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Dark Byte
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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 2:48 pm    Post subject:


So - does always only 1 pointer from my pointer scan result will be the right one?

No, there can be billions of valid paths

Think of the pointerscan like a routeplanner. The further you go away, the more different paths you can take. (e.g think of the number of possible routes you can take from Berlin(Germany) to Madrid (Spain), including dirt roads and pedestrian only pathways...

(another way to look at it: an offset is how many crossings till you take the turn, and the level is how many turns you take)

Does the only 1 right one exists?



Or for example - if I'm left with 92 pointer scan results and can't reduce them anymore, all from those 92 results could be the right ones and won't stop working?

It's possible all 92 are valid (small number actually)

What you can do is give a friend your pointer results (or better ask him to give you a pointermap of his game) and do rescans on those results
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