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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:30 am    Post subject: CEnhancer - Improvements for CE's inbuilt functions

Improves CE's inbuilt functions. Feature requests welcome, subject to available time and interest.

1. Group Config
- Batch apply "Group Config" functions such as "Hide children when deactivated".

2. Smart Edit Address
- Improves upon in-built CE's set address function so it can set the same pointer/address for all selected memory records now.
- Prompts whether to apply pointer/address to all selected memory records when more than one is selected.
- Adds a new option "Smart increment address(es)" under "Change record", only visible when more than one memory record is selected.
- It auto increments addresses and offsets of all selected memory records based on values provided in the normal change address dialog.
- Allows for auto decrement too. Just input a negative number.
- Refer to screenshots below for clearer explanation.

3. HexView Selection Length
- Adds a new popup menu item "Selection Length" beneath "Goto address".
- Popups a query box with the length of selected bytes. Pressing Ok copies length to clipboard.
- Also see: Hexadecimal Selection Length for an alternative.

4. Module Information
- Displays a dialog box to show module information if selected address is in one.
- Information includes module name, base address, end address, size.
- Option to copy base address and end address to scan range.
- Supports mono method names.

5. Batch Edit Hotkeys
- Works with official CE 6.8.3.
- Older version for CE 6.5.1 & 6.6 can be found below.
- May or may not work with other versions.
- Currently only has CE x64 version. Will consider x86 if user base is large enough.
- Create, edit, and delete hotkeys of all selected memory records.
- Memory records have to be selected when "Apply/Delete" is clicked.
- Primary selected memory record (memory record used to open edit form) will always be modified even if not selected.
- For editing and deletion, all selected memory records have their hotkeys at the selected list view index modified or deleted.
- Modification is applied entirely (i.e. Keys, Behavior, Value, Description).
- For editing and deletion, if a selected memory record does not have a hotkey at the selected list view index, it is left untouched.

6. Structure Dissect Filter
- Adds six new functions to the popup menu of structure dissect form:
Combine/Split overlapping elements.
Remove duplicate elements.
Filter out elements that have equal column values. (Default: Green)
Filter out elements that have different column values. (Default: Red)
Filter out elements that have equal group values. (Default: Blue)
Filter out elements that have different group values. (Default: Purple)
- Adds a new function under "Rename structure" which duplicates current structure. For use in conjunction with filters.
- Sorting without deleting is impossible since CE automatically sorts elements.
- The combine/split option is a toggle-able entry.
- It will automatically merge overlapping elements when the element bytesize increases.
- It will automatically create new elements with the same new vartype if the element bytesize decreases i.e. split up the original element.
- The combine/split functions will automatically collapse any expanded pointers so only the main structure is changed. It's more of an easy way out for me as calculating all the shifts in array while modifying expanded pointers was really tedious.
- Download here.

7. External Editor
- Adds a "Change script with external editor" option below "Change script".
- To choose which editor to use change this line below in the lua file.
local extEditor = [[C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe]]

- Temporary files are created in the %TEMP%/Cheat Engine/ folder while editing.
- Files are deleted when editor is closed.
- Download here.

8. Export HexView Selection
- Adds a new popup menu item "Export Selection" at the end of menu.
- Download here.

9. Batch Edit Dropdown List
- Batch apply dropdown lists and options to selected records.
- Download here.


To install:
1. Drop .lua file in CEDirectory\autorun folder

Ghosts of Versions Past:

Update 1:
- Added multi level pointer functions.
- Separate files for individual functions so users can install only what they need.

Update 2:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Added support for double clicking address to batch edit.

Update 3:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Added prompt confirmation for whether to apply address/pointer to all selected records.

Update 4:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Prompt for double clicking treeview only popups when address section is double clicked.

Update 5:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Changed behavior of "Smart increment address(es) to start increment from first selected record.

Update 6:
- Added "Hexadecimal View Selection Length" function.

Update 7:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Support for symbols in address for "Smart increment address(es). Prompts whether to de-reference symbols.
- Smart Edit Pointers: Sets all boxes to 0 by default for "Smart increment address(es).
- Hexadecimal View Selection Length: Adds menu entry to secondary memory viewer forms.

Update 8:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Implemented bubble sort for selected records in the event that selection is not a contiguous block.

Update 9:
- Smart Edit Pointers: Renamed to "Smart Edit Address" to better reflect functionality.
- Hexadecimal View Selection Length: Now displays selection length in secondary windows correctly.
- Module Information: Merged thread.
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Details see above.

Update 10:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Improved compatibility with different CE versions based on suggestion from akumakuja28.

Update 11:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Improved compatibility.
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Added check for 64-Bit CE so it does not crash 32-Bit CE on launch.

Update 12:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Improved compatibility.

Update 13:
- Structure Dissect Filter: Details see above.

Update 14:
- Module Infomation: Added support for mono method information.

Update 15:
- Structure Dissect Filter: Fixed bug with compare iterator.
- Structure Dissect Filter: Moved position of "Duplicate structure" to after "Rename Structure".

Update 16:
- Smart Edit Address: Aesthetic tweak for "Smart increment address" to not add a "+0" if increment offset is 0.

Update 17:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Updated AOB for CE 6.6. Should not affect backward compatibility.
- Module Information: Updated for CE 6.6.

Update 18:
- Structure Dissect Filter: Added new toggle-able option "Combine/Split overlapping element(s)."

Update 19:
- Structure Dissect Filter: Fixed a bug with Filter Equal Columns when there is only one group.
- [All My Extensions]: Major update to localize all functions to avoid conflicts between extensions due to similar names, especially commonly used library functions.

Update 20:
- External Editor: Details see above.
- Smart Edit Address: Minor fix for double clicking address column when there is no records selected.

Update 21:
- External Editor: Added a "Change External Editor" option to "Extra" in main menu.
- External Editor: Should automatically prompt to select an external editor if it's not set, and change the lua file accordingly.
- External Editor: Fixed a few bugs. Should be working correctly now.

Update 22:
- External Editor: Fixed bug of array element and tmp file being deleted before prompt is returned.

Update 23:
- Module Information: Fixed checking for Mono injection in non Mono processes.

Update 24:
- Export HexView Selection: First release.
- HexView Selection Length: Menu entry is now disabled if nothing is selected.

Update 25:
- External Editor: Bugfix for creating "Extra" menu group. (Thanks @Merlini)

Update 26:
- External Editor: Bugfix for temporary filePath. (Thanks @mgr.inz.Player)

Update 27:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Added support for children records.

Update 28:
- Batch Edit Dropdown List: First Release

Update 29:
- External Editor: Added error message with line number and error type. (Thanks @Merlini)

Update 30:
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Updated for CE 6.8.1

Update 31:
- Export HexView Selection: Minor Bugfix for Access Violation when copying cheat entry into newly opened table

Update 32:
- Group Config: Add batch config for "Execute asynchronous"

Update 33:
- Batch Edit Dropdown List: Fixed for >CE6.7 (Uses TSynEdit instead of TMemo)
- Batch Edit Hotkeys: Updated for CE 7.1
- External Editor: Shifted/Fixed menu item position back to original intended position for CE7.0+
- External Editor: Icon! O' Glorious Icon!
- Smart Edit Address: Shifted/Fixed menu item position back to original intended position for CE7.0+

Update 34:
- Batch Edit Dropdown List: Fixed for batch applying linked memrecs

Credits and Thanks to:

Dropdown Menu Lists Editor - Create and add dropdown lists easily. Save time and reduce table sizes
CEnhancer - Collection of extensions that improves CE's inbuilt functionality

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