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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:07 am    Post subject:

You can learn a lot of the common things used by watching (or at least looking at the titles) of tutorial videos (don't forget youtube lets you speed up videos, and if you grab a plugin or use some js you can speed it up past 2x, might not be useful if you aren't used to it already though lol)

These two have tons of videos
Stephen Chapman / Sn34kyMofo
Cheat The Game / Chris Fayte

much less CE specific stuff but still some good content when they do
Guided Hacking

Of course, that assumes you have a few hours to do research Very Happy

Generic stuff would be:

1. cover everything needed to do the tutorial, so all the ways to scan and data types, a bit of pointers (static/dynamic addresses) and assembly scripts, maybe a few other things
2. Pointer scanning with pointer maps
3. aobscans (and what they are/why they are used)
4. mono dissect, for the games that can use it
5. the 3 places you can write lua code and what makes them different, and of course why you might want to
6. basic trainer generation, and the benefit
7. custom trainer design
8. custom trainer code with lua (somewhat related to 5)
9. Server-sided values aka why it's hard to change values in online games
10. brief intro to anti-cheat, IsDebuggerPresent / Exit / Process32Next + strcmp Cheat Engine etc.

yes, I intentionally made trainers 3 separate things Very Happy 7 and 8 can become much more complicated than 6.

As for more specific stuff, check out some tables/trainers for the game
_________________ has a few CE related repos
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ReviewPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:39 am

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