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How do I cheat?
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PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 11:08 pm    Post subject: Qddxxa Reply with quote

1. America loses its relevancy on world stage with its dollar

1.5 Whoever made it in time transfer their funds to other dollars.

2. Civil war breaks out in USA as a class/race war

3. Nukes get transferred by military to Canada, rest are disarmed. Any black projects in USA are taken away to Canada. Intelligence etc to Canada

4. The 1% in America leave to Canada.

5. Borders shut down.

6. America is attacked and pillaged.

7. America has fallen

8. Canada becomes the new fail safe America.

9. All debt is gone, they formed with Canada to use its dollar with whatever assets they transferred over such as technology and intelligence and whatever wealth they had before it went to shit.

10. Canada now joins the wealthy Americans in propping up its dollar.

11. Canada now has a stronger military with new black project technology that America funded with billions like Germany before they fell over the years.

12. Canada defends artic expansion with nukes.

13. China loses its shirts in defaulted debt from America.

14. China loses shirt now that Canada is a super power and moves its manufacturing to India.

15. Canada takes a strong hold on world by releasing patented anti gravity from America’s old black project

16. While America has fallen, Canada with America’s military can walk in America and take hold of its oil reserves as society is gone


it so easy to predict the future

you don’t need a war to beat China

Why u think Illuminati is in Canada and not USA aka oak island my treasure

the weather changing for the better in Canada

Magnetic poles are rapidly shifting

welcome to the NWO

17. Just for the kicker, bitcoin is banned throughout countries and its technology is perfected to bring in one world currency

Original Date: 2007

TheIndianGuy wrote:
Killor1 wrote:
When you die, I will not spit on your grave.

exactly because when he dies so do you. you simply would not be able to. in fact there would not even be a grave as this universe would cease to exist.
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