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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:36 am    Post subject:

(dib1500) wrote:
Should I be embarrassed for never having a gf in my life. I don't feel embarrassed but in the past others have reacted in a sort of like a patronizing manner.

Idk if patronizing is the right word but they would like take pity on me when I mentioned it when it ever happened to come up in a convo.

If you feel the need to have a gf just because you feel social pressure and I see a lot of people are a victim to this. Many of their friends are in relationships so they feel some sort of social pressure to be in relationship. Either direct influence or indirect influence. That's why you gotta really understand yourself and understand your emotions very well. Anyways, people that go into the relationship due to social pressure tends to not go well. Just do you and focus on what you enjoy. More importantly, fall in love with your work. That will never disappoint you. Ever. That is something you can control, something you can always improve and measure. Relationships are 2 way streets and although it can be really beautiful, it takes much more work and you can't control the other person. I'm not saying as a control freak, but that leaves you vulnerable and in the end, disappointed. I dont know how old you are, I'm just assuming you're under 25. Even then you've got plenty of time. So much of your time during this age should be focused on your foundations as a person. To find out what you like about life and what you dislike about life. What you like about yourself and dislike about yourself. Your passion. Girls - you don't really have to chase them. They come to you anyways. I've met many girls in my life that just come and go. Many of them I just stay friends with. Now is really not the time I don't think. Just my opinion. You will always lose money chasing girls, but you'll never lose girls chasing money. Doesn't have to focus on money. Focus on your work. That's what going to take up most of your life, so why bother with something that is less significant?


tough guy talix wrote:
i've had it with your shit. fuck outta here
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ReviewPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:37 am

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