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dead island trainer

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I post too much
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:45 pm    Post subject: dead island trainer Reply with quote

I have been noticing a few scam sites appearing on google first page for popular games and its pretty annoying because these sites asks you to follow a few steps before you can download their trainer. Now these steps are to fb like them, share their site on twitter/spam email/google+ etc. then post this message 3 times to 3 different sites (aka spam the fuck out of the game in question sites). Finally you scroll down and see the download button. End of the fucking annoyance right ? you wish, the download links to a site which asks you to complete offers. I didn't bother to download the trainer because it obviously is malware or bad file with even more bullcrap. See this video for example, no demonstration of anything > http://www.metafake(replace fake with cafe, did this to not let google index that stupid vid).com/watch/7181237/dead_island_trainer_50_steam_pc_megatrainer_cheat_hack/

Now, all this would have been fine if there really was a trainer because its their annoying site but no, these fucks puts the trainer as +50 ffs and then list the options as 10, these options unsurprisingly match to the most popular trainer on the internet which is obviously because they copy-paste it. Now, these 10 options are mentioned on the page 3 times again and again and i even did the calculation including counting the disable options as well but could only reach 53 options, fail. I guess someone had cummed on their eyes that they can't see how many options there are.

I tried reporting to Google but google is really helpful and smart. This is what they have to say "if you want to remove the page, if you are the site owner or its another site, their owner must remove the content from the site itself then you can file the removal request". WTF are they really that stupid ? why would the site owner remove the content unless you are fucking his moma balls deep and donkey-fucking the shit out of his life. No, you stupid fucks, the site owner won't remove the content and guess what, i can't file a request and have to bear this bullcrap.

I am switching to Bing, at least it doesn't list it and only list it when you search exactly the domain name without .com. At least bing offers site removal option with straight to the point information and comment box on the first page. +100000 to Bing, fuck google in the ass. I am sending them an email and im hopeful they will remove the page because unlike Google, microsoft took action spam and took down a huge network of spam-bots in past (anyone know that news ?)

Okay, end of my pissed off rant, if you have read the above fully and agree with me, cool. Why am i so pissed you ask ? well because i have been noticing this for a while now and today i was genuinely wanting to grab a trainer and saw that these fuckers have put up a fucking domain with the address dead island, trainer. And because i sometimes get pissed off a lot when something annoys to the point, i would want to alert the whole world to it and let them know about the assholes and because im an attention-whore Razz.

It would probably feel stupid few hours later but having written this, i am already feeling good. Anyone else pissed off at this bullshit ?

PS: im not even mentioning the site link because that would give them a backlink and i don't want that. They are already exploiting google's stupidity with so many misleading backlinks and its sad google has become kind of a lord of search which i think they should be made to fucking rest in peace already or at least the traffic reduced to them because they're growing to be fuckheads.

PS2: this isn't random spam and is serious general discussion because it is a real issue and im sure it will grow if not stopped and it hurts the users, the gamehacking companies. Especially games like rage and bf3 would be their fun target.

Chill down dude Laughing

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree. Google sucks in filtering. I search for something and thousands of sites will come up with totally useless content like

"Super duper mega awesome trainer/program/whatever for super game!

We don't have it yet. If you have it, submit it."

Well thanks. It is always helpful to find sites that doesn't have what I need.

Another joke is those "search engines" that are always listed on the first page. You search for something in google and it will find another search engine and when you click on it,

"Searched for super duper thing:
0 results"

Well thanks again. It was very helpful.

They really need to change their concept because scam sites are taking over and this is not a new story.

My trainers can be found here:

If you are interested in any of my crappy articles/tutorials about CE and game hacking, you can find them here:

Don't request cheats or updates.
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I post too much
Reputation: 35

Joined: 09 Nov 2005
Posts: 2582

PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I found something hehe. The shithead name to whom this site is registered

Graham Hill
12 tidcombe green
havant, hampshire Po94HU
United Kingdom

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: iamashithead[dot]COM
Created on: 06-Sep-11 >> seems like this guy was anticipating the game release and registered as soon as game got released. I bet he's some leecher fuck from gamehacking forums who knows a little about trainer scene.
Expires on: 06-Sep-12
Last Updated on: 10-Sep-11

Administrative Contact:
Hill, Graham [email protected]
12 tidcombe green
havant, hampshire Po94HU
United Kingdom

Anyone feel like spamming the fuck out of him ?, im chilled down right now but whenever i do get pissed off again, that guy will be getting cialis and get laid invitations in his email. The phone annoyance is pretty expensive hehe so he will be spared from that (doubt it is real number tho).

PS: If i lived in UK, i swear last night you would have seen news of a homicide with a guy brutally causing a massacre with a chainsaw on a bald fuck and his 18 year old nerdy kid in Hampshire xD.

EDIT:Wow, guess what. I wrote like a 200+ words email to Microsoft just now, then went to search the trainer to copy paste the search link for them to see for verification and guess what, the site is removed from results despite searching with different terms and only comes up if you search for the domain. Way to go Microsoft, they are truly sincere about fighting spam.

I am going to make the switch to Bing now, i have always hated most of Google's products because i felt they exploited their dominance. And even though Google search is helpful most of time but i can find almost the same information on Bing on down in the results and im willing to do the hassle because i can't ignore spam on a search engine that i am using.

My semi-dislike for Microsoft has gone way down and if they decide to reduce their DRM bullshit, i will vote them for to be a Government if they ever decide for presidency!! Laughing

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I'm a spammer
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:31 am    Post subject: This post has 1 review(s) Reply with quote

I switched to Bing a couple months ago after I noticed results on Google a few pages in redirect to malware.
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Advanced Cheater
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's really the only downside to Google. I myself wouldn't switch because Bing is terrible and it's results are almost never relevent to what I wrote.
Account reclaimed by former owner?
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