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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:01 am    Post subject:

I don't have any real experience here. I don't make trainers. Even if I did I wouldn't add whatever music I wanted to it like I was distributing myspace (too old to reference?). If people want to listen to music they can play their own. However, my limited advice in this area is:

1. Instead of pasting random snippets from random places on the internet share the actual link.

volumecfg = volume_control({
  lclick="toggle",                        -- name of member function
  mclick=TERMINAL .. " -x alsamixer",     -- command to execute
  rclick=function(self) self:mute() end,  -- callable, equivalent to "mute"
seems to be from "Volume control for awesome window manager", so if you don't have awesome window manager it's not going to work and even if you did you probably couldn't interact with it via Cheat Engine's lua without a lot of work (even more so since it appears to be used for a config file which would only be ran when the window manager started, not whenever you wanted). Also based on the image it's probably a window manager for linux not windows... yep.

There's probably a reason there are not already 5 different posts here on CEF telling you an easy way to do it, likely because it's not actually easy.

2. I'd say go find some source code outside of CE that handles music the way you want and then wrap it up into a dll that you can ship with your trainer and load....But that's going to require you to understand how to create a dll. If anyone else was interested in doing it they probably already would have.

Alternatively stop using CE when you want a full trainer with lots of features that you can customize to your hearts content. It's not really designed for it, clearly. Learn to make trainers in an actual programming language where you have more control and options. Afterwards, if you want you can then bring some of that functionality back to CE with dlls or by learning Pascal and working with the CE source, etc.
_________________ has a few CE related repos
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ReviewPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:06 am

Thank you for always helping.
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