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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:58 pm    Post subject:

paupav wrote:

this what get me confused:

i mean if its detected i can make it undetected by changing those values?

sry for noob question

It depends on the protection. If they start detecting something in the cheat that is how the cheat is working overall then you'll need to change more then just small things like strings. Typically the first thing to do is assume they're detecting either some string or MD5/CRC of the files. You're best off doing what you can to keep the file hashes changing each launch to avoid that.

paupav wrote:

you need to make the exec file on you own.. I will not help!!
Commet and sub.. ' xD and rate
quistion ask and comment.. xD (Lolz)!

Here are some Ans which I alw get!

1. ) this is not working with the new vac 3 ,, if you want it to work then you need to update the code.
I dont have time!!!!

Vac 3 doesn't exist; yet. Valve is still using Vac 2.

paupav wrote:

2) This is not working in Css any more, but the old cs.

Probably because of offset changes or different SDK given that CS:S upgraded to the Orange Box engine.

paupav wrote:

3) this is just a exsample to show you how a aimbot could be don.

4) No I will no help you to update the code please dont send me pm if it's about "How do I update the code" or "Can you help me to make a aimbot for COD/Css", I will not answer it anway

If you post like " This not your code " or " fuck you with your premium account", the read this:
I dont have the code anymore, I opl it once where plunder was surv free, I cant either remember my account, ! so if you post like those comment I will delete them! And if you dont like the video then why watch it ? so if you are one of those fags which comment ridiculous post then you will be blocked!

what does he wanted to say with code you just need to have this code and you jusst change those "codes"

People give you answers like this because they do not want to spoon feed you. If you want to use an aimbot you'll either have to:
1. Pay for one.
2. Find one that is public and undetected (highly-unlikely).
3. Make your own.

There are plenty of sources on the net for cheats regarding Source engine games. If you can't figure out how to make it on your own it is probably due to a lack of knowledge in how to either program or reverse and develop such cheats.
- Retired.
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