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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 3:33 pm    Post subject:

xen0r wrote:
What it sounds like, from your writing is that you have never been around a black hat scene. I don't mean forums like hackforums. I mean the real sites, where the big viruses come from. The Russian/Carding websites. I can prove with translated screen shots that there may be 1 of 10 viruses coded in .NET. The sales threads of viruses BRAG when they are coded in C/C++. It is a huge plus, and is something an experienced cyber criminal will look for when purchasing a bin. As blablfy said, you don't need to have coded a virus to know what's best. Sure, a .NET virus will be a lot easier to code but when it comes down to reliability in your virus it will be C/C++/ASM. Furthermore, making your virus FUD (fully undetectable) in .NET is harder, the reason for that is usually because programmers re-use code which is easily identified by most AV's. More advanced C/C++/ASM coders use unique methods that can sometimes be undetected without the use of a crypter (don't get me wrong, some re-use code). To end, it does matter very much so if your code can be decrypted so a third party may be able to locate your bot's panel or a server IP. This is what gets people caught and sent to jail. A large syndicate/ring wants to have the best possible odds in staying below the radar.

Edit: I don't disagree that any language cannot make a virus but it is uncommon for large scale operations.

You are arguing that most "real" malware are written in programming languages that do not compile to an intermediate representation.

He is arguing that a virus can be written in any language that allows use of appropriate APIs.

You're creating a straw man here.
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ReviewPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 3:47 pm

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