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CE installation bs
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is some info on the installer engine that Cheat Engine uses and some pics of show how to deal with various screens in it since people refuse to actually read what they are doing and just spam click next.

Firstly, the installer is a way of advertisement. It is a module for Inno Setup that allows the package to include an ad revenue system in their software that is less intrustive that spamming the user with notifications/ads during actual program usage. To ask some simple questions during the install, the owner (Dark Byte) in this case can generate some income from people using the installer. (I'm not sure which module he uses, there are several, the more popular on being OpenCandy. Because of that I can't go into specifics on how the money is generated be it from just passing over the install of junkware, or if the installer has to actually have the user install it.) Think of it as Google Adsense, but with required user interaction.

Either way, because Cheat Engine is freeware / open source, it is not common to make much off a project while asking for donations. Especially when the majority of Cheat Engine's installers are probably simply people going to the website, downloading it and never contributing back to the project. (Be it posting useful things on the forums, reporting bugs / suggestions, submitting code fixes, or in general, donations.)

Every single page in the installer that is non-related to Cheat Engine will have a way to opt-out. Very seldom do things make it into the rotation of the advertisement software that bypasses this or force-installs itself even if you opt. out. In that even, contact Dark Byte so he can report it to vendor he uses for the advertisements. But before you bug him be sure you actually tried to opt. out and are not just bitching cause you spammed next without reading.

Here are some examples of opting out, note that these are pics from Google showing other installers doing the same thing. Given how the ad rotation works in these installer modules, it's hard to get multiple screenshots of different ones in a single installer like Cheat Engine's. But the same applies to any installer that does these.

1. A simple opt-out. Just choose the 'I do not want to install 'x'' option:

2. Another simple opt-out, just choose 'I do not accept' option:

3. A multi-option opt-out that tries to trick the user into thinking one option needs to stay checked, but you can uncheck both:

4. A choice option that has the second one 'grayed' out like you can't select it. This is visual trickery to get you to assume you don't have a choice. But the second option is still clickable:

5. A multiple choice option with checkboxes. These try to make you think you just need to tick the second option and you are done. But you also need to uncheck the additional options:

6. Less obvious 'Click Here' screen that requires you to click to configure the installation of multiple things on a single screen. This makes it look like there is no option to opt-out. This also tricks you by placing two different ads/installers on the same screen making you think you got out of one but you may miss the other.

Simply put with these.. take your time while installing. Read the installer closely to ensure that you are opt'ing out of everything on the screen. Don't assume that just because you opt'd out once it will do the same for all ads in the installer.

Lastely, if you have that make issue with the installer, you can always build from the source code yourself.
Cheat Engine is open source:

You can also download Cheat Engine without the installer here:

Review the 'Downloads' page for other options:

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