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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:42 am    Post subject:

1. Click add, give a name.
2. Select the droplist you want to edit.
3. Fill in the large box the droplist like how you would in CE's droplist option.
4. Select the checkbox options you want.
5. Output log shows the cheat table records that the dropdown lists are added to.
6. Fill in a search string for the name of the cheat table records that you want to add the list to.
e.g Slot 1 to Slot 255, you can fill in just "Slot"
If their parent entry is something like "Items Hack" and you only want to add to entries under this, you fill in "Slot:Items"
You can add more search strings on new lines.
7. Once done, click save.
8. Now click execute to add the droplists to all denoted entries. Or you can click done and execute from CE's Cheat Table Lua Script window.
If you want to keep the size of your cheat table down, save your cheat table before adding the droplists. Each time you open the table, execute the lua script created. This plugin adds the necessary functions when you close its window.
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