeZ
[21:01] <Lawlipop> But I am a lawlipop.
[21:01] <Lawlipop> Therfore, you failed before the message.
[21:01] <Lawlipop> And x0r still wins.
03[21:01] * BurnZeZ is now known as X0rEater
06[21:02] * X0rEater eats X0r
03[21:02] * X0rEater is now known as GiantMonkeyMan
06[21:02] * GiantMonkeyMan poops on lawlipop.
03[21:02] * GiantMonkeyMan is now known as BurnZeZ
[21:02] <Lawlipop>
[21:02] <Lawlipop> what ever happened to that?
[21:02] <Lawlipop> it used to be in everyone's sig.
[21:02] <Lawlipop> Give or take an "everyone"
01[21:02] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[21:02] <BurnZeZ> i remember that
[21:03] <Lawlipop> If a doctor says "you won't feel a thing", it'll hurt like hell.
[21:03] <Lawlipop> IF a doctor says "This might hurt a bit" you'll be dead.
[21:04] <Lawlipop> ,
[21:04] <Lawlipop> ,<
01[21:05] <BurnZeZ> ive got a new one
01[21:05] <BurnZeZ> much harder
[21:05] <Lawlipop> Sure, why not.
[21:06] <Lawlipop> Hurry up
01[21:06] <BurnZeZ>
[21:06] <Lawlipop> I need a challenge...
01[21:06] <BurnZeZ> MUCH HARDER
01[21:06] <BurnZeZ> unless you again use common sense
01[21:07] <BurnZeZ> i want to see you figure this one out x0r
[21:07] <Lawlipop> You just need to decode it....
[21:07] <&x0r> I want to see you die in a fire.
[21:07] <&x0r> Neither will happen.
01[21:07] <BurnZeZ> lol
[21:07] <Lawlipop> Good one Very Happy
06[21:07] * BurnZeZ slaps Lawlipop around a bit with a large trout
01[21:08] <BurnZeZ> WHAT NOW
[21:08] <Lawlipop> You slapped me virtually
[21:08] <Lawlipop> I'm crying inside.
01[21:08] <BurnZeZ> EXACTLY
01[21:08] <BurnZeZ> hey lawli
01[21:08] <BurnZeZ> did you figure it out
[21:09] <Lawlipop> Still trying.
01[21:09] <BurnZeZ> kk
02[21:09] * blankrider ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
[21:10] <Lawlipop> Most of the stuff won't intialize
[21:10] <Lawlipop> Which makes it yet another not fully 32bit exer
[21:10] <Lawlipop> exe*
01[21:11] <BurnZeZ> if you give up tell me
[21:11] <Lawlipop> k
01[21:11] <BurnZeZ> and ill show you a vid of how to decode it
[21:12] <Lawlipop> No vids please.
[21:12] <Lawlipop> I have dial-up
01[21:12] <BurnZeZ> o
01[21:12] <BurnZeZ> hmm
[21:12] <Lawlipop> my babeez are still "loading"
01[21:12] <BurnZeZ> webcam?'
01[21:12] <BurnZeZ> or screenies?
[21:13] <Lawlipop> screenies
01[21:13] <BurnZeZ> kk
[21:13] <Lawlipop> or simple written instructions
[21:16] <Lawlipop> you froze mah comp
[21:18] <Lawlipop> ok i give up
[21:18] <Lawlipop> only think you open it with some kind of program
[21:18] <Lawlipop> i tried imaging, text, and olldbg
[21:18] <Lawlipop> lots of errors, not functional.
[21:18] <Lawlipop> and what else..
[21:18] <Lawlipop> uhh
[21:18] <Lawlipop> oh yeah
[21:18] <Lawlipop> google XD
[21:19] <Lawlipop> well, i ive up
[21:19] <Lawlipop> answer?
01[21:21] <BurnZeZ> kk
01[21:21] <BurnZeZ> lol
[21:21] <Lawlipop> took you long enough -.-
[21:21] <Lawlipop> that coming from a dial-up user
03[21:24] * Dark_Byte ([email protected]) has joined #cef
03[21:24] * [^_^] sets mode: +qo Dark_Byte Dark_Byte
[21:25] <&x0r> Great...
[21:25] <&x0r> SunBeam is drunk and he's spamming CEF.
[21:25] <&x0r> appalsap: You deal with him please.
01[21:25] <BurnZeZ> LOOOOOL
01[21:25] <BurnZeZ> hold o
01[21:25] <BurnZeZ> ill kill him!!!
[21:26] <~Dark_Byte> proof that humans just don't have a understanding of random: xzsawq21 used by 3 completly different people in the forum, not as random as you might have though
[21:26] <Lawlipop> i knew i had it
[21:26] <Lawlipop> that's the second time i decoded your message.
[21:26] <|504Dice> lol
[21:26] <Lawlipop> SECOND
[21:27] <Lawlipop> I win
[21:27] <Lawlipop> TWICE
[21:27] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: I'm interested as to why you would KNOW that.
01[21:27] <BurnZeZ> who im x0rs gf is sunbeam?
[21:27] <Lawlipop> Speak english.
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> lawlipop?
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> you decoded it?
[21:28] <Lawlipop> Yup?
[21:28] <Lawlipop> Can;t
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> kk
[21:28] <Lawlipop> You gave me a corrupted version.
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> you did it right though
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> lol
[21:28] <Lawlipop> But I win because I found out it was png file.
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> yep
[21:28] <~Dark_Byte> talixx used that as pass, and I was wondering if there where other people with that pass
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> lemme get another one
01[21:28] <BurnZeZ> x0r i dont see any posts by sunbeam?
[21:28] <Lawlipop> wow..
[21:29] <Lawlipop> this is big
[21:29] <Lawlipop> Db is giving out passwords O.o
[21:29] <~Dark_Byte> I always do with spammers
[21:29] <Lawlipop> ^^
[21:30] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: How about you deal with SB?
[21:30] <Lawlipop> What did he do?
[21:30] <~Dark_Byte> 1 day ban ?
[21:30] <~Dark_Byte> aying get sober
[21:30] <Lawlipop> Besides spam in Random Spam
01[21:31] <BurnZeZ> what you mean db is giving out passwords?
[21:31] <~Dark_Byte> regarding sunbeam, as long as he doesn't spam in any section outside random spam, leave him be
[21:31] <Lawlipop> [email protected]
[21:32] <Lawlipop> put it on random pr0n sites Very Happy
[21:32] <~Dark_Byte> I always give out the used password of spammers
[21:32] <~Dark_Byte> for some reason it sometimes matches their emails pass
[21:32] <Lawlipop> sometimes?
[21:32] <~Dark_Byte> not always, but often
[21:33] <Lawlipop> Nope.
[21:33] <Lawlipop> His is different.
[21:35] <Lawlipop> Should I change his pass?
[21:36] <Lawlipop> Or is that too mean?
[21:36] <Lawlipop> xD
[21:36] <&x0r> He is spamming inside MS section.
[21:37] <&x0r> Look at my "FYI" topic.
[21:38] <~Dark_Byte> only one topic, just delete the useless posts (and not only of sunbeam)
[21:38] <~Dark_Byte> or just ignore
[21:38] <Lawlipop> Uhh, link?
03[21:39] * SunBeam ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[21:39] <|504Dice> lol
03[21:39] * [^_^] sets mode: +o SunBeam
[21:39] <@SunBeam> mhm
[21:39] <@SunBeam> nigga plz
[21:39] <@SunBeam> ..
[21:40] <Lawlipop> My post might be immature
[21:40] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: why delete my posts?
[21:40] <Lawlipop> But meh.
01[21:40] <BurnZeZ> hi sunbeam
[21:40] <@SunBeam> they are GOLD
[21:40] <@SunBeam> hi
[21:40] <@SunBeam> as my yellow-ish colorz
[21:40] <@SunBeam> and curlz
01[21:42] <BurnZeZ> hey SUNBEAM
01[21:42] <BurnZeZ> find the hidden message in this file!!!
01[21:42] <BurnZeZ>
[21:45] <Lawlipop> wow dude
01[21:45] <BurnZeZ> what
01[21:45] <BurnZeZ> dont say nothing
[21:45] <Lawlipop> Is that the same one?
01[21:45] <BurnZeZ> !!!
01[21:45] <BurnZeZ> itll ruin the surprise
[21:45] <Lawlipop> He'll figure it out
[21:45] <Lawlipop> it's so easy
[21:45] <Lawlipop> well kind of
[21:46] <@SunBeam> meh
[21:46] <@SunBeam> psh
[21:46] <Lawlipop> well?
[21:46] <@SunBeam> the answer is so simple
[21:46] <@SunBeam> the message is this
[21:46] <@SunBeam> plain and short
[21:46] <Lawlipop> The answer is?
[21:46] <@SunBeam> 48492053554E4245414D2121210D0A47495645204D452044412050495A5A415320524F4D414E49414E205354594C4521212120594F5555204B4E4F5720574841542049204D45414E4021
[21:46] <@SunBeam> that's the answer
01[21:46] <BurnZeZ> uhhh
01[21:46] <BurnZeZ> sure?
[21:46] <@SunBeam> YES
[21:46] <@SunBeam> =)))
01[21:46] <BurnZeZ> BEEEP
[21:46] <@SunBeam> triple chin laugh
01[21:46] <BurnZeZ> wrong
[21:46] <@SunBeam> fear
[21:46] <@SunBeam> i told u to decode it
[21:46] <@SunBeam> ..
[21:47] <@SunBeam> T_T
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> open it in notepad
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> lolz
[21:47] <@SunBeam> meh, u phail
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[21:47] <@SunBeam> can't u see I'm toying
[21:47] <@SunBeam> ffs
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> lolz
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> ya
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> but x0r wasnt
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> he was trieing
[21:47] <~Dark_Byte> why do you want a romanian pizza?
[21:47] <Lawlipop> uhh
[21:47] <Lawlipop> burn
[21:47] <Lawlipop> is that it?
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> THEY TASTE GOOD
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[21:47] <BurnZeZ> hey
[21:48] <&x0r> Romanian pizza tastes like shit.
[21:48] <Lawlipop> I doubt x0r even tried 0.0
01[21:48] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[21:48] <BurnZeZ> but
[21:48] <Lawlipop> Gib me another one Very Happy
01[21:48] <BurnZeZ> if he knows they taste like shit
[21:48] <Lawlipop> I wanna decode stuffz
[21:48] <Lawlipop> i got 2/2 so far
01[21:48] <BurnZeZ> then he must've tasted romanian pizza
[21:48] <Lawlipop> i want MOAR
01[21:48] <BurnZeZ> and shit!
[21:48] <@SunBeam> cuz we dun liek Holland pizzas
[21:48] <@SunBeam> Razz
[21:49] <@SunBeam> all good US ppl come to Romania when coming to Europe
[21:49] <@SunBeam> not to Holland
[21:49] <@SunBeam> Wink
01[21:49] <BurnZeZ> XD
[21:49] <~Dark_Byte> 49 66 20 79 6F 75 20 61 72 65 20 72 65 61 64 69 6E 67 20 74 68 69 73 20 6D 65 73 73 61 67 65 20 74 68 65 6E 20 79 6F 75 20 61 72 65 20 72 65 61 6C 6C 79 20 70 61 74 68 65 74 69 63 00 00
01[21:49] <BurnZeZ> O.o
[21:49] <@SunBeam> now now
[21:49] <@SunBeam> no need to be CRANKY
[21:49] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[21:49] <@SunBeam> okay, snow flakes?
[21:50] <@SunBeam> Burn -
[21:50] <@SunBeam> for j00
[21:50] <@SunBeam> and only j00
03[21:50] * LawliPop|Len| ([email protected]) has joined #cef
01[21:51] <BurnZeZ> whoa
01[21:52] <BurnZeZ> froze my browser
01[21:52] <BurnZeZ> lol
01[21:52] <BurnZeZ> i dunt get it
02[21:52] * Lawlipop ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
01[21:52] <BurnZeZ> whats 49 66 20 79 6F 75 20 61 72 65 20 72 65 61 64 69 6E 67 20 74 68 69 73 20 6D 65 73 73 61 67 65 20 74 68 65 6E 20 79 6F 75 20 61 72 65 20 72 65 61 6C 6C 79 20 70 61 74 68 65 74 69 63 00 00 mean
[21:53] <~Dark_Byte> it's a secret noone know
[21:53] <&x0r> Sad
01[21:53] <BurnZeZ> noes!!!
[21:53] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: Can you increase my inbox size?
[21:53] <~Dark_Byte> it's the username and pass for the nprotect sourcecode depository
[21:53] <&x0r> To like 48935348503490583583583458903490 PMs?
01[21:53] <BurnZeZ> serious?
[21:54] <~Dark_Byte> just delete some old posts, or just live that each some someone pm's you a old post gets deleted
[21:54] <@SunBeam> ahahaah
[21:54] <@SunBeam> meh, i remember the good old days
[21:54] <@SunBeam> when I was a mod
[21:54] <@SunBeam> and was getting PM spammed cuz of x0r
[21:54] <@SunBeam> now the wheel turns
[21:54] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
01[21:54] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[21:54] <@SunBeam> IT'S YOUR TURN BITCH!
[21:54] <@SunBeam> FLAME ON!
01[21:55] <BurnZeZ> XD
06[21:55] * @SunBeam wears anti-flame shield
[21:55] <&x0r> ;_;
[21:55] <@SunBeam> pew pew laserz
06[21:55] * BurnZeZ walks in front of x0r and gets shot to death by SunBeams laserz
[21:55] <@SunBeam> I find it quite intriguing to be able to unduce so much disorder and state of disorientation among the fellow citizens of CEF < :O
[21:56] <@SunBeam> omg, what an eloquence in my language
[21:56] <@SunBeam> :O
[21:56] <LawliPop|Len|> It are because you was role models
[21:56] <@SunBeam> induce T_T*
[21:56] <@SunBeam> shall I attempt to get banned?
[21:56] <@SunBeam> vote casted
[21:56] <@SunBeam> YES
[21:56] <@SunBeam> majority decided
[21:56] <@SunBeam> okay..
01[21:57] <BurnZeZ> NOES
[21:57] <~Dark_Byte> I have a better solution
[21:58] <~Dark_Byte> of course, it adds a bit more work to mods, or not...
[21:59] <@SunBeam> lol
[22:00] <@SunBeam> let's hear, DB
[22:00] <@SunBeam> bring it on
[22:00] <~Dark_Byte> it's a surprise
[22:00] <@SunBeam> hahah
[22:00] <@SunBeam> you know I love them surprizes
[22:00] <&x0r> I bet $10 on invis.
[22:00] <@SunBeam> NO
[22:01] <@SunBeam> he said "more work from mods"
[22:01] <@SunBeam> so you phail
[22:01] <@SunBeam> shush
[22:01] <@SunBeam> DB didn't allow you to speak, puny slave
[22:01] <@SunBeam> xDD
[22:01] <@SunBeam> I say all mods rebel - don't do ur job till DB gives you ur salary
[22:01] <@SunBeam> it's MONARCHY
01[22:02] <BurnZeZ> I'LL REBEL!!!
01[22:02] <BurnZeZ> oh wait im not a mod
01[22:03] <BurnZeZ> MAKE ME A MOD
01[22:03] <BurnZeZ> lolz
03[22:03] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:03] <ethrethdjed> wtf sunbeam is on
[22:03] <ethrethdjed> lol
01[22:03] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[22:03] <ethrethdjed> hey SB
[22:03] <@SunBeam> OH NOES
01[22:03] <BurnZeZ> you missed it all
[22:03] <@SunBeam> give ur best shot at it
[22:03] <@SunBeam> while u're here
[22:03] <@SunBeam> BRING IT
[22:03] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:03] <ethrethdjed> at what
[22:03] <@SunBeam> come on, you know
[22:03] <@SunBeam> Mr. Generalize
[22:03] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:03] <ethrethdjed> the GG CRC thing?
[22:03] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:04] <@SunBeam> I said that word again
[22:04] <@SunBeam> it's killin me
[22:04] <@SunBeam> Sad
06[22:04] * BurnZeZ sits in the crowd of onlookers eating popcorn, laughing at ethrethdjed for saying gg.
06[22:04] * ethrethdjed is stupid
[22:04] <@SunBeam> BurnZeZ: it's not CRC
[22:04] <@SunBeam> as lately I discovered, it's GRC
[22:04] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:04] <ethrethdjed> wtf GRC???
[22:04] <ethrethdjed> wow im clueless now.
[22:04] <@SunBeam> i wan Maple GRC bypess
[22:04] <@SunBeam> PLZ
01[22:05] <BurnZeZ> GRC?
[22:05] <~Dark_Byte> hook mmProbeAndLockPages and redirect to a copy
[22:05] <@SunBeam> no!
[22:05] <ethrethdjed> wtf dark_byte talked!
[22:05] <@SunBeam> nevur!
[22:05] <@SunBeam> he spits one phrase a minute
01[22:05] <BurnZeZ> no duh
01[22:05] <BurnZeZ> lol
[22:05] <@SunBeam> hopefully one that makes sense
[22:05] <ethrethdjed> lololoollololo
01[22:05] <BurnZeZ> you shoulda been here earlier
[22:05] <@SunBeam> lol, DB
[22:05] <@SunBeam> you should have a contest
[22:05] <ethrethdjed> why
01[22:05] <BurnZeZ> mod and exmod war
[22:05] <@SunBeam> 1 phrase/ hour
[22:05] <ethrethdjed> wha'd I miss
[22:06] <@SunBeam> regarding the bypass
[22:06] <@SunBeam> u should see the mass
[22:06] <@SunBeam> "hey, sup", "nothin, waiting for DB hour"
[22:06] <@SunBeam> AHAHAHA
[22:06] <ethrethdjed> mind posting the whole chat log? Smile
[22:06] <|504Dice> lol
01[22:06] <BurnZeZ> lolz
[22:06] <LawliPop|Len|>
[22:06] <LawliPop|Len|> luv meh
01[22:06] <BurnZeZ> that'll d/c me
[22:06] <~Dark_Byte> thanks, more ips I can add to my banlist
[22:07] <@SunBeam> ahahaha
[22:07] <ethrethdjed> wtf you ban ip's!?
01[22:07] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[22:07] <@SunBeam> x0r: taking you on that bet
[22:07] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:07] <ethrethdjed> stop banning proxy ip's!
[22:07] <~Dark_Byte> only of proxies when they get abused
[22:07] <@SunBeam> shall I send you my PayPal
[22:07] <@SunBeam> ?
[22:07] <@SunBeam> "needs more work from mods" - r u gonna put them to proxy slavery?
[22:07] <@SunBeam> "must gather proxies, must gather proxies.."
[22:07] <@SunBeam> =))
[22:07] <LawliPop|Len|> lololol
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> what about those proxy grbber things
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> I bet those still work
[22:08] <@SunBeam> I can give you all romanian ones
[22:08] <@SunBeam> if you want
[22:08] <@SunBeam> that way you can make sure ROMANIA
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> grabber*
[22:08] <@SunBeam> is 100% blocked from CEF
[22:08] <@SunBeam> =]
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> WRY
06[22:08] * BurnZeZ gets beaten by DB for bringing in only 249 in a minute, opposed to the 250 required proxies a minute.
[22:08] <@SunBeam> just pleasuring DB
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> if they can speak english aren't they allower here?
[22:08] <ethrethdjed> allowed*
[22:08] <@SunBeam> it's not that
[22:09] <@SunBeam> you know
[22:09] <@SunBeam> a person for the mass
[22:09] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:09] <@SunBeam> I am the black sheep of Romania
[22:09] <@SunBeam> for CEF
[22:09] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:09] <@SunBeam> so DB bans whole Romania
[22:09] <@SunBeam> xDDD
[22:09] <@SunBeam> YEY!
01[22:09] <BurnZeZ> WOOT
[22:09] <@SunBeam> or who knows
[22:09] <@SunBeam> maybe he's gonna make a bypassed CE
[22:09] <@SunBeam> and have me test it
[22:09] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:09] <@SunBeam> WinkSmileSmile
06[22:10] * @SunBeam would prolly wipe his kernel completely, make HDD crash
06[22:10] * ethrethdjed slaps SunBeam, Dark_Byte, x0r, appalsap, and KD5EEJ350 with a large frozen rainbow trout.
[22:10] <@SunBeam> special CE editions Smile
[22:10] <LawliPop|Len|> proxy finder 1.1
[22:10] <LawliPop|Len|> it still works aVery Happy
[22:10] <ethrethdjed> lol i use that
[22:10] <@SunBeam> heh, we always got Tor
[22:10] <ethrethdjed> for rapidshare
01[22:10] <BurnZeZ> Or he's gonna say that and put a line in the CE "Kill process sunbeam.exe"
06[22:10] * ~Dark_Byte slaps ethrethdjed around a bit with a large steel pipe
[22:10] <@SunBeam> yet I wonder how are they going to ban whole China
[22:10] <@SunBeam> if I am to use one proxy from them
[22:10] <ethrethdjed> ow.
[22:10] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:11] <ethrethdjed> that really hurt
06[22:11] * BurnZeZ slaps Dark_Byte around a bit with a large trout
01[22:11] <BurnZeZ> FEAR MY FISHY
[22:11] <ethrethdjed> concussion much?
[22:11] <@SunBeam> like my OS is called sunbeam32.dll
[22:11] <@SunBeam> Smile)
[22:11] <@SunBeam> ha!
[22:11] <LawliPop|Len|> llo
01[22:11] <BurnZeZ> lol
[22:11] <~Dark_Byte> I use dboskrnl.exe
[22:11] <@SunBeam> that's gay
[22:11] <@SunBeam> u should cut it down
[22:11] <@SunBeam> dbcore.exe
[22:11] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:12] <@SunBeam> see?
[22:12] <@SunBeam> xD
[22:12] <ethrethdjed> my ver of linux is called Ethux.
[22:12] <@SunBeam> lemme beautify it
[22:12] <@SunBeam> dBCore.exe
[22:12] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:12] <LawliPop|Len|> Mine is called..
[22:12] <LawliPop|Len|> Lenux
[22:12] <@SunBeam> 1337 skillz
[22:12] <LawliPop|Len|> XD
[22:12] <ethrethdjed> lol jk i wouldnt take the time to make my own linux
[22:12] <ethrethdjed> too much h/w
01[22:12] <BurnZeZ> Mine's Burnt.exe
[22:12] <@SunBeam> dB from dark_Byte
06[22:12] * LawliPop|Len| praises teh superhumans
[22:12] <&x0r> i use xorkrnl.exe
[22:12] <&x0r> xorvdm.exe
[22:12] <&x0r> xor32.dll
[22:12] <@SunBeam> meh, cliches
[22:12] <&x0r> xorgdi32.dll
[22:13] <ethrethdjed> that sounds so self centerd.
[22:13] <@SunBeam> gotta hate them
01[22:13] <BurnZeZ> i burnt it with a blow torch...
[22:13] <&x0r> xoruser32.dll
[22:13] <&x0r> xorapi32.dll
[22:13] <ethrethdjed> naming everythin after yourself...
[22:13] <@SunBeam> indeed
01[22:13] <BurnZeZ> it used to be killacon.exe
[22:13] <@SunBeam> imagine your OS's name
[22:13] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjeduser32.dll
[22:13] <@SunBeam> =))))
01[22:13] <BurnZeZ> LOOOL
[22:13] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:13] <ethrethdjed> lychee pl0x
[22:13] <@SunBeam> u can cut it down if u want
01[22:13] <BurnZeZ> imagine running processes
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> ethrethdjed is just some random gibberish i typed in
[22:14] <@SunBeam> but I really suggest you leave it as is
[22:14] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:14] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjeduser32.dll FTW!
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> it was supposed to be a spam CEF account
[22:14] <@SunBeam> AHAHA
[22:14] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: kill his acc!
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[22:14] <@SunBeam> kthnxbye
01[22:14] <BurnZeZ> run>ethrethdjeduser32taskmanager.exe
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> nooooooooo
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> LOL
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> ethrethdjeduser32taskmanager.exe lollolololo
[22:14] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: <ethrethdjed> it was supposed to be a spam CEF account !!!!!!!!!!
[22:14] <@SunBeam> kill eet!
[22:14] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:14] <ethrethdjed> NUUUUUUUU
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> you banned 1 account
[22:15] <@SunBeam> JE?
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> named "Spammer"
[22:15] <@SunBeam> how can I have banned you?
01[22:15] <BurnZeZ> LOL
[22:15] <@SunBeam> I never modded CEF?
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> bcuz i was bored and spammed like 2 pages of shit
[22:15] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> then got banned
01[22:15] <BurnZeZ> i wonder why he got banned
[22:15] <@SunBeam> dude
[22:15] <@SunBeam> rly
[22:15] <@SunBeam> i never was a mod
[22:15] <@SunBeam> see any mod tag under my name
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> lol yeh u were
[22:15] <@SunBeam> besides I got 2 warnings
[22:15] <ethrethdjed> i think you were the one that banned Spammer
[22:15] <@SunBeam> how could I have banned you with all that mentioned above?
[22:15] <@SunBeam> o_O
06[22:16] * @SunBeam plays mind trix on ethrethdjed
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> x0r and appal weren't mods
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> at the time
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> I LUV TRIX
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> tastes so good
[22:16] <@SunBeam> yet you fall for them
[22:16] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:16] <@SunBeam> I don't need CEF!
[22:16] <@SunBeam> the only one I love is..
[22:16] <@SunBeam> appalslap!
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> ETHRETHDJED
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> DAMMIT
[22:16] <ethrethdjed> too slow
[22:17] <@SunBeam> haha, trying to match letters, are we?
[22:17] <@SunBeam> xDD
[22:17] <@SunBeam> not so random, eh?
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:17] <@SunBeam> <ethrethdjed> ethrethdjed is just some random gibberish i typed in
[22:17] <@SunBeam> right..
[22:17] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:17] <@SunBeam> AHAHAH!
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> i dont type the traditional way
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> with asdf
[22:17] <@SunBeam> mhm
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> and jkl
[22:17] <@SunBeam> yaya
[22:17] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:17] <@SunBeam> keep at it
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:17] <ethrethdjed> ===================
[22:17] <@SunBeam> you already slapped urself with it
[22:17] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:18] <@SunBeam> dun look at me
[22:18] <@SunBeam> u were the "I typed it so random"
[22:18] <ethrethdjed> i already got banned like 4 times on ethrethdjed
[22:18] <@SunBeam> then coming with perfect match
[22:18] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:18] <@SunBeam> hmm, lemme guess
[22:18] <@SunBeam> acc pass is the same
[22:18] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:18] <@SunBeam> let's try
[22:18] <ethrethdjed> lol no
[22:18] <@SunBeam> ..
[22:18] <ethrethdjed> its banned now anyways
[22:18] <@SunBeam> well, then you LIED
06[22:18] * ethrethdjed slaps x0r
[22:18] <@SunBeam> 1. it's not a random name
[22:18] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:18] <ethrethdjed> WTF
03[22:18] * ethrethdjed was kicked by x0r (ethrethdjed)
[22:18] <@SunBeam> 2. if it was a spam acc
[22:19] <@SunBeam> meh
[22:19] <@SunBeam> now I have to wait for his ass
[22:19] <@SunBeam> T_T
03[22:19] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> uncalled for.
[22:19] <@SunBeam> as I was saying
[22:19] <@SunBeam> <SunBeam> 2. if it was a spam acc
[22:19] <@SunBeam> u'd use same pass
[22:19] <@SunBeam> as user
[22:19] <@SunBeam> so yeah
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> nuuuuuuuuuuuu
[22:19] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:19] <@SunBeam> go figure
[22:19] <@SunBeam> xD
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> i use same password for everything
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> i cant tell you it though
[22:19] <@SunBeam> meh, who do iu think u're messin with?
[22:19] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:19] <@SunBeam> itz SUNBEAM
[22:19] <@SunBeam> u fooo
[22:19] <@SunBeam> xD
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> my password starts with mad
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> crack it now
[22:19] <ethrethdjed> Smile
[22:20] <~Dark_Byte> maddog
[22:20] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:20] <ethrethdjed> nope
[22:20] <ethrethdjed> its
[22:20] <ethrethdjed> a flash game thats old
[22:20] <ethrethdjed> and its been modded tons of times
[22:21] <@SunBeam> omg
[22:21] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte:
[22:21] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:21] <@SunBeam> you out of all
[22:21] <@SunBeam> madshi
[22:21] <@SunBeam> that's the name
[22:21] <ethrethdjed> dont tell anyone pl0x
[22:21] <ethrethdjed> admins aren't corrupt like that
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> .... right?
[22:22] <@SunBeam> I just PMed DB about your pass
[22:22] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:22] <~Dark_Byte> and I told him
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> wtfzorz
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:22] <~Dark_Byte> including your email
[22:22] <@SunBeam> he's like capable of decoding hashes with his lazer eyes
[22:22] <~Dark_Byte> and he's probably on it at this moment
[22:22] <@SunBeam> :O
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> lol my email PW is different
[22:22] <~Dark_Byte> heh jk
[22:22] <@SunBeam> no problem
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> yey
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> Smile
[22:22] <@SunBeam> DB, wanna take a crack at his mail?
[22:22] <@SunBeam> WinkWinkWink
[22:22] <ethrethdjed> the PW ends with jutsu
[22:22] <~Dark_Byte> 123456789
[22:23] <@SunBeam> come on now
[22:23] <@SunBeam> if u told us the beginning
[22:23] <@SunBeam> and the ending
[22:23] <@SunBeam> now tell us the rest
[22:23] <LawliPop|Len|> HI SUNBEAM!!!
[22:23] <LawliPop|Len|> GIVE ME DA PIZZAS ROMANIAN STYLE!!! YOUU KNOW WHAT I [email protected]!
[22:23] <@SunBeam> dun be shy
[22:23] <@SunBeam> NO
[22:23] <@SunBeam> NEVUR!
[22:23] <LawliPop|Len|> Y NATU
[22:23] <LawliPop|Len|> lol
[22:23] <@SunBeam> that was not the secret msg
[22:23] <ethrethdjed> the EMAIL account PW ends with jutsu
[22:23] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:23] <LawliPop|Len|> y naut = wynaut natu= natu
[22:24] <@SunBeam> LawliPop|Len|: this was the secret msg, DAMMIT:
[22:24] <LawliPop|Len|> OMG
[22:24] <@SunBeam> 48492053554E4245414D2121210D0A47495645204D452044412050495A5A415320524F4D414E49414E205354594C4521212120594F5555204B4E4F5720574841542049204D45414E4021
[22:24] <LawliPop|Len|> HI SUNBEAM!!!
[22:24] <LawliPop|Len|> GIVE ME DA PIZZAS ROMANIAN STYLE!!! YOUU KNOW WHAT I [email protected]!
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> loolo
[22:24] <LawliPop|Len|> You know it
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> gimme KFC first
[22:24] <~Dark_Byte> you know, I really dislike those proxy browsers. They replace my google ads with their own crap...
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> Smile
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> you have google ads?
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:24] <@SunBeam> heh, a nice way to make money with adsense
[22:24] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:24] <@SunBeam> host a maple forum
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> OHHHHHHHHHH
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> thatttt
[22:24] <ethrethdjed> kk
[22:24] <LawliPop|Len|> DB: that's the reason they are free proxy browsers
[22:24] <@SunBeam> yeah
[22:24] <@SunBeam> they ripped some other ppl's code
[22:24] <@SunBeam> and made their own version
[22:24] <@SunBeam> of "free"
[22:25] <ethrethdjed> DB, you get enough donations lately?
[22:25] <@SunBeam> :X
[22:25] <LawliPop|Len|> like free child pr0ns
[22:25] <@SunBeam> he has like 3 houses
[22:25] <@SunBeam> 1 boat
06[22:25] * LawliPop|Len| wonders if he is still banned from #1
[22:25] <@SunBeam> 2 cars
[22:25] <~Dark_Byte> a month or 2 ago I got $50
[22:25] <~Dark_Byte> but thats about it
[22:25] <@SunBeam> and soon wants to own an enterprise building
[22:25] <@SunBeam> if he hasn't bought it already
[22:25] <ethrethdjed> lol about a year ago... were you getting donations?
[22:25] <@SunBeam> omfg
[22:25] <@SunBeam> db, dun tell me u went to VEGAS
[22:25] <@SunBeam> with all that amount
[22:25] <@SunBeam> you used to have
[22:25] <~Dark_Byte> arround the same average
[22:25] <@SunBeam> Sad
[22:25] <ethrethdjed> wowzers
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> you advertised it more then
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> you had the link at the bottom
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> in your sig
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> somewhere else too...
[22:26] <@SunBeam> LOOOOOOOOOO
[22:26] <@SunBeam> "someone probably hacked into SUNBEAMS account
[22:26] <@SunBeam> x0r nice, hoping for your future release hacking is never going to END"
[22:26] <~Dark_Byte> people just don't donate much.
[22:26] <@SunBeam> I know the person who hacked into my account
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> sum1 hacked you?
[22:26] <ethrethdjed> o.o
[22:26] <|504Dice> But they like to use the resources their...
01[22:26] <BurnZeZ> really
[22:26] <@SunBeam> he lives close to me, same neighborhood, same street
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> ololololol
[22:27] <@SunBeam> I can see him when I look in the mirror
01[22:27] <BurnZeZ> and good job lawlipop you got it again
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> LOL
[22:27] <@SunBeam> but can't tell u the name
[22:27] <LawliPop|Len|> <LawliPop|Len|> OMG I WANTZ TEH CHILDPRONS
[22:27] <LawliPop|Len|> <|7|> GAY ALERT
[22:27] <LawliPop|Len|> <LawliPop|Len|> gib me teh childpr0n O.o
[22:27] <LawliPop|Len|> <|7|> GAY ALERT
[22:27] <@SunBeam> =]
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> his name is
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> Kaspersky.
[22:27] <LawliPop|Len|> Ban =[
[22:27] <@SunBeam> wtf
[22:27] <@SunBeam> do I look like that fag?
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> loollolool
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> maybe
[22:27] <~Dark_Byte> yes
06[22:27] * @SunBeam hopes Kaspersky emerges from his oh-so-many nicks on this channel
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> i've seen you once in a pic a while ago
[22:27] <@SunBeam> too bad he's not here atm
[22:27] <@SunBeam> he'd be so bitchy
[22:27] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> i think ur white.
[22:27] <ethrethdjed> right?
[22:28] <~Dark_Byte> he's blue as a smurf
[22:28] <ethrethdjed> loololollo
[22:28] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: Romania is in Israel
[22:28] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:28] <ethrethdjed> papa smurf.
[22:28] <@SunBeam> and Holland in Amsterdam
[22:28] <LawliPop|Len|> smrufs is teh SHITZ
[22:28] <@SunBeam> random play of words
[22:28] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:28] <@SunBeam> but meh...
[22:28] <ethrethdjed> DB should get more donations.
[22:28] <@SunBeam> hell
[22:28] <@SunBeam> I should!
[22:28] <LawliPop|Len|> Yeah, it used to be funny
[22:28] <@SunBeam> help me buy a new PC
[22:28] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:28] <~Dark_Byte> yes, send me tha moneeey!
[22:28] <ethrethdjed> what do you spend it on DB?
[22:29] <@SunBeam> nooooooooo
[22:29] <@SunBeam> ME!
[22:29] <LawliPop|Len|> Having the grammar of a 2 year old just isn't humorous enough anymore.
[22:29] <~Dark_Byte> drugs and prostitutes
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> lololool
[22:29] <~Dark_Byte> and sometimwes some booze
[22:29] <@SunBeam> ahahaha
[22:29] <@SunBeam> guys
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> seriously, personal use
[22:29] <@SunBeam> wtf
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> or bandwidth
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> or somethin like that
[22:29] <@SunBeam> do you think a person like the one he described would MAKE CE?
[22:29] <@SunBeam> hell no
[22:29] <~Dark_Byte> ce hosting
[22:29] <@SunBeam> big fat lier
[22:29] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> loololol
[22:29] <ethrethdjed> honest DB!
[22:29] <~Dark_Byte> and if I have enough sometimes hardware upgrades like the needed amd version of dbvm I need to make
[22:29] <@SunBeam> he's like 60-90-60
[22:29] <@SunBeam> wearing high heels
[22:30] <@SunBeam> red shoes
[22:30] <@SunBeam> tight skirt
[22:30] <@SunBeam> despite the sizes
[22:30] <~Dark_Byte> but mainly donations go to ce hosting
[22:30] <@SunBeam> 60-90-60 = barrel
[22:30] <~Dark_Byte> costs $115/month
[22:30] <@SunBeam> hmm
[22:30] <@SunBeam> I might stand down, defeated
[22:30] <LawliPop|Len|>
[22:30] <@SunBeam> did you say something about AMD version?
[22:30] <LawliPop|Len|> ownt by teh google
[22:30] <@SunBeam> :DDDDD
[22:30] <LawliPop|Len|> 00WE HID THE BANANA
[22:31] <LawliPop|Len|> but where?
[22:31] <@SunBeam> go fug
[22:31] <@SunBeam> loool
[22:31] <LawliPop|Len|> I can't find anything to beat firefox
[22:31] <ethrethdjed> safari sucks
[22:31] <ethrethdjed> dont try it
[22:31] <LawliPop|Len|> O.o
[22:31] <ethrethdjed> Opera rawks
[22:32] <LawliPop|Len|> <ethrethdjed> Opera sucks <= Fix'd.
[22:32] <ethrethdjed> sry for the afk but my bro made me watch this rap video...
[22:32] <LawliPop|Len|> Well for me anyway.
[22:32] <ethrethdjed> Firefox sucks nuts
[22:32] <LawliPop|Len|> Opera slows down my intrawebs
[22:32] <ethrethdjed> big big nuts
[22:32] <ethrethdjed> my intrawebs are xtra fastzorz
[22:32] <@SunBeam> <LawliPop|Len|> I can't find anything to beat firefox
06[22:32] * @SunBeam recommends a wrench
[22:32] <LawliPop|Len|> LOL
[22:32] <ethrethdjed> LOOLLOOL
[22:32] <@SunBeam> makes a good beatin
[22:32] <LawliPop|Len|> literal humor :d
[22:32] <@SunBeam> tested personally
[22:33] <LawliPop|Len|> Better than anti-humor
[22:33] <ethrethdjed> a hand makes good beatin
[22:33] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjed: is that an expression?
[22:33] <LawliPop|Len|> Yeah, if you're fapping.
[22:33] <@SunBeam> like...
[22:33] <@SunBeam> <ethrethdjed> a hand makes good beatin = masturbating
[22:33] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:33] <LawliPop|Len|> Yes.
[22:33] <ethrethdjed> DB, why dont you use donations on personal gain? I would.
[22:33] <ethrethdjed> lol yeah exactly.
[22:33] <LawliPop|Len|> The term ;fap makes sense now.
[22:33] <ethrethdjed> i dont make a fap sound..
[22:33] <@SunBeam> was not looking when u typed
[22:33] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:33] <ethrethdjed> i dont know where that comes from
[22:33] <@SunBeam> ffs
[22:33] <@SunBeam> LOL
[22:33] <LawliPop|Len|> You make an earthquake?
[22:33] <@SunBeam> <ethrethdjed> i dont know where that comes from
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> A sqeak sound?
[22:34] <@SunBeam> suck a dick
[22:34] <@SunBeam>

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

look left >>>>>>>>>>this is right you dumbfk

yule wrote:
Well for starters... I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

suck a dick
[22:34] <@SunBeam> to find out
[22:34] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:34] <~Dark_Byte> I already use the google ads for personal gain, the donations go to the account that get used for paying the site and domain
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> a rubber ducky sound?
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> QUACK
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> so cool
[22:34] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: why host CE site?
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> "I didn't know that was down there.
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> you make muny off of CEF
[22:34] <@SunBeam> really
[22:34] <@SunBeam> you'd do humanity a big fat favor
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> so cool
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> it's like a job
[22:34] <ethrethdjed> that you barely have to work for
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> Google ads?
[22:34] <@SunBeam> you know the regular anthill?
[22:34] <LawliPop|Len|> I haven't once seen CE/CEF on ads.
[22:34] <@SunBeam> stop paying for hosting, and it'll be like shoving a foot in that anthill
[22:35] <@SunBeam> all leechers and retards wiped
[22:35] <&x0r> You're probably using an ad-blocker.
[22:35] <@SunBeam> in one swift blow
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> stfu x0r
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> input is not needed from faggots.
03[22:35] * ethrethdjed was kicked by x0r (ethrethdjed)
[22:35] <LawliPop|Len|> He was helpful O.o
[22:35] <LawliPop|Len|> Gawd.
[22:35] <~Dark_Byte> more a hobby, the ce site is just hoted on a dedicated server somewhere and I montly pay the host from what I get from google ads and donations
[22:35] <@SunBeam> x0r: DON'T SAY THAT ON MPC
[22:35] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:35] <@SunBeam> they will ban you
[22:35] <&appalsap> x0r
[22:35] <~Dark_Byte> and the rest I save up for other stuff
[22:35] <@SunBeam> I got warned for it
03[22:35] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:35] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:35] <&appalsap> we should add a rule that disallows ad blocking.
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> i was guna say
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> jk
[22:35] <@SunBeam> OH NO
[22:35] <ethrethdjed> just as u kicked me
[22:35] <@SunBeam> SEE WHAT YOU DID?
[22:35] <&x0r> There's really no way to stop it.
[22:35] <@SunBeam> x0r: U FAG
[22:35] <@SunBeam> u made appal make new rules
[22:35] <LawliPop|Len|> You kicked yourself.
[22:35] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:35] <@SunBeam> NOOOOOOOO
[22:36] <&x0r> Maybe DB could add some checks.
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> u kicked URSELF!
[22:36] <~Dark_Byte> I have a personal rule where I never put in any of my personal money into ce
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> SB: Linkie?
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> hi
[22:36] <@SunBeam> u know what we talked about, x0r?
[22:36] <@SunBeam> like
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[22:36] <@SunBeam> never ever again
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> LINKAGE PLOCKS~
[22:36] <@SunBeam> make appal make new rules
[22:36] <&x0r> lol
[22:36] <@SunBeam> you know she gets cranky n shit
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> LINKAGE PLOCKS~~
[22:36] <@SunBeam> diareea
[22:36] <&x0r> "No packd files"
[22:36] <@SunBeam> all that anal seepage
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[22:36] <@SunBeam> really
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> YOU LIKE ANAL JUICE
[22:36] <@SunBeam> we dun wan another 9/11
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> LOL
[22:36] <@SunBeam> plz
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> DB do you have like a real job
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> E Said mmmm
[22:36] <LawliPop|Len|> XD
[22:36] <ethrethdjed> or are you too young?
[22:36] <@SunBeam> DB works for iNCA
[22:36] <~Dark_Byte> yes, I sit in the town begging for money faking i'm blind
[22:37] <@SunBeam> he tests bypasses
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> 9/11 = person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin eating Kfc.
[22:37] <@SunBeam> and makes sure the employees get paid
[22:37] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:37] <@SunBeam> he gets paid too
[22:37] <@SunBeam> but less
[22:37] <ethrethdjed> i bet that would work too!
[22:37] <@SunBeam> and that's why he's so cranky
[22:37] <@SunBeam> O_O
[22:37] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:37] <ethrethdjed> you should play an intrument on the street for muny
[22:37] <ethrethdjed> Smile
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> Cuase of teh anal sukkage>
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> ^%
[22:37] <~Dark_Byte> but seriaslty, yes I have a job
[22:37] <@SunBeam> just don't
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> You see it?
[22:37] <@SunBeam> and I REPEAT
[22:37] <~Dark_Byte> *and I can't type
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> my smiley has an eyepatch
[22:37] <@SunBeam> don't ever
[22:37] <ethrethdjed> o rly? what is it?
[22:37] <@SunBeam> come up with NEW IDEEAS
[22:37] <&x0r> Dark_Byte is a professional drug-dealer/pimp.
[22:37] <@SunBeam> for appalsap
[22:37] <LawliPop|Len|> ^^ =/= ^%
[22:37] <@SunBeam> plz, don't
[22:37] <@SunBeam> rly
[22:38] <LawliPop|Len|> Is that a rhetorical question?
[22:38] <@SunBeam> DB, show them the new GUI for CE 5.4
[22:38] <ethrethdjed> x0r is a professional faggot. JUST KIDDING
[22:38] <@SunBeam> the pimp one with pink feather n all
[22:38] <~Dark_Byte> it's exactly like 5.3
03[22:38] * ethrethdjed was kicked by x0r (ethrethdjed)
[22:38] <|504Dice> LOL
03[22:38] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:38] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[22:38] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:38] <LawliPop|Len|> lulz
[22:38] <@SunBeam> u told me it has pimpish style
[22:38] <@SunBeam> what happened to that?
[22:38] <@SunBeam> Sad
06[22:38] * @SunBeam loved that feather awww...
[22:38] <@SunBeam> =[
[22:38] <LawliPop|Len|> who/what is 'it'
[22:39] <@SunBeam> *tear*
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> lol can i be the design the GUI and pimp it up??
[22:39] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjed: nah
[22:39] <@SunBeam> rly, get a hold of yourself
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> =.=
03[22:39] * LawliPop|Len| is now known as SumBear
[22:39] <@SunBeam> you'd make it 1600x1200
[22:39] <@SunBeam> with big grafitti font
[22:39] <@SunBeam> n shit
[22:39] <SumBear> You can't hold me for copyright infrigment
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> thats the only fun part about making a UCE though
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> the design
[22:39] <@SunBeam> we dun need a "tuned" CE
[22:39] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:39] <SumBear> bleh
[22:39] <~Dark_Byte> I prefer usability above nice looking
[22:39] <SumBear> wrong typo
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> at least make a good logo
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> like the CE lgo
[22:39] <ethrethdjed> with a hat
[22:40] <ethrethdjed> and a feather
[22:40] <&x0r> Dark_Byte: usability & good looks go hand in hand.
[22:40] <ethrethdjed> *pimp hat*
[22:40] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjed: "I'ma put some 15' chrome rigs, and some bass shit, then change the leather on the Memory View with custom one; PIMP style,niggaz"
[22:40] <ethrethdjed> LOLOLOLOLOLOLO
[22:40] <SumBear> CE logo = WE don't give a flying fuck about you and your opinions. The feather woul.d be to emphasize the flying part.
[22:40] <ethrethdjed> dont forgot the spinning rims.
[22:40] <SumBear> oh yeah
[22:40] <@SunBeam> yeh
[22:40] <SumBear> and make it grind
[22:40] <@SunBeam> meh, that would be kick-ass
[22:40] <SumBear> WIDE LOAD
[22:40] <@SunBeam> see every noob after
[22:41] <@SunBeam> "Bish, my UCE pipz"
[22:41] <&appalsap> 24th amendment has been made
[22:41] <@SunBeam> pimpz*
[22:41] <SumBear> x0r: Click teh rims
[22:41] <SumBear> NOOBS: I cannots click teh rims there are no links
[22:41] <SumBear> hax!
[22:41] <ethrethdjed> DB, will 5.4 be as undetected as 5.3 is?
[22:41] <ethrethdjed> meanin not very.
[22:41] <&appalsap> More features = more things to detect
[22:41] <@SunBeam> "No UCE is pimpier than mine; my Memory View menu has 20" screens in each MENU!"
[22:41] <SumBear> Beamz0r: don't disgrace pip like that
[22:42] <@SunBeam> I watch videoz with lil bow wow
[22:42] <@SunBeam> when I hax
[22:42] <@SunBeam> apapl
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> only thing i really want is vista compatibility
[22:42] <@SunBeam> appalsap: ROFL
[22:42] <~Dark_Byte> yes, 5.4 will be MORE detected than 5.3
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> loololol
[22:42] <@SunBeam> remember when Kaspersky made a media player in an UCE?
[22:42] <SumBear> MOAR
[22:42] <@SunBeam> LOOOOOOOOOL
[22:42] <~Dark_Byte> now it even sends a message to the nrpotect process telling it ce is loading
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> LOL
[22:42] <SumBear> lololol
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> ]nice idea.
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> one of your better onces.
[22:42] <ethrethdjed> ones*
[22:42] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: what process?
[22:42] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:43] <@SunBeam> what if I don't have GG loaded
[22:43] <SumBear> I are in your Ce's, leechinz your musicz
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> it waits for it
[22:43] <@SunBeam> oh sht, no more hintz
[22:43] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:43] <~Dark_Byte> then it constantly polls for nprotect, runing your cpu at 100%
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:43] <@SunBeam> o lol
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> UCE
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> UCE's make my CPU 100% all teh time
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> but not CE
[22:43] <SumBear> I doubt the noobs would care
[22:43] <@SunBeam> CE will be made in - what language?
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> delphi...
[22:43] <~Dark_Byte> visual basic
[22:43] <@SunBeam> ROFL!
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> lol
[22:43] <@SunBeam> exactly my point
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> im wronf
[22:43] <ethrethdjed> wrong*
06[22:43] * @SunBeam thinks appalsap will comment on that
[22:44] <@SunBeam> appalsap: VISUAL BASIC!
[22:44] <ethrethdjed> unless im just stupid
[22:44] <ethrethdjed> and cant detect sarcasm
[22:44] <ethrethdjed> online
[22:44] <SumBear> appalsap <= for teh beamx0r
[22:44] <@SunBeam> CE 5.4 can do that too
[22:44] <~Dark_Byte> could be that too
[22:44] <&appalsap> <_<
[22:44] <&appalsap> nothing to say but then I'll use
[22:44] <&appalsap> CE 5.3 forever
[22:44] <@SunBeam> detect sarcasm online
[22:44] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:44] <@SunBeam> appalsap: you never use CE
[22:44] <@SunBeam> for online games or protections
[22:44] <&appalsap> well if I did.
[22:44] <SumBear> Just input [/sarcasm] tags
[22:44] <@SunBeam> ah
[22:44] <@SunBeam> there we go
[22:44] <ethrethdjed> i cheat on pinball
[22:45] <SumBear> 1337!
[22:45] <&appalsap> [/sarcasm] or /sarcasm ruins good sarcasm
[22:45] <ethrethdjed> thats all i do with regular CE
03[22:45] * |504Dice ([email protected]) has left #cef
03[22:45] * |504Dice ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:45] <@SunBeam> [sarcasm]I would like to fuck with appalsap[/sarcasm]
[22:45] <@SunBeam> literally
[22:45] <SumBear> Not if the sarcasm wasn't meant to be good sarcasm.
[22:45] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:45] <@SunBeam> that wasn't good sarcasm?
[22:45] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:45] <&appalsap> Good sarcasm makes you think "Aha!" when you figure it out
[22:45] <ethrethdjed> [sarcasm]Stop the sarcasm.[/sarcasm]
[22:45] <&appalsap> its satisfying.
[22:45] <@SunBeam> meh, I thought I had it
[22:45] <SumBear> Lookie teh tags
[22:45] <&appalsap> It's like spoiling a puzzle.
[22:45] <@SunBeam> appalsap: does my sarcasm satisfy you?
[22:46] <SumBear> I'll give you three key things
[22:46] <@SunBeam> oh sht
[22:46] <@SunBeam> forgot the tags
[22:46] <@SunBeam> xD
[22:46] <&appalsap> It works.
[22:46] <ethrethdjed> SunBeam, are you white?
[22:46] <@SunBeam> no
[22:46] <&appalsap> sarcasm tags would be great, just make everything in big bold pink glitter
[22:46] <@SunBeam> am orange
[22:46] <SumBear> IS SUNBEAM WHITE
[22:46] <ethrethdjed> appalsap, are you white?
[22:46] <@SunBeam> she's rice
[22:46] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:46] <&appalsap> .k ethrethdjed dont ask appalsap personal questions
03[22:46] * ethrethdjed was kicked by [^_^] (dont ask appalsap personal questions)
[22:46] <SumBear> FLAVOR
03[22:46] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has joined #cef
[22:46] <@SunBeam> rice is white
[22:46] <&appalsap> of course.
[22:46] <@SunBeam> i could've said mushroom
[22:46] <ethrethdjed> wtf i was never told this
[22:46] <@SunBeam> Neutral
[22:46] <&appalsap> It's a secret rule.
[22:46] <@SunBeam> but rice is shorter
[22:46] <SumBear> Gib me teh ops
[22:46] <@SunBeam> rice < white
[22:46] <@SunBeam> FTW
[22:46] <SumBear> for like 2 secs
[22:46] <&appalsap> There are 8 secret rules as well as the 24 documented ones.
[22:46] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:46] <SumBear> ^^
[22:47] <@SunBeam> watch out
[22:47] <ethrethdjed> does [^_^] just sit there all day.... at the comp moderating?
[22:47] <@SunBeam> a new LAWYER has born'd
[22:47] <&appalsap> A lot of them are secret for a good reason (for instance, if rules about invisible people were to be made public, then invisible people might think they're invisible)
[22:47] <SumBear> Yes
[22:47] <SumBear> He are big indian boy
[22:47] <@SunBeam> u forgot the tagz >.>
[22:47] <SumBear> But that was good sarcasm O.o
[22:48] <@SunBeam> didn't make me say "Aha!"
[22:48] <ethrethdjed> is it sage to assume everyone here besides me is either white, asian, or azn?
[22:48] <@SunBeam> am eating, sry
[22:48] <@SunBeam> mouth full
[22:48] <ethrethdjed> safe*
[22:48] <SumBear> Try to say "Yum yum chocolate" while eating Very Happy
[22:48] <@SunBeam> i tried to say Aha
[22:48] <SumBear> Eat teh soups for teh best results
[22:48] <@SunBeam> but i was like spitting food
[22:48] <@SunBeam> Neutral
[22:48] <ethrethdjed> oatmeal pwns w/e ur eating.
[22:48] <SumBear> Actually
[22:48] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:48] <SumBear> To tel if its a soup
[22:48] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <SumBear> look under ingrediants
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjed is a robot
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <SumBear> and see if it says Barf inducing potatoes
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <@SunBeam> ethrethdjed == st00pid?
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <@SunBeam> come on
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <@SunBeam> right on
[22:49] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <SumBear> Uhh
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <SumBear> What pwns again?
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> OATMEAL PWNS!
[22:49] <SumBear> I ned teh /update on teh 1337
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
06[22:49] * @SunBeam says ethrethdjed ^
[22:49] <SumBear> loading..
[22:49] <SumBear> -12%
[22:49] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:50] <SumBear> loading..
[22:50] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:50] <SumBear> -1233%
[22:50] <ethrethdjed> PWNS!
[22:50] <SumBear> Trigger?
[22:50] <SumBear> Script
[22:50] <SumBear> loading
[22:50] <@SunBeam> ignore him
[22:50] <ethrethdjed> myspace time.
[22:50] <SumBear> O.o
[22:50] <@SunBeam> OH NOES
[22:50] <ethrethdjed> brb
[22:50] <SumBear> Fag.
[22:50] <@SunBeam> THIS IS BLASPHEMY
03[22:50] * Dark_Byte sets mode: +m
[22:50] <@SunBeam> myspace + hi5 = gay ass motherfucking cunt sucking piece of shit
03[22:51] * Dark_Byte sets mode: -m
[22:51] <SumBear> WOOTZORZ
[22:51] <SumBear> But what is hi5?
[22:51] <&appalsap> a hip new social networking site
[22:51] <@SunBeam> same shit as myspace
[22:51] <&appalsap> you can tell by the use of numbers instead of words
[22:51] <@SunBeam> what else?
[22:52] <ethrethdjed> doneee
[22:52] <SumBear> <appalsap> a hip new social networking site
[22:52] <@SunBeam> make friends
[22:52] <@SunBeam> n shit
[22:52] <SumBear> It used to be a kids shows
[22:52] <SumBear> google it O.o
[22:52] <@SunBeam> right
[22:52] <@SunBeam> u know what myspace is?
[22:52] <ethrethdjed> i wonder how much Tom makes a month...
[22:52] <@SunBeam> it's a FUCKING FORUM
[22:52] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:52] <@SunBeam> only u have on big ass thread
[22:52] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:52] <&appalsap> not make friends, lock you into the service to maintain them.
[22:52] <&appalsap> they even have their own IM service
[22:52] <@SunBeam> lol
[22:52] <&appalsap> block posting of URLs, including email
[22:52] <SumBear> Myspace = Fags who put so many colors on their page, that you get a seizure as soon as you look at it.
[22:52] <@SunBeam> ah, every artist has a myspace
[22:52] <~Dark_Byte> hey, should I add a dating section to the forum ?
[22:52] <&appalsap> YES
[22:52] <&appalsap> YES
[22:52] <&appalsap> YES
[22:52] <&appalsap> YES
[22:52] <&appalsap> YES
[22:53] <@SunBeam> like they couldn't fucking spend money on a decent hosting
[22:53] <ethrethdjed> lol no
[22:53] <SumBear> LOLOL
[22:53] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:53] <SumBear> I AGREE
[22:53] <@SunBeam> the money they make
[22:53] <@SunBeam> they are so greedy
[22:53] <ethrethdjed> you should add a Dark_Byte sectino
[22:53] <@SunBeam> T+_T
[22:53] <SumBear> I wantz free bootsecks
[22:53] <ethrethdjed> section*
[22:53] <ethrethdjed> that is devoted
[22:53] <@SunBeam> to get a decent HOST
[22:53] <@SunBeam> and use FREE
[22:53] <ethrethdjed> to kissing ass.
[22:53] <|504Dice> no..
[22:53] <@SunBeam> myspace
[22:53] <&appalsap> bootsecks section works too.
[22:53] <@SunBeam> OOOH I'm PURTY PINK
[22:53] <@SunBeam> ...
[22:53] <@SunBeam> n shit
[22:53] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: you'd get more clix
[22:53] <@SunBeam> Wink
[22:53] <@SunBeam> me n appal will be all over that section
[22:53] <SumBear> How much you want to bet it turns into girls who are guys asking you asl.
[22:54] <ethrethdjed> Ethrethdjed wouldn't be there
[22:54] <@SunBeam> cuz we're sick n tired of hiding our relationship
[22:54] <@SunBeam> (no more big words plz)
[22:54] <ethrethdjed> my mom says i'm tooyoung to date
[22:54] <@SunBeam> rs = relation ship from now on
[22:54] <~Dark_Byte> more likely guys asking ther guys their asl hoping anyone puts a F in the middle
[22:54] <ethrethdjed> and i shouldnt meet people in RL that i meet online
[22:54] <SumBear> It gives the CEf population a chance at having a life.
[22:54] <SumBear> ^^
[22:54] <@SunBeam> yeah
[22:54] <SumBear> Therefore, it are good.
[22:54] <@SunBeam> breeding retards
[22:54] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:54] <SumBear> XD!
[22:54] <@SunBeam> Dark_Byte: you should make classes
[22:54] <ethrethdjed> oh shee
[22:55] <@SunBeam> and use CEF as an ant farm
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> oh sheet
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> dumbldore is...
[22:55] <@SunBeam> u go here, u here, and yeah
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> GAY!
[22:55] <@SunBeam> u go there
[22:55] <@SunBeam> Smile
[22:55] <SumBear> He'd be the queen bee.
[22:55] <@SunBeam> NO
[22:55] <SumBear> Wait..
[22:55] <~Dark_Byte> ethrethdjed, didn't you see the picture of harry and dumbldore making out ?
[22:55] <@SunBeam> appalsap WOULD BE
[22:55] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:55] <@SunBeam> how can you call DB a SHE?
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> lol nuuu
[22:55] <@SunBeam> u impudent
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> my bro just told me
[22:55] <ethrethdjed> =.=
[22:55] <SumBear> son of a whore?
[22:55] <SumBear> aww
[22:55] <@SunBeam> appalsap = momma bee
[22:55] <SumBear> no flare wars?
[22:55] <SumBear> but i wantz bootsekcs -.-
[22:56] <@SunBeam> only the strong
[22:56] <ethrethdjed> appalsap = boy... right?
[22:56] <@SunBeam> mate with the queen
[22:56] <SumBear> girl.
[22:56] <@SunBeam> didn't u know that?
[22:56] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:56] <@SunBeam> meh, pay attention in class
[22:56] <ethrethdjed> lol yeah i knew that
[22:56] <SumBear> woman
[22:56] <ethrethdjed> i was just... testing ur...
[22:56] <ethrethdjed> knowledge...
[22:56] <ethrethdjed> yes....
[22:56] <@SunBeam> they have trialz
[22:56] <SumBear> Teh bold are not edited
[22:56] <SumBear> i swearz
[22:56] <@SunBeam> u wan appal bootseckz?
[22:56] <SumBear> you are witness solorbeam
[22:56] <SumBear> SUNBEAM 9M9
[22:56] <@SunBeam> lol
[22:57] <ethrethdjed> white butts chocolate nuts.
[22:57] <@SunBeam> where do you live?
[22:57] <@SunBeam> show appal where you live
[22:57] <@SunBeam> in which direction?
[22:57] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:57] <SumBear> in 123 fake street Very Happy
[22:57] <@SunBeam> rofl
[22:57] <@SunBeam> so old
[22:57] <@SunBeam> nah, man
[22:57] <SumBear> MEH
[22:57] <@SunBeam> the muscles gig
[22:57] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:57] <@SunBeam> "that way" /stretching muscles
[22:57] <@SunBeam> -->
[22:57] <@SunBeam> =))
[22:57] <SumBear> I got for teh saggy
[22:58] <SumBear> lol
[22:58] <SumBear> imagine
[22:58] <@SunBeam> appalsap doesn't even reply
[22:58] <SumBear> saggy muscles
[22:58] <@SunBeam> see how bizi the queen iz?
[22:58] <SumBear> it are makin' teh babeez
[22:58] <ethrethdjed> can sum1 post in the maplestory section...
[22:58] <@SunBeam> ba beez
[22:58] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[22:58] <SumBear> So E, I'm determined to have 0 posts, forever.
[22:58] <ethrethdjed> Title: Buttsecks
[22:58] <ethrethdjed> Post: Buttsecks pl0x.
[22:59] <SumBear> Gay java updates
[22:59] <@SunBeam> wtf
[22:59] <ethrethdjed> HURRY UP
[22:59] <@SunBeam> where they find these words
[22:59] <@SunBeam> T_T
[22:59] <@SunBeam> jeez
[22:59] <@SunBeam> "LOL.ROFL.GG.NOOB.GTFO.CC.NO-RM.
[22:59] <@SunBeam> Hippocritamous."
[22:59] <ethrethdjed> I WILL KICK YOU UP THE BUTT
[22:59] <SumBear> uhh
[22:59] <@SunBeam> cc <- now that has to be from Maple
[22:59] <SumBear> anal JUICE
[22:59] <@SunBeam> dunno about no-rm
[22:59] <@SunBeam> maybe you do
[22:59] <@SunBeam> o_O
[22:59] <SumBear> rm = real media?
[22:59] <ethrethdjed> Anyways.... baii
[22:59] <@SunBeam> dunno
[22:59] <SumBear> gg= good game?
[22:59] <@SunBeam>
[22:59] <ethrethdjed> bedtime.
[22:59] <@SunBeam> see that
[23:00] <@SunBeam> and #define that shit for me
[23:00] <SumBear> rofl = rolling on fucks laughing
[23:00] <SumBear> O.o
[23:00] <@SunBeam> NO
[23:00] <@SunBeam> not all
[23:00] <@SunBeam> T_T
[23:00] <@SunBeam> the last one
[23:00] <@SunBeam> NO_RM
[23:00] <@SunBeam> ..
[23:00] <SumBear> you made teh channelz
[23:00] <SumBear> #define
[23:00] <SumBear> MINEZ
[23:00] <ethrethdjed> wait SunBeam
[23:00] <ethrethdjed> can you just tell me
[23:00] <ethrethdjed> what GRC stands for?
[23:00] <@SunBeam> lololoooo
[23:00] <@SunBeam>
[23:00] <@SunBeam> scroll up a bit
[23:00] <@SunBeam> in that thread
[23:00] <@SunBeam> Wink
[23:00] <@SunBeam> find my post
[23:00] <@SunBeam> it's explained
[23:00] <@SunBeam> also check thread title
[23:00] <@SunBeam> =]
[23:00] <@SunBeam> should I use tagz?
[23:01] <@SunBeam> [sarcasm][/sarcasm]
[23:01] <@SunBeam> ?
[23:01] <@SunBeam> Very HappyD
[23:01] <SumBear> NOE
[23:01] <~Dark_Byte> who cares about names, I call it ICOMTZ
[23:01] <@SunBeam> u hav ur reazonz
[23:01] <ethrethdjed> just tell me
[23:01] <@SunBeam> =]
[23:01] <@SunBeam> just tell u what?
[23:01] <@SunBeam> o_O
[23:01] <ethrethdjed> what GRC stands for
[23:01] <@SunBeam> <SunBeam> should I use tagz?
[23:01] <@SunBeam> whole reply is sarcastic
[23:01] <@SunBeam> read!
[23:01] <SumBear> pacman game without pacman = 1337
[23:02] <@SunBeam> :Wow. I dunno about you, but people use a CRC bypass.. and not a GRC bypass.. Maybe that's why no one understood you in the first place Wink..:
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> i saw that
[23:02] <@SunBeam> thread title
[23:02] <@SunBeam> New GRC bypass for new GG REV
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> that doesnt tell me what it stands for
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> the acronym
[23:02] <@SunBeam> that answers it
[23:02] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[23:02] <@SunBeam> the author fucked up the name
[23:02] <@SunBeam> T_T
[23:02] <@SunBeam> just that
[23:02] <@SunBeam> ..
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> oh ok =.=
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> lol
[23:02] <@SunBeam> shows how much of a leecher he is
[23:02] <ethrethdjed> me? yes im a leecher
[23:02] <@SunBeam> gib me UCF engine for bypez
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> except for updating which is really easy
[23:03] <@SunBeam> reminds me when everyone was using PE
[23:03] <@SunBeam> as packet editing
[23:03] <@SunBeam> T_T
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> wtf
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> i could never PE
[23:03] <@SunBeam> when PE = portable executable = .exe
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> anywas
[23:03] <@SunBeam> ..
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> bedtime
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> lol
[23:03] <@SunBeam> or .dll
[23:03] <SumBear> you know what gets you hard?
[23:03] <@SunBeam> as DB would correct me
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> BYE
[23:03] <@SunBeam> Very Happy
[23:03] <SumBear> pepper.
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> SAY BYE BACK
[23:03] <@SunBeam> BYE
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> YOU BASTARD
[23:03] <@SunBeam> BISH
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> THANK YOU
[23:03] <@SunBeam> GTFO
[23:03] <SumBear> put some on there
[23:03] <ethrethdjed> BYE EVERYONE
03[23:03] * ethrethdjed ([email protected]) has left #cef
[23:03] <@SunBeam> GTOF
[23:03] <SumBear> TRY IT ONE DAY
[23:03] <@SunBeam> lol
[23:03] <@SunBeam> to put pepper on channel?
[23:03] <@SunBeam> o_O
[23:04] <SumBear> making it hard?
[23:04] <@SunBeam> brb
[23:04] <SumBear> why would you want a channel hard?
[23:04] <@SunBeam> had too much cokez
[23:04] <@SunBeam> u want it shitty not hard
[23:04] <@SunBeam> shit is hard too
[23:04] <@SunBeam> when u dun drink too much
[23:04] <@SunBeam> think about it
[23:04] <@SunBeam> u get constipated n shit
[23:04] <@SunBeam> =))))))
[23:04] <SumBear> I'm insidez the diarhea
[23:04] <SumBear> leeching your shitz
[23:04] <SumBear> xD
[23:09] <SumBear> You know the shittiest thing in the world?
[23:09] <SumBear> Hippo.
02[23:10] * SumBear ([email protected]) Quit
02[23:13] * @SunBeam ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Fuck y'allz!)
01[23:15] <BurnZeZ> anyone there
[23:15] <~Dark_Byte> no
01[23:15] <BurnZeZ> lol when did sunbeam leave
01[23:15] <BurnZeZ> like how long ago
01[23:16] <BurnZeZ> kk culater db
01[23:16] <BurnZeZ> and x0r
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 23:17:01 2007


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

look left >>>>>>>>>>this is right you dumbfk

yule wrote:
Well for starters... I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is random spam AND IM SPAMMING!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

sry but liek no1 care bout sunbeam
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To those who are not going to read this let me summarize this for you. BurnZeZ failed.
What dosen't kill you, usually does the second time.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HornyAZNBoy wrote:
To those who are not going to read this let me summarize this for you. BurnZeZ failed.

I didn't fail, i attempted to spam, and this attempt succeeded.
if it had failed, this thread wouldn't be here

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Let Sun Beam spam as we do!!!!!!!!!!

Sun Beam Support

Add that to you sign, and become a newfag!


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

TheLegacy wrote:
The Whitisher wrote:
Sunbeam is awsome, Not just as a hacker but a person.

Mad fun we had listening to his shoutcast Razz

You know you're a nigger when...

I like the way you changed his name Razz

Don't fuck with punisher, he can eat you Crying or Very sad


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