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Joined: 25 Jan 2006
Posts: 8103

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:13 am    Post subject: Typical Kasperfag

I love the PMs from this kid lol.

don't worry, i'm preparing something special for you on t4y .

you're now History atom0s, oh and Irwin has a surprise there for you too.

and what makes you think i haven't read it ? look how you're defending yourself, you're too scared cause you know i'm right.... if i'm wrong, why couldn't you just leave it there ?

i suggest you to read more about PChar, you can't argue with a delphi developer, just fucking accept the fact that you're wrong, go google PChar if you need to, dumbfuck.

"your posts are invincible" then why did you delete them ? they probably are cause of your ego, do you think Dark Byte can't demod you and ban you within seconds ? you're not a special user here, nor you can help anyone here....

"- Retired" - who are you lying to ? yourself ? you wanted everyone to leave so can you take all credits to yourself, listen to this me, Irwin (and more) have been monitoring your dumb asses posts for some time, and we have prepared a huge massive exposition of how you're the big scammer here, you'll never be a real programmer, you'll never work as a programmer, the MAX you can get to is helping noobs and useless skiddies on forums, nothing more... why ? because you're not smart enough, you never was and never will...

One last thing you idiot, you will never be a real programmer, all you rely on is Google, in workplaces you can't rely on that shit, and how do you even call yourself a programmer you dumbfucking idiot ? all you did is started reading papers and tutorials, seriously where do you get the guts to call yourself a programmer ? you're just reading guides from the internet... are you a fucking stupid ?

all you did these years is code a stupid patchLib that no one will probably use, "2 years with long pauses..." who cares ?

all you do is do shit that involve Debugging APIs, your whole life is wasted on that shit category... you'll never learn anything...

any new thread that involve the string "RPM/WPM" in its title is what you can help in, that's it... that's your only knowledge.... (sadly, you even suck at that one)... you don't have any knowledge beyond Memory managment... you will always be stuck in this spot for ever... and the funny thing is, your shitLib 3.0 is using MS's OS User-mode APIs, couldn't you just write your own driver that manipulates the hardware yourself ?

ahh... i bet you'll take credit as the inventor of ReadProcessMemory too...

the only 2 APIs you're "good" at is RPM and WPM, i mean, they are the only one existing to you...

oh boy... you just wait and see what will happen to your reputation on t4y, iy will make you want to leave the internet for good, everyone will know the truth about you...

with the help of Irwin, of souse ;]

Never fails to amaze me how retarded one human being can be.
- Retired.
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ReviewPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:20 am

he's not gonna listen to anything we ever say anyway
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