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PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:29 pm    Post subject:

Is there a reason why you only want to show memory in chunks of 4 bytes ?

And check if ReadProcessMemory returns true or not.

then there's :int val = (int)(*(DWORD*)buffer + j);
I'm not so good with dword pointers (which is why I always downcast to unsigned chars first) so not sure if buffer +j increases the pointer with j or with j*4 instead
Of course, that is not the problem here because of missing brackets. Here you are typecasting the void buffer pointer to a DWORD buffer pointer, and then is dereferenced into a value, and then the value j is added to it. So if the first byte in the buffer is 10 and j is 2 then val would turn 12

as for stringstream no idea, I never use C++, I'd rather use sprintf but it might work

also, free the buffer at the end of the loop
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