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Lynxz Gaming
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:29 am    Post subject: Easy d3d mod menu

idk if this a library or not but this make your d3d menu easier
this is my new project (pls no bully)
github :
(still got bugs)

how to install (no download)
1. make this script on top of your script

this will get the version 1 of the script online execute it
you can check other version inside the "version" folder in github, get the raw link and replace it

note : must use inside the "version" folder, if you take raw link of ed3d.lua outside the "version" folder, the script may change anytime and can cause error at your script

how to install (download)
1. download the ed3d.lua (can outside the "version folder")
2. open it and copy all the script and put it on top of your script

example code :

local d3dobject = ed3d.createD3DHook()

d3dobject.createForm("f1","My First Form",350,170) -- formname,caption,width,height
d3dobject.createForm("f2","My Second Form",250,90)

d3dobject.createOnOffToggle("oot1","This is on off toggle 1","f1", 10,30) --name,caption,formname,x,y
d3dobject.createOnOffToggle("oot2","This is on off toggle 2","f1", 10,50)

d3dobject.createButton("btn1","This is button","f1",50,110)

d3dobject.createLabel("lbl1","this is only label","f2",10,30,12) -- name,caption,formname,size,x,y
d3dobject.createLabel("lbl2","this label 2","f2",10,50,12)

d3dobject.formToTop("f2") -- make form "f2" on top

d3dobject.onclick = function (sender,x,y)

   d3dobject.formDragToggleClick("f1",sender,x,y) -- make the form drag mode if the form clicked

         -- on
         d3dobject.getComponent("lbl1","f2").text = "kool"
         -- off
         d3dobject.getComponent("lbl1","f2").text = "yes"

         -- on
         d3dobject.getComponent("lbl2","f2").text = "kool"
         -- off
         d3dobject.getComponent("lbl2","f2").text = "yes"

      -- clicked
      d3dobject.getComponent("lbl1","f2").text = "cool btn1 clicked"
      d3dobject.getComponent("lbl2","f2").text = "cool btn1 clicked"


d3dobject.onkeydown = function(vkey,char)
   d3dobject.guihideshow(81,vkey) --press ctrl + q to hide/show gui

result :

currently theres only 3 components : onofftoggle, button, and label
my english is bad
discord : rynx#9828
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ReviewPosted: Fri May 14, 2021 2:15 am

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